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OverviewRadiance of the Seas was the first ship launched in the elegant Radiance Class, and spends much of the year sailing around the beautiful Alaskan landscape.
EntertainmentIf you can tear yourself away from the spectacular scenery, you will find the ship is overflowing with things to do and see.
Cascades Dining Room - Fixed Seating DiningOne tier of the Cascades Dining Room is used for fixed seating dining with waiter service and the restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Cascades Dining Room - My Time DiningThe second tier of the Cascades Dining Room is allocated for the more flexible my time dining and it is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner with waiter service. The newly-added Samba Grill will give you a real taste of a traditional Brazilian churrasco restaurant.
Rita's Cantina has been added to Radiance of the Seas after great success on other ships in the fleet.
Chops Grille is a fantastic alternative to the main dining rooms, and is great for special occasions.
Giovanni's Table is a great family-friendly restaurant that features traditional Italian cuisine. The Boardwalk Dog House serves traditional hot dogs as well as sausages, brats and other meats. The Park Cafe has a very casual, relaxed atmosphere so it is a popular alternative to the more formal dining rooms.
Latte-tudes serves a variety of speciality coffee and tea, as well as snacks such as pastries, cookies and sandwiches. Guarantee CabinThis is a special price promotion as such you will not receive any other promotional benefits.
Partially Obstructed ViewPlease note that most E3 Balcony cabins on Deck 7 will have a 25% obstruction due to a lifeboat cover on the deck below. Among the many remarkable aspects of director Christopher Nolan’s career, the fact he is one of the few filmmakers able to get original and expensive films greenlit by major studios stands out. In the near future, climate change and unchecked population growth has severely hampered the planet’s capacity to produce food.
Much of the tension comes from time slippage: the passing on time in space can be different than on Earth. Brain candy: Unlike about 90 per cent of contemporary cinema, Christopher Nolan doesn’t appeal to the lowest common denominator. Carl Sagan would be salivating: Nolan and cinematographer Hoyte Van Hoytema (Her) turn utterly abstract concepts into visuals. The reviews of Interstellar have been mixed, but that’s because the film is being measured by the same standards as, say, an Adam Sandler movie (if this was a Paul Thomas Anderson film, everybody would be fawning.) The truth is Christopher Nolan is operating at a whole different level. Could it be a conspiracy that outerspace movie Interstellar comes out in theatres almost exactly a year ago that outer space movie Gravity came out?
You can admire the breathtaking views from the dazzling bars and lounges, many of which have floor to ceiling windows, or sample some of the local cuisine in one of the excellent on board restaurants. Why not start the day with breakfast out on deck in the Windjammer Cafe, followed by a stroll through the on board shops and boutiques, where you can buy everything from sweets and souvenirs, to perfume and cosmetics.
There are 13 different meat, fish and seafood specialities which are all carved and served directly at your table.
This fun and casual restaurant serves a fantastic choice of Mexican cuisine, including classic dishes like nachos and fajitas, as well as a great selection of margaritas.
As well as some of the best cuts of steak at sea, you will find a choice of chicken, pork, lamb and fish dishes, plus lots of tempting desserts. Many of the dishes available are classic favourites with a modern-day twist, such as antipasti and lasagne, as well as several meat, fish and seafood dishes.

There is a very relaxed atmosphere and no fixed seating times, so you can come and eat at a time that suits you.
The a la carte menu is filled with lots of different dishes including sashimi, sushi and Hot Rock plates. The cafe has great sea views and serves a variety of deli and bar food throughout the day, including wraps, salads, sandwiches, burgers and fish. It is usually open from lunchtime until late afternoon, making it the perfect place to grab a quick bite to eat.
The cafe features a range of freshly-made light meals throughout the day, including paninis, salads, soups and sandwiches. It is open from early morning until late evening and is located in the main atrium area, so it is a popular meeting place.
Sure, he owes his reputation to a comic book saga (which Nolan elevated way above the source material), but the quality of his work and capacity to blend complex ideas with popcorn entertainment has kept him in business.
Sure, Inception and The Dark Knight were as good as a Hollywood product gets, but it seems our brainiest auteur has his sight set on surpassing Stanley Kubrick.
As it happens in movies, the agency is in dire need of someone to pilot a spaceship and take advantage of a black hole next to Saturn. There are a couple of twists, but most of the surprises the film has to offer come from dramatic development. The family reunion is not the only thing in peril — the entire world is likely to perish if Cooper and co. The shortcomings are standard Nolan: underdeveloped female characters (seriously dude, the “dead wife” plot device has to go) and excessively broad depictions of inner turmoil.
Once Interstellar hits space, ideas like relativity, gravity and fifth-dimensional space come into play (the script was inspired by the work of theoretical physicist Kip Thorne).
They don’t only create a black hole, they go inside and around it, overcoming serious practical difficulties (the gravity of black holes is such not even the light can escape them).
Yet another nod to 2001, one of the most prominent members of the Endurance crew is TARS (voiced by Bill Irwin), a robot that looks like a slab of steel but acts like a Swiss knife. Despite their aesthetic seriousness, they tend toward fairly shallow exploration of their themes. Or if you would rather try something a little more adventurous, you could scale the 30-foot rock climbing wall, join in a basketball tournament on the sports courts, or enjoy a game of mini golf on the ships own course.
Dinner is served across two sittings at either 6pm or 8.30pm and you will have the same table booked for each night of the cruise.
In the evening the restaurant is open between 6pm and 9.30pm so you can just arrive anytime between those times.
It is a speciality restaurant so there is a cover charge to dine here of approx $25 per person, and you will need to book a table in advance.
There is a cover charge to dine here of approx $8 per person and you will need to book a table in advance. The restaurant is open for dinner only and there is a cover charge of approx $25 per person. The restaurant is available for lunch and dinner and carries a cover charge of approx $10 per person for lunch and $15 per person for dinner.
The restaurant is open almost all day, serving a range of hot and cold buffet food for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as afternoon and late night snacks. The cafe also opens in the evening until the early hours so it is a popular place for a late night snack too.
Interstellar is a phenomenally ambitious film that succeeds in turning quantum mechanics and theoretical physics into narrative framings, but fumbles on the depiction of real feelings on screen.

This proves particularly hard with his daughter Murphy (Mackenzie Foy first, Jessica Chastain later), a brilliant girl with a knack for science. Not only that: just like in Inception, the filmmaker does an amazing job explaining fairly complicated physics concepts before using them to move the plot forward.
Even more amazing is the crafting of a fifth dimension (wait, what?) Without giving much away, a scene featuring gravity as the one factor capable of piercing the time-space continuum is mind-blowing. TARS may not be anthropomorphic (besides a snarky attitude), but has the capacity to adapt to changing circumstances and environments.
This is especially obvious when compared to their source material, ie The Prestige (Nolan at his best) and Insomnia. During the evening you can enjoy lots of different types of entertainment, ranging from cosy piano bars to full-scale production shows.
If you want to eat at a specific time then it is best to book a table with maitre d' in advance. A reservation will need to be made in advance to dine here as it is a speciality restaurant. The girl is unforgiving and the pilot’s efforts to come back to Earth are thwarted at every turn. Try your luck on the table games and slot machines in the fabulous Casino Royale, or catch up on your favourite sports in the Scoreboard sports bar, which shows all the major sporting events from around the world.
Watch the latest movies in the cosy on board Cinema, or enjoy a more dazzling performance with a Broadway-style show in the Aurora Theatre.Health and FitnessThe ShipShape Spa is very popular for those in search of rest and relaxation. Within the spa there is a thermal suite with heated ceramic loungers plus a sauna and steam room. You can also treat yourself to a traditional or modern therapy in one of the sea-view treatment rooms. In addition to the main spa, the Solarium is a quiet retreat exclusively for adults with a swimming pool, whirlpool and sun loungers, and the beauty salon is the place to go if you want a new hair style or a manicure. Fitness fanatics will find plenty to stay active in the ShipShape Fitness Centre, with a great range of facilities available.
The gym features all the latest sports equipment such as treadmills and cross-trainers, as well as an exercise area for a range of fitness classes. Out on deck there is a jogging track, sports courts, and a miniature golf course, plus the impressive rock climbing wall.TriviaDid you know that Radiance of the Seas has one of the highest numbers of outside cabins in the fleet?
Over three-quarters of the cabins on board have an ocean view, and a staggering 71% of those have their own private balcony, so you can enjoy the beautiful views from the comfort of your cabin.Children's FacilitiesRadiance of the Seas is a great family-friendly ship, with lots to do to keep children of all ages entertained. The Adventure Ocean children's club is available every day and features lots of fun activities for children aged 6 months to 17 years old. Toddlers can enjoy playgroup style sessions with their parents, whilst young children can take part in face painting, crafts, fancy dress and fun interactive learning.
Older children can play the latest video games as well as playing sports and getting involved in fun educational activities like science experiments.
Teens have their own separate area where they can hang out with their new friends watching movies and playing video games, as well as having their own disco with a soft drinks bar. Kids can play lots of classic video games as well as modern ones in the on board video arcade, and the outdoor Adventure Beach is a great water park with several splash pools and a water slide.

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