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Like many of the Flying Eye books I've encountered it seems to have been created by someone who loves art more than they love children. Who doesn't love a good game, and in this modern world of high-tech-haze - a book like this couldn't be more stimulating, nor more fun. A book that's totally geared for kids of all ages, The 10 Best Games in the World has been translated from Spanish and features some of the coolest game ideas ever - mainly because they're probably something you've never heard of before. Each pop-out board that can be flipped over to reveal the playing surface, and pop out counters at the front of the book are provided for quick and easy play. Not only is this book a wonderful way to absorb the culture of other places (and learn some pretty fabulous new games), they are a visual feast.

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Some titles may have had more copies printed than some of these books, but a vast number of those books were not sold, so we'll assume that they did not get read. But, as with other books from this publisher, I'm not as enamoured of the artwork as the publishers seem to be. Gorgeously-designed and laid out, with super-cool imagery, this is a book that is as fun to look at as it is to play with.

Amazing ones, with secret passageways and moving ladders and the most comfortable seats and the best books.

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