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A mechanical engineer, an electrical engineer and a Windows Software engineer were out riding,when their car broke down,and they couldn't get it started. A surgeon, a Mathematician and a Politician were arguing about whose profession was the oldest. Essential questions lesson plans & worksheets reviewed by, Find essential questions lesson plans and teaching resources. Grade 2 presidential election lesson plan who should be, Grade 2 presidential election lesson plan what are the essential questions?
Elections - voting teaching resources & lesson plans, Examview question this 50 page thematic unit contains the same lesson plans this voting activity is the perfect lesson for use around election day. All brand names and trademarks mentioned in this site are the property of their respective owners.

The best example I've ever found for remembering inductive and deductive reasoning is teaching French to little children. When you ask and answer questions in class, you are exhibiting reasoning patterns like this.
A concept map is an analysis just like the one I drew for you that let's you follow how students or learners or fellow workers are learning. If you're in a hurry, and deductive reasoning works best to get your idea across, use parts to whole reasoning. The surgeon stated that his profession was first, "After all", he asked, "who do you think helped god make Eve out of one of Adam's ribs?" The mathematician said "No, before Adam and Eve and even before the Big Bang, there was chaos and God needed a mahematician to show him how to use chaos theory." The politician spoke up, "Ha!
An attentive and well trained teacher can figure out precisely how to take you to the next level of reasoning.

By listening carefully to what they say or watching carefully what they do, you can usually understand which part of the reasoning process has gone astray. If you have time, use both inductive and deductive reasoning so you and your friends become more comfortable with both kinds.

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