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In The 100 season 2, episode 9, Clarke fought through her grief in order to maintain the fragile peace she’d established with the Grounders. As she and Lexa burned the bodies of Finn and the people he’d killed, Clarke decided she needed to put her feelings aside and focus on protecting her people.
This Wednesday, Clarke and Lexa’s newfound alliance and friendship will be put to the test as they have to square off against a new enemy. Bellamy will be heading off to Mount Weather with Lincoln, of course, putting two fan-favorite characters in serious peril at once — but this is The 100, so we’d expect nothing less! Legendary Star Wars composer John Williams has confirmed that he’s scoring the eighth Star Wars movie, directed by Rian Johnson. It was a glorious day when we learned that John Williams would return for The Force Awakens, after composing the score for all six previous Star Wars movies.
MassLive, which attended the event, reports that Williams’ main reason for returning was to compose new music for the character of Rey (Daisy Ridley). Star Wars: Episode VIII is directed by Rian Johnson and stars Daisy Ridley as Rey, John Boyega as Finn, Oscar Isaac as Poe, Adam Driver as Kylo Ren, Carrie Fisher as Leia, and Mark Hamill as Luke.
If you want to stay up-to-date with all the latest Star Wars news, which includes the new Rogue One trailer and details about the potential Star Wars TV show at ABC, make sure to listen to our Star Wars podcast Resistance Radio! For those that grew up with the charming memories of Pete and his dragon friend, Elliot, it may have been hard to accept the idea of this remake. Pete’s Dragon was on regular rotation in my house as a child, along with Bedknobs and Broomsticks, Mary Poppins and a slew of other Disney animated classics. Pete’s story may have changed a bit for this remake, but all the friendship and fun is there in spades.
Just a few more hours until we see all our favorite Sky People (and a few Grounders as well). The Ark is now on the ground, and the adult leaders are trying to take control back into their hands.
Abby performs anesthesia-less surgery on Raven’s spine to remove the bullet causing her pain.
Bellamy, Finn, Murphy, Monroe, and Sterling leave Camp Jaha to find and save their friends. Clarke discovers the Harvest chamber and learns how the Mountain Men are healing from radiation exposure.
Following Clarke’s horrifying discovery, she breaks Anya out of her cage, and the two of them escape from Mount Weather out a disposal chute. While Bellamy and Murphy debate what to do with the Grounder prisoner, Finn executes him with a bullet to the head.
Clarke and Anya make their way through the forest, but soon find they’re being followed.
Just as Clarke gets Anya to agree to peace talks with the Grounder Commander, the Arkers kill the Grounder leader.
The Reapers delivered Lincoln to the Mountain Men, and he is going to be a part of the Cerberus program.
The Arkers mistake Clarke for a Grounder and drag her in, but Abby recognizes her instantly. Dante grants Jasper permission to go after Clarke, but Jasper never gets the chance to take him up on it. Lincoln is put through the Cerberus program, which we discover turns super-strong Grounders into Reapers. Lexa pulls one over on everyone and acts like a commoner to see the truth behind what Kane and Jaha want. The 47 are volunteering their blood in order to buy themselves time to figure out their next move. Lexa and Indra were shocked to see Clarke could revive Lincoln and he was no longer acting like a Reaper. In order to take them to Lincoln, Clarke had to march the Grounder leaders past the site where more than 300 of their people were burnt alive. Clarke is trying to recover from the emotional and psychological aftermath of killing Finn. Raven is ticked at Clarke for killing Finn, but later, when she experiences the Grounders’ form of justice firsthand, then sees Gustus suffering, she understands why Clarke did what she did. Monty and company discover that they can hijack the Mountain Men’s signal and broadcast a looped message to those outside the mountain. Being the inside man is all Bellamy’s suggestion, and it becomes the one thing that saves them later on. Jaha proved he isn’t just a monster by reminding Murphy that he remembers all the people floated at his hand. Jaha takes a small group, including John Murphy, and flees to the desert in search of the City of Light.
Bellamy gets himself selected and harvested, but Mya sees the signs when a radiation burn victim heals quicker than usual and goes to the harvest chamber to figure out what’s going on. Mya proves her loyalty by going out of her way to save Bellamy and help him get in touch with Clarke outside the mountain.
Jasper and the rest of the 47 do not get the chance to escape because Cage takes over control and allows Dr. Emerson makes it back to the mountain, but only because Cage was there, courtesy of his marrow treatment, to give him supplemental oxygen.
When Abby learns that Clarke knew about the missile, she is beside herself with fury over Clarke not trying to evacuate the civilians from the settlement. Looking at the aftermath of the missiles, Clarke is having her own doubts about her actions.
The 47 manage to kill many of the guards sent to take them from the 5th floor where they’ve taken control. Jaha and the remaining followers find themselves in a mine field after one of their own is blow up in front of their eyes. Raven and Wick work together to figure out how to effectively blow the power without enough explosives to do the job.
Bellamy is sweeping level by level, freeing his friends and preparing them to fight against the mountain once Clarke gets that front door open.
Octavia is distrustful of Lexa after the missile and refuses to retreat when the horn is sounded.
We learn that Cage Wallace was not the one to think up the plan to make a treaty with the Grounders. Clarke, Monty, and Bellamy take Dante to the control room to monitor what is happening on Level 5. Raven’s life is only spared because Clarke pissed off Cage enough for him to need Abby on the table. Dante has to do what is right for his people now that they are at open war against each other. The alliance between the Grounders and Camp Jaha remained strained in this week’s episode of The 100.
Clarke and Lexa, meanwhile, found themselves trapped in what appeared to be an old zoo, chased by a wild gorilla. I’ve frequently noted thematic and stylistic similarities between The 100 and Battlestar Galactica. It’s a feeling that continued tonight with Jaha’s new mission to find the City of Light and lead his people there.

The title of The 100 Season 2 Episode 10 is "Survival of the Fittest" – an evolutionary theory that only those who possess the qualities most beneficial to survival will last. That said, there are plenty of other qualities in this post-apocalyptic world that make one a good candidate for survival and other qualities that are sure to lead to death or worse.
Speaking of, things also get hairy for Clarke and Lexa as they face the challenges of the new alliance, as well as a new less-human enemy.
While Murphy has been a mostly antagonistic force up until this point, his interaction with Jaha gives him a deeper characterization and one that poises him to become a much more redeemable character. Meanwhile, amid all of this Ark drama, Bellamy and Lincoln are playing out their own bromantic road movie. Permalink: The world's been trying to turn me into a monster for as long as I can remember. There is some foreshadowing happening early in the episode, but due to denial or wishful thinking or Bellamy's overall effect on my person, I failed to see it. THE BEAST WITHIN — Lives are at risk as Clarke (Eliza Taylor) and Lexa (guest star Alycia Debnam Carey) encounter a new enemy. Meanwhile, Bellamy and Lincoln head off to Mount Weather, as the Grounders are invited into Camp Jaha. But as he’ll (obviously) be seeing an early cut of the movie, he might have the answer soon! I will happily show this movie to my niece, just as soon as I make her watch the original first. Plus, learn which episodes are must-watches to get refreshed, and which ones you can skip until you have more time after Thursday night’s (Jan. Their journey is far from easy, though, as both Reapers and Mountain Men try to keep them from escaping the tunnels. Anya becomes increasingly frustrated with Clarke, as they can’t shake their pursuers, but Clarke soon figures out why. We discover that Wick survived the Ark’s crash as well and is the engineer to her mechanic. She discovers one frequency that isn’t jammed and decrypts it so they can listen in on Mt. It can be assumed this is because she loves Finn, but the fact that Murphy is the one who crippled her also doesn’t hurt. Before she can pull herself together, they burn Finn’s body alongside his victims at TonDC.
They’ve seen eye to eye before, but Bellamy acknowledges that Lincoln is good for his sister.
He sees Murphy at odds with the Grounders and we watch his plan to leave forming in his mind. Dante turns Jasper’s confrontation around on him, but works to get answers for Jasper. Octavia and Lincoln survived the blast, and work to help free people trapped in the rubble. His help becomes instrumental in keeping the 47 alive when his friends divide the 47 into groups to hide them from the guard. As the second for the commander of the village, she is responsible for the care and command of the people until Indra is able to retake command. One of them still makes off with Fox, but more than 10 armed guards are killed in the process. Once the acid fog is neutralized, the Grounder army can attack the doors, buying Bellamy time to free the Grounder army inside the mountain. They escape, and find a drone amongst some solar panels that they follow blindly across a body of water.
Lexa believes that Clarke can be a great leader, but she thinks her caring nature makes her weak. Despite everyone else walking away, Clarke refuses to leave the mountain without all her people. Moments later, Bellamy, Jasper, and Monty open the door, reuniting the only hope that the remaining members of the 47 have. Weather is contained on Level 5 now that the power has been lost, and backup generators are all that’s keeping them alive.
When Clarke can’t get Cage to surrender her people, she keeps her word and shoots Dante. He can no longer return to his people, but since Octavia made her choice, Lincoln also had to make his. Clarke and Bellamy go to him for help, but she knows they’ve passed the point of negotiations. Despite his bone marrow cure, he meets Lincoln in the woods, and finds himself in dire circumstances. Finn may be dead and burned, but “Survival of the Fittest” showed that there’s still plenty of ill will and hostility between the two groups. Though the groups continued to train separately, Octavia at least took a savage beating to earn Indra’s respect. Aside from the excitement of that gorilla, the highlight here was watching Lexa gain even more respect for Clarke. It’s not exactly surprising, though, as his recovery from being a Reaper wasn’t exactly a smooth process. In a lot of ways, it almost feels like a weird sort of sequel, if the survivors aboard Galactica crashed onto a strange foreign world already inhabited by countless other tribes. He’s potentially becoming as much of a prophetic figure as Laura Roslin, and I could see a pilgrimage to the City becoming a major part of the third season.
When it comes to television, his favorites include creative sitcoms like Community and big sci-fi epics like Battlestar Galactica and Babylon 5.
We've seen her grow tremendously since the start of the series, and she's always had a bit of an edge, but her experiences with Lincoln and the Grounders have given her a unique perspective.
It appears to be a gorilla – although unnatural selection seems to have turned the animal into an invincible beast with super strength. Neither truly believe it will work, but Kane thinks it's a necessary move while they still have prisoners in Mount Weather. We learn Murphy's father was sentenced to death by Chancellor Jaha for stealing medicine for Murphy. As Lincoln falls to his knees to receive the reaper injection and we are shown alternating frames of Bellamy and Lincoln, we are in just as much denial as Bellamy himself.
Bellamy (Bob Morley) and Lincoln (Ricky Whittle) agree to work together to break into Mount Weather. How could they possibly capture the wonder and magic of animated Elliot while also making him more realistic? Keep reading for all the strengths and weaknesses of this new imagining of a true Disney classic.
Clarke and 47 of her friends have been brought into the mountain for their safety, or, at least, that’s what the leadership in Mt. This episode gives you all the details about Mount Weather and the history of their survival.
While Clarke is traipsing around the forest, Finn and company discover the wreckage of another Ark station, and with it a survivor literally hanging on for dear life.
As Jasper and Monty prepare to leave to find Clarke, Mya is irradiated in their dorm and needs Jasper’s blood to survive.

Tsing has discovered that the blood of the 47 Sky People still inside Mount Weather has greater affect than Grounder blood.
We learn all about why the 47 are all important to the Mountain Men, as well as seeing the aftermath of meeting Lexa. You need to see how Clarke earns Lexa’s respect once and for all and solidifies the alliance that kept the Grounders from going to war against the Sky People. A lot of planning is done in this episode, but Clarke will summarize the whole plan later on.
This is the episode where Bellamy gets started, and you need to see how Dante loses his control over Cage.
As long as you’re aware that a missile took out TonDC, you can skip to the next episode.
You really need to watch the final three episodes of Season 2 to get the full picture of where we’re picking up in Season 3. Octavia and Jasper are going to help Mya, while Clarke and Bellamy go to find Dante, whose help they need to free their people. Emerson led a team to intercept a group they found in the woods, which included Kane, Abby, Raven, Wick, and Miller’s dad. Cage is insistent in getting his people to the ground, so he refuses to surrender even after that. It’s a tension that goes from the grunts to group leaders like Indra and Jaha, and the question remains if the alliance will even make it to the big conflict with Mount Weather. Octavia has been one of the show’s most fascinating individuals, evolving a great deal from the one-dimensional character we met in the pilot. It’s true she’s not as ruthless as the average Grounder, but she’s still willing to make hard calls and is able to think on her feet. Still, now that Bellamy is a prisoner, maybe he can team up with Monty and figure out a way to carry out his mission anyway. There’s a quality to the atmosphere and the way the storylines play out that just feel familiar.
Or, given how rapid the pace on this show is, the whole group could be there by season’s end; not knowing how things will play out continues to be a joy. After Lexa is hurt and Clarke helps her to safety, Lexa believes she should have left her for dead.
Jaha seeks out an unlikely ally in Murphy, enlisting him for a quest to find his son's grave. Murphy then elaborates to Jaha how his son was killed by a 12-year-old girl because she couldn't kill Jaha himself. That says a lot, especially since this approval is given pre-explanation as to why Lincoln was so fascinated with his sister before he knew her. Well, I’m here to tell you I walked out of the theater more than pleasantly surprised.
After seeing the man with the radiation burns practically healed, she rips out her stitches to get back to medical and see what they’re hiding. Elsewhere Octavia tries and fails to recover Lincoln from the Reapers, while Finn and company question a Grounder about their friends’ whereabouts and then execute him. We also see what Finn does to make the Grounders so desperate for his blood, which is essential to understanding upcoming episodes. When Abby runs her tests, she discovers he has markers in his blood that signifies the 47 are being bled. Bellamy uses the heating ducts to get near the new harvest chamber and they all learn that a missile is going to hit TonDC. Clarke resolves to kill the sniper before he can take out any more people, and to keep him from reporting back that she and Lexa survived.
Here, she showed she has what it takes to become a true warrior, and I can’t wait to see where her training with Indra takes her. Whereas on the Ark one was Chancellor and one was a criminal, on Earth both have made mistakes and are not widely trusted.
Meanwhile, Indra (guest star Adina Porter) makes Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos) an offer she can’t refuse. A trip through the ventilation into the next chamber shows her that the Mountain Men are draining Grounders of their blood for radiation treatments.
Kane arrives at the Grounder village, but is thrown in a hole with Jaha before he can start peace talks. Abby, the current Chancellor, refuses to bow to his demands, and instead goes along with Clarke’s plan to find a truce with the Grounders now that she knows how to turn Reapers back into men. Raven has a vial of poison in her coat, and is strung up to be given death by a thousand cuts. He accosts a guard and steals his keycard, gaining access to the room containing the acid fog dispensary.
Another team, which includes Indra and Octavia, will enter the mountain from the tunnels and help escort all the prisoners out of the mountain. Monty makes it possible, and then Clarke and Bellamy together pull the lever that executes each and every person in the mountain vulnerable to radiation. Meanwhile, the Ark survivors and the few members of the 100 who didn’t get picked up by the Mountain Men find each other and things get off to a kind of rocky start. Outside, Jaha and Kane are locked up together and one must kill the other in order to be free. Before she can be critically injured, Clarke realizes the cup was poisoned, not the liquor provided by the Arkers. She gives him six hours to make the eight hour trek and deliver the message that this is the last chance for the Mountain Men to surrender her people or face open war. Arkers arrive to help with extracting survivors from the rubble and are welcomed by the Grounders with open arms. Bellamy tries neutralizing the acid with the base the mountain uses to prevent corrosion, but Cage hacked the system to make him think he’d neutralized the threat. The majority of the army will be advancing on the doors, keeping the attention of the mountain outside as much as possible. When presented with proof, Lexa spares Raven any more pain, and strings up Gustus, her guard, when Bellamy rightly accuses him.
Bellamy discovers this and can’t get ahold of Raven to warn her, so he blows the tanks with a blow torch and uses the heating duct he entered from as his escape. Everything seems to go pretty much as planned with a few snafus here and there until Lexa calls a halt to the attack. Taking quite a beating, she proves herself to Indra and helps to establish trust between the shakily aligned factions.
When planning talks break down, Lexa and Clarke find themselves in the woods and are thrust into battle with a gorilla.
Clarke saves Lexa’s life more than once, and her war plan is inspired by the cage they took refuge in.

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