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Now that your interest in a hillside terrace garden has been piqued, you might be asking yourself, “What is a terrace garden and where do I start?” Terracing in the landscape creates mini-gardens and is an excellent option for homeowners with steep slopes where planting is otherwise impossible.
Hillside terrace gardens are an attractive addition to the landscape and can be planted with a variety of evergreen creeping shrubs, perennials or annuals. The terrace garden design you choose must be the one that best suits your landscape and the degree of the slope you are dealing with. Treated wood offers a number of advantages over other materials, namely its cost and the fact that it blends in easily with the natural surroundings. Other materials that can be used include bricks, concrete blocks and rocks or various sizes and shapes.
Building a terrace garden can be a labor-intensive project and should only be attempted if you are in excellent physical condition and have had some prior carpentry or landscaping experience.
If you choose to build the terrace garden on your own, it is essential that you determine the rise and run of the slope you are working with. January 31, 2011 by Jean Smith Leave a Comment Are you wondering how to convert that empty patch in your terrace or kitchen backyard into a green organic garden? Windowsill Vegetable Gardening MethodologyIf you do not have enough space to grow a vegetable garden, no need to worry too much. Wick Hydroponics SystemsHydroponics means growing plants without soil in an aqua-based medium. What Hydroponic Equipments is Best for Your Plants?Indoor gardening cannot depend on sun as a source of light. Vegetable Gardening Tips: How to grow Tomatoes?Vegetable gardening can be said incomplete without growing tomatoes. Usage of Hydroponic Chambers and TentsThe hydroponic growers all around the world are looking for high-end, technologically superior and yet economical hydroponic supplies for their gardens. Vipul’s house is located at the centre of the city, right behind the bustling Sion Bus Depot.
Vipul says he started the process in April this year, so it’s been only three months, and there is long way to go before the Amrut Mitti is ready. I was surprised to see that there were hardly any worms or insects, but I did see a few mushrooms!
There are still leaves soaked in Amrut Jal being dried before they can be added to the piles…. And there are still two pits of bagasse (the fibrous matter left over from sugarcane after the juice is extracted) he collected, and which he has even sifted to separate the finer ones which he uses as mulch (a protective cover placed over the soil to retain moisture).

It was fitting that I visited Vipul’s terrace first, before visiting the other kitchen gardens, because this is, indeed the first stage in the process.
Terrace gardens help prevent erosion by dividing hilly areas into smaller level sections where water is more easily distributed and soaked into the ground. Terraces can be built out of any number of materials, although treated wood is most often used. Many homeowners choose to use landscape timbers that will last for many seasons in the garden. If you are unsure of a project of this degree, it is best to hire a professional who is skilled in such work.
This green patch will definitely lend an aesthetic touch to your house but also has other benefits. There are various techniques and systems with which hydroponic plants can be grown such as Deep Water Culture, Ebb and Flow, Drip System, Nutrient Film Techniques, and Wick System. Tomatoes can be grown easily indoors or outdoors only if you provide them good care and maintain properly.
The most primary benefit of using hydroponic systems is of course no need of soil and use of less space.
Chances are, you would conjure up an image of an independent house surrounded by a patch of land, a section of which is filled with veggies. Its proximity to the railway station as well as the hub of BEST buses makes it an extremely desirable place to live in, but also makes it among the most crowded areas.
He is in the process of making Amrut Mitti in large quantities so that he can start planting sometime by the end of this year. It was already obvious from the fact that he is among the most regular members of Urban Leaves, who rarely misses a Sunday at MNP!
If you are planning on implementing a vegetable garden, you may want to consider using cedar wood instead to avoid any chemicals that may leach into the soil. Small scale organic gardening or horticulture can help you eat fresher and healthier fruits and vegetables and it is definitely not expensive. Light bulbs, like any other hydroponic equipments require certain research and study before purchase. The buildings are all old ones, and the area is a haven in the midst of all the traffic and congestion that is just a road away.
I had heard earlier about the large scale of his project, but I was totally unprepared for the rows and rows of trenches enclosed by bricks filled with Amrut Mitti in different stages of greening!

But he manages the whole terrace garden at home almost single handed, which says a lot about his dedication to the work. Hillside terrace gardens are a great way to grow an array of plants and vegetables without the worry of having all your hard work simply wash away. Use the rise and the run measurement to determine the height and width of each bed, depending on the number of beds you wish to have. Be sure to find and follow detailed instructions for any complex garden terrace design projects you may have. With three seeds of tomatoes, you can produce more tomatoes than a small family will normally eat.
Indoor vegetable gardening needs bright light, water, nutrients, and protection from pests and diseases. There are three main types of hydroponic lights: Incandescent, fluorescent, and high-intensity discharge (HID). I remembered one of my uncle’s houses, where we had a bit of land behind, where my grandfather enthusiastically planted carrots and cabbages. As I walked up to his house, I wondered where he had managed to create his terrace garden, considering that the buildings being old, there would be chances of leakage, and other problems. I was amazed to hear that he had collected about 1200 bags of leaves from all over Mumbai to start the project!! It was terribly exciting for a city girl like me who had never seen vegetables being grown before, and I spent almost every minute of my holiday peering at the plants and seeing if they had grown yet!
Vipul met me at the door and we proceeded towards his terrace, over the 3rd floor of the building, and I realized that his building was almost the same as mine, and almost in the same condition. I see the same reaction in Samhith every time we visit the Urban Leaves terrace farm at MNP. Yet, the idea of having a kitchen garden in a concrete jungle like Mumbai still seemed a distant dream. While we started our own little one in small plastic containers on our window sills, I wondered how I could possibly make it larger in the small space that we had.
However, all it took was a visit to Vipul Sanghavi’s house in Sion to see that where there is a will, there is a way.

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