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Atencio: Aquest fil te mes d'un any d'antiguitat, i els seus continguts podrien haver quedar obsolets. Jo si que l'havia vist en altres espases de dues mans, i pel que es veu en les imatges, en algunes ocasions ajuda molt per colpejar. Javascript doit etre active dans votre navigateur pour que vous puissiez utiliser les fonctionnalites de ce site internet.
Have one too Aad van Rijswijk and eduard Vos, With mammoth, gold an damast steal, dragonfly engrave in gold. Talking about Germany, here are the Germans : Carl Schlieper Survival Companion on the left and top, Carl Schlieper Survival Knife and its copy made by Herbertz on the right. And now the full tang ones : Imperial M7S, and the stainless copy made by Schrade (actually not a bad knife). Sorry for my bad english and for the poor quality of my pics, I?m just beginning in glamourous & sexy photography !
For the most part except for the Bucks and Spyderco all the knives that were purchased for the show were really cheap import knives. That's the problem with Hollywood: sometimes the person buying the props doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground. I just can't imagine a knife collector on walkabout lugging around a bunch of cheapo knives from BudK.

Sad thing is, the guy who first supplied me with pictures of the Master Bowie finally responded a few weeks back with this same site as a source for buying it. C-7701 still looks a LITTLE big to be the Spyderco knockoff to me, but is definitely the closest thing I've seen so far.
We tried to steer them towards stuff like the CRK Green Beret Knife and other stuff in the CRK line and SOGs, Ontarios etc. I have one of those Tekna knives around here somewhere, it has a flashlight and a fishing reel in the handle of the knife. Incidentally, assuming we have now identified Locke's entire collection, I've tallied up all the prices, using the cheapest sources I could find. It does NOT have the cut-outs in the blade, the feature consistently remarked on by members of this forum as the Tekna's weakest characteristic. Of course, now I have to decide whether I want to keep this technically superior knife, or whether I want to try and exchange it for one that is more like the one used on the show.
I'm sure the answer is an easy one for you pure knife enthusiasts, but for me, it's a tough choice! From left to right : Jungle king III, Jungle King II, Bucanero and Jungle King I, all pre-Pelcu knives. Below is my custom Carl Schlieper Air Force Survival Knife, made with spare parts and the blade of an AFSK.

It's one of those classic moments in which those HSN fools demonstrate their complete idiocy. I got the Tekna both because I like the knife, but also because it's a reminder of the show, which I am a big fan of. I do believe I will keep it, and give up my search for blades with inferior (if cool-looking) cut-outs. In my opnion this would be a poor choice for a survival knife, with the holes in the blade it looks like it would break in half with any side pressure at all. They may be cheap knives, but it might be kind of fun, as well as affordable, to duplicate Locke's collection. I wonder if the reason Atlanta Cutlery has them on backorder, is because "Lost" is breaking them all?

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