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When food shortages struck San Francisco, wily entrepreneurs raided the dangerous Farallon Islands for protein-rich eggs from seabirds.
How about menstruation?Since it was posted to YouTube last year, a video by the women's health company Hello Flo has been viewed more than 30 million times. Unlike common ad trends that skirt around the female topic, it takes a more conscious, humorous approach:"First Jenny got it. Manufacturers left it to mothers and big sisters to give young women "the talk."But being a young person today is different from even a short time ago.
There, she shows me, "This is the war room for Kotex."The Kotex "war room" is not much bigger than a closet.

Koller is showing me a stack of U by Kotex Tween boxes, containing pads and liners specifically for young women. Tween boys tend to buy a lot of sneakers and video games.But there's something special about young women, says Emily Long. She's with the Learning About Multimedia Project, a group that teaches kids to think critically about advertising. Last year, the underwear brand Aerie loudly proclaimed that it had stopped doing post-production on its photography. But Willa Peltzer, our 12-year-old in Brooklyn, has shopped at both places."At 11, other girls my age were shopping there too," she says.

One 2013 study put the spending power of kids ages 9 to 13 at $200 billion.Win a loyal fan today, and she could be a customer for many years to come.

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