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This collection of photos and descriptions, published last week by Wired, displays some of the most ancient trees on the planet. Scroll to the bottom to see an almost 10,000-year-old tree in Sweden that’s about the same size as Friends of Trees plants via its Neighborhood Trees program! The world’s oldest individual tree lives 10,000 feet above sea level in the Inyo National Forest, Calif. This cryptomeria tree’s 83-foot height and 53-foot girth makes it the largest conifer in Japan.
This giant bald cypress lives in the semi-tropical Big Tree Park, Florida, among palm trees. This ancient, 16-foot tall Norway spruce lives in the scrubby Fulufjallet Mountains in Sweden. If someone told me the world was flat(back when some people thought this) I would have thought it was round. Since 1989, we’ve planted more than 450,000 trees in Portland-Vancouver and the Eugene-Springfield metro areas.
Charlie Campbell was your average, balding, thirty-year-old alcoholic with a dead-end job and a penchant for shambling through life one mistake after another. Patty Andrews, the last-surviving member of the Andrews Sisters, passed away on Wednesday (Jan. An official statement on behalf of the family shares that the beloved singer died from natural causes at her home in the Los Angeles suburb of Northridge, Calif. The trio gained prominent fame during World War II as steadfast patriots for America and the country’s deployed troops. Patty Andrews removed herself from the trio in 1951 and distanced herself from her sisters, both professionally and personally. When you have confirmed your password, you will be able to log in through Facebook on both sites. The Fenway Park shows on July 15 and 16 will end the band’s 17-day tour, which takes them to venues located mostly in the eastern United States. Boston magazine partnered with The New England Board of Higher Education to teach readers about the vast educational options in the area. BEVERLY HILLS, California – Mary Ann Mobley, a former Miss America and actress was reported to have died Tuesday morning by her surviving daughter.
Seen here in a 1958 photograph before she won the Miss America pageant., Mary Ann Mobley was known for her smile and beauty.
After winning the Miss America Pageant in 1959, Mobley launched a successful Broadway Career in New York, which took her far from her hometown of Biloxi, Mississippi. Mobley was the first ever woman to be crowned Miss America from Mississippi, a state known far and wide for its beauty pageants. On the other hand looking down from my hotel room in Coolangatta last night I observed a Bush Turkey calmly walking down the main street.
I have noticed over the years that if you see timid wild animals before they see you and you stand stock still and talk to them gently, you get the impression they get a desire to communicate in response.
Yesterday I did that with a Swamp Wallaby [Wallabia bicolour] and it carried on grazing while I spoke to it. This morning I sneaked up on a Speckled Ground Thrush and started talking to it and it also continued turning over litter and feeding.
A Kooka will look at you side ways using one eye, the other eye is checking the back of his head. A friend of mine went walking one morning in the forest near Mission beach and suddenly found herself very close to a cassowary. Bolt’s got a good story here about Robert Manne lamenting how the skeptics have won the day.

Imagine if wild turkeys had tree branch sized legs, capped off with tiger claws, and an intense desire that you, being human, not set foot in your own back yard. You didn’t cook it up in a lab, ala Jurassic Park dna injected in an emu egg for giggles, did you? And if you happen to have a cassowary taking over your backyard, menacing your dingo and such, who do you call? It just occurred to me that we haven’t given names to our newest feathered neighbors.
If a reconstituted Velociraptor were to go the distance with a modern Cassowary, the V would be toast. It was still extremely funny when it was juxtaposed with the comment that there are only 50 left. There therefore seems to be only 50 southern CORROBOREE frogs left who answer when they’re called.
The male very seriously considered the safest escape route before separating … but the female was immediately onto him for some serious payback.
If you’ve already run the gauntlet of the usual publishers, you may want to consider the eBook format. Contact MeTo get in touch with Jennifer call 0418873222 or international call +61418873222. Jon Krakauer, author of the best selling book “Into the Wild,” recently wrote a piece for the New Yorker detailing how it is believed that Chris McCandless, in fact, died.
After Chris’ body was discovered on September 6th, 1992, the Alaskan coroner’s report listed starvation as the probable cause of death. According to Chris’s diary, as of June 24th, 1992, the Hedysarum alpinum plant had become the staple in Chris’ diet. Seems like a readily available neurotoxin like this would have already been discovered and well documented. Alaska’s back country is not a TV show nor is it to be treated with the excitement of a Jack London story.
And thirteenburn – The Nazis fed captive Jew wild grass peas (cow peas) as was commonly done to cheaply feed large amounts of starving humans all over the world. A staggering 4,765 years old, this primeval tree was already a century old when the first pyramid was built in Egypt. The tree grows in a misty, old-growth forest on the north face of the tallest mountain on Yakushima island in Japan.
The evergreen took root between 4,000 and 4,500 years ago, around the time that Stonehenge was being completed. At 9,550 years, Old Tjikko is the oldest single-stemmed clonal tree, and took root not long after the glaciers receded from Scandinavia after the last ice age. Andrews’ death was preceded by the passing of her sisters, Maxene and LaVerne, in 1995 and 1967, respectively. The Andrews Sisters are often considered to be the most popular female singing group of the first half of the 20th century.
In July, three of the surviving members will perform at the famed ballpark for two nights as Dead & Company, the new band formed last summer after all of the surviving members of the Grateful Dead performed together for the last time at the Fare Thee Well concerts in San Francisco and Chicago. The band is playing not one, but two ballparks on this tour: On June 25 and 26, the band plays two shows at the home of the New York Mets—Citi Field, in Queens.
We reserve the right to remove impersonators or personal attacks, threats, profanity, or flat-out offensive comments. She would later have an on-screen career in films with Elvis Presley, and on television through the years.
She was a member of the Chi Omega sorority at the University of Mississippi, and was also the first female to be inducted into that university’s Alumni Hall of Fame.

Sometimes you can actually walk past them on the track without disturbing them whereas if they see you first and you are still advancing on them, you only see a blur as they disappear. OTOH Tim Flannery seemingly has frequent conversations with Mother Gaia, so you’d be in good company.
I’m directing that last comment at the great most of us who never heard of a cassowary. After reading the novel and seeing the first movie, I was very impressed with Chrichton’s attention to detail. The tree is hidden among other millennia-old Great Basin bristlecone pines in a grove called the Forest of Ancients. Who would have thought… It also was the only one that was carbon 14 dated instead of taking a core and counting the rings. Because when i see the sky shifting daily and horizons bending across the sea i know its round (Just like the bible said thousands and thousands of years ago). She had previously overcome a bout with breast cancer, but in her older age she finally lost the fight.
She married TV star Gary Collins in 1967, and the two had a daughter named Mary Clancy Collins. Then an online friend, who is a dinosaur buff, pointed out that Velociraptors were only turkey-sized beasties. And they found that over a short period of time, the people who were fed this seed were in various states of paralysis, so this is a real toxin, it has been known about. Within the book, Krakauer describes the neurotoxic effects of the mold on the seeds that likely took Chris McCandle’s life. To protect the tree from vandalism, the forest service keeps its exact location secret, but this one looks like it could be Methuselah. In partnership with movie and music legend Bette Midler and actor John Garfield, the Andrews Sisters performed and volunteered their personal time to sing and dance for the soldiers, sailors and marines. Mary Ann Mobley has long been out of the spotlight, but she enjoyed many years of a successful career where she capitalized on her talents and her beauty.
After about 54 years of marriage, she and Collins separated but later reunited before his eventual death in 2012. I am not looking to harm the story of Chris Mccandless but something about him at this time was not exactly mentally sound. The people who got sick were on a steady diet of only grass peas for over 3 months, much longer than McCandless was consuming them and in much larger quantities before any negative symptoms showed up. Her line of work drew her out to Beverly Hills, California where she resided until her death in 2014. You drop your life for the life of a hobo for a time and then you head into the most challenging part of the world without supplies, with moderate skills and without fellow hikers or a plan. Besides, the negative effects only show up when people are already in severe starvation, something McCandless actually DID have in common with concentration camp victims. Over less than 4 months, someone who had little body fat to begin with, he literally starved to death.
There is no mystery to figure out, he documented it very well with his own photographs and diary. If he was inadvertently poisoned then he comes off as less at-fault than if he was simply ignorant about outdoor living and waited too long before attempting to walk out because he was in denial about how bad a state he was in or something.

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