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Susan Korman has written more than 30 books for children and teenagers.She has worked as a children's book editor, a freelance writer, and a school librarian.
Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. She is popular and her boyfriend, Simon March is handsome, attentive and able to provide help with her special math assignment. Students who struggle with text will appreciate the short chapters and fast-paced action in each. My Memorials™ helps you honor departed family members, friends, and even favorite celebrities – all on your Facebook page.
Daisy also comes up with the idea of presenting a school talent show to raise money for a new wheelchair for the husband of admired chemistry teacher, Mrs. Downey "Sneaky", 48, of 711 Taylor St., Petersburg, departed this life suddenly on Sunday, Nov. The Fight tackles the issue of establishing a GSA at a school when school board policy seems to have a negative impact on the LGBT bullying taking place.

Like all youngsters in today's world, electronic communication is an important part of Daisy's life. A handful of students attempt to address this situation by changing policy following the suicides of several gay youth in the school district.
Overexposed centers on texting when a couple fights and the guy texts a racy picture of his ex-girlfriend to the rest of the school. At a pool party, Simon uses his cell phone to take several photos of Daisy in a red bikini.
Sports injuries take center stage in Full Impact as one student takes a few too many blows to the head on the football field. When Simon insists that Daisy not perform her hula- hoop routine for the talent show, a nasty breakup occurs.
Each book, though, contains at least one error that a more careful editing job might have fixed prior to publication.
He was a LPN for 23e years and a former employee of the Hopewell Health Center and Southside Virginia Training Center.

Daisy finds herself in a most difficult situation when Simon sends the topless photo to classmates. She ends up being suspended from school and having to deal with all the problems this causes with her parents as well as her peers.
This realistic and well- written novel, one in the series "Surviving Southside" accurately and authentically depicts issues facing teens. Have some suggestions for other YA novels addressing these issues ready, however, for readers who will gobble up these titles.
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