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Watch David Kareken greet his dog Kali at Prairie Portage Ranger Station in Quetico Provincial Park (video by Jenny Hengelfelt). The ferocity of the water at Rebecca Falls, in Quetico Provincial Park in northwestern Ontario prevented him from jumping in after his dog when she fell, said David Kareken. About two weeks after losing Kali, Kareken was surprised by a phone call at his home in Asheville, North Carolina, from Quetico Park.
David Kareken thought this photo, of his wife Joy, his son Zachary and his dog Kali, would be the last ever taken of the dog. Michael Josephson is a noted radio commentator and the founder of the nonprofit Josephson Institute of Ethics and CHARACTER COUNTS!.
WATCH: Lace Is Threatening to Get Physical with Another Lady in Paradise – Find Out Who! The Texas woman who lost her son and husband in the July 14 deadly terror attack in Nice, France, has spoken out about that harrowing day and her subsequent grief. Kim Copeland appeared to hold back tears as she spoke about surviving the attack in which a truck drove into a crowd celebrating Bastille Day, killing 84 people including her husband Sean, 51, and her son Brodie, 11. She said her husband ran over to Brodie but did not reach him in time to keep the boy from harm. Kim Copeland "We were that family that was all over – 'Two Americans have died,' and that's us," Copeland said. Copeland said that although it is difficult living in the family's home without her husband and son, she endures to honor their memory.
The summer vacation turned into a tragedy for the family, but Copeland said she doesn't regret embarking on the trip. BEVERLY HILLS, California – Mary Ann Mobley, a former Miss America and actress was reported to have died Tuesday morning by her surviving daughter.
Seen here in a 1958 photograph before she won the Miss America pageant., Mary Ann Mobley was known for her smile and beauty.
After winning the Miss America Pageant in 1959, Mobley launched a successful Broadway Career in New York, which took her far from her hometown of Biloxi, Mississippi. Mobley was the first ever woman to be crowned Miss America from Mississippi, a state known far and wide for its beauty pageants. The French colonists developed the Creole Cottage, the earliest house form designed in the area that would become the state of Mississippi. The De La Point-Krebs house in Pascagoula, Mississippi, built around 1770, is a good example of the Creole Cottage, and is the earliest surviving building in the lower Mississippi River Valley. Drawings of the vernacular Planter’s Cottage, the most common house form found on many Mississippi plantations. Auburn, a suburban villa built near Natchez about 1812, is an example of the Federal style. The Commercial Bank in Natchez, built in 1836, in the only Greek Revival structure in Mississippi with a real marble facade.
Grace Episcopal Church in Canton, Mississippi, is an example of Gothic Revival, a style that was used primarily in Mississippi for churches.

Many Mississippians combined the Greek Revival style with Gothic Revival and Italianate to produce an eclectic style. The study of historic architectural styles provides us a unique way to learn how our ancestors lived and worked, how and what they built, and what they thought about themselves and their society as expressed in their buildings. Vernacular architecture is a traditional form of building that reflects local environmental influences, uses locally available building materials, and is passed down from generation to generation.  The earthen mounds built by prehistoric native peoples are Mississippi’s oldest examples of vernacular architecture, if architecture is defined simply as structures built by humans. European colonists built the oldest surviving buildings in the area that would become the state of Mississippi. The French were the first Europeans to establish permanent settlements on the Gulf of Mexico coastline in 1699 near present-day Ocean Springs, Mississippi, and around 1716 along the Mississippi River at present-day Natchez.
A good example of a Creole Cottage, and the earliest surviving building in the lower Mississippi River Valley, is the De La Point-Krebs house in Pascagoula, Mississippi.  It was built around 1770 as part of an early plantation. After 1763, the British were the next Europeans to take control of this area and it became British West Florida. The Spanish left in 1798 when the United States took control of the area and established the Mississippi Territory.  Many settlers from the older, established areas of the United States flowed into the new territory and brought with them their own vernacular architectural traditions.
While the new settlers adopted the Creole Cottage, they too made changes to reflect their traditions, particularly the addition of the center hall, one of the characteristic architectural elements used by the Anglo-American settlers. These basic vernacular forms dominated Mississippi’s early domestic architecture until after the American Civil War. It was also during the Federal style period that the first substantial public buildings, churches, and commercial buildings began to appear.  The First Presbyterian Church in Natchez and the Presbyterian Church at Rodney are good examples of this style. The first non-classical architectural style to become popular in Mississippi was Gothic Revival.  This style imitated the great stone cathedrals and castles of Europe but was adapted to American needs and materials.
The Romanesque style returned after the war, and while still employed as religious architecture, it found its way into many other building types. The Italianate style was the next architectural style to arrive in Mississippi.  Beginning in England with the picturesque movement of the 1840s when builders began to design fanciful recreations of Italian Renaissance villas, Italianate was the most popular house style in the United States by the late 1860s, and remained so in Mississippi until the 1880s.
After the Civil War ended and Mississippians began to put their lives back together and to repair war-damaged buildings or to build anew, they built at first in one of the many styles popular before the war. As the railroads across the state were repaired and expanded following the war, factory-made building parts could be sent to far corners of the state from virtually anywhere in the country.
The Second Empire style, a style similar to the Italianate style, made a brief appearance in Mississippi immediately after the Civil War. The first new formal architectural style to arrive in Mississippi after the Civil War was the Queen Anne style.
The Queen Anne style arrived in Mississippi in the 1880s and remained popular through the early years of the 20th century. Todd Sanders is an architectural historian at the Mississippi Department of Archives and History. Statewide Inventory Files (Historic Preservation Division), Mississippi Department of Archives and History. Subscribers and regular visitors to this blog will find written and audio versions of radio commentaries, plus printable posters, observations and videos.

Your responses will form the basis of a report to be published soon by Josephson Institute.
Click here to get breaking crime news, ongoing trial coverage and details of intriguing unsolved cases in the True Crime Newsletter.The Copeland family was in the French city on vacation at the time.
She would later have an on-screen career in films with Elvis Presley, and on television through the years.
She was a member of the Chi Omega sorority at the University of Mississippi, and was also the first female to be inducted into that university’s Alumni Hall of Fame. The Greek Revival architectural style is the one most often associated with the antebellum South. The mounds were elevated bases for either temples or homes of tribal leaders, or they may have served as elevated ceremonial platforms.  Winterville Mounds near Greenville and Emerald Mound near Natchez are two of the best examples of prehistoric structures in Mississippi. Timber was plentiful and early buildings in Mississippi were constructed with heavy timber framing.
The early colonists developed a house form based on their French building traditions, use of local building materials, and construction that made it easier to endure the effects of the hot and humid climate.
Other buildings constructed during this earliest period, such as courthouses, schools, stores, banks, and churches, were generally one-room structures devoid of any individual architectural character.
The best Federal style architecture in Mississippi is found in the old Natchez District, the area of Southwest Mississippi centered on Natchez, since it was the wealthiest, most settled area of the state at the time.  The best example of this style is Auburn, a suburban villa constructed near Natchez about 1812. While this style was developed in France during the reign of Napleon III in the 1850s and based on the elaborate architecture of 17th century France, it did not reach Mississippi until after the war was over. She had previously overcome a bout with breast cancer, but in her older age she finally lost the fight.
She married TV star Gary Collins in 1967, and the two had a daughter named Mary Clancy Collins.
Mary’s in Natchez, and the Church of the Annunciation in Columbus.  There were several fine houses built in the style as well, such as the Manship House in Jackson and Airliewood in Holly Springs. Once the war ended and new construction began, very few people had the money or interest to build in such an elaborate style.
Mary Ann Mobley has long been out of the spotlight, but she enjoyed many years of a successful career where she capitalized on her talents and her beauty.
After about 54 years of marriage, she and Collins separated but later reunited before his eventual death in 2012.
The main feature of this style is the tall mansard roof, and the best example of the Second Empire style in Mississippi is the Schwartz House in Natchez. Her line of work drew her out to Beverly Hills, California where she resided until her death in 2014. Louis to carpenters in Brookhaven or Iuka where they could mix and match the pieces according to personal whim, or whatever they had on hand.

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