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It's a dream many of us have cherished at one time or another - the primitive desire to escape to a simple, idealistic existence, living off the land - where Mother Nature, rather than Tesco, satisfies our stomachs. Daydreams and adventure novels aside, most of us would never contemplate doing what author Nick Weston, a latter-day Robinson Crusoe, actually did - building and living in a treehouse in the woods of southern England, foraging for food, in a six-month experiment to see if it was possible to live as a 21stcentury hunter-gatherer. Nick, 28, who appeared in Channel 4's Shipwrecked and is a self-styled survivalist, found himself short of work, thanks to the credit crunch, but chose to turn the situation to his advantage by seeking to fulfil a boyhood dream of living self-sufficiently in a treehouse he'd built himself near Haywards Heath, West Sussex. Nick duly trawled the internet, public library and local DIY stores for information about how to go about building his new life - and last April embarked on his challenge.
So he allowed himself 'a few staples' to enhance the fresh produce he got from hunting or from the vegetable patch he cultivated next to his treehouse.
He charted his progress in a blog which averaged 2,000 hits a day - and it wasn't long before his adventure captured the attention of the media.
I spend the next couple of days digging the ground of my new vegetable patch, making my own fencing and building wigwams for my runner beans.
It's been a horrible weekend of saying goodbyes and clearing out the London flat I shared with my girlfriend, Clare. Today has made me realise just how much work needs to go into the opening stages of a project like this.
I manage to shoot a rabbit for dinner and eat it with some steamed nettles, but I hadn't realised how long the tree house would take to make. I've decided I can't live in the wood full-time until the treehouse is finished, though it feels a cop-out. I'm a real meat-lover and I find I get extremely anxious - almost panicky - by the evening if I have no protein for the table. I've now made myself a comfortable bed and, thanks to my hard work, I am well-fed, so I am pretty content.
I'd like to explore a bit further afield and hit upon the idea of making a trip along the river in a coracle I'm building myself. I think there's a Huckleberry Finn deep in every boy who wants to explore a river and sleep rough - and this little excursion is my chance to do it. Today is my last night alone in the treehouse, and as I wander out to hunt a rabbit for supper, I think about how much the seasons have changed and how my life has been intertwined with them. Nick's biggest single expense was the A?170 he spent on lengths of new timber for the foundations of his treehouse.
With mud, blood and insects on the menu, a Bear Grylls family survival course is no picnic for Ben Hatch and daughter. Half an hour later, Scott Heffield, Bear's right-hand man (Bear's away filming), is ordering us to daub mud all over our faces and arms to block out our natural smells. A grizzly bear is probably the scariest thing you can imagine encountering when you're hiking or camping in the woods. The most famous recent grizzly attack was probably the attack on Timothy Treadwell, a grizzly bear activist who spent time living among the bears in Alaska. Although there are no formal statistics on bear attacks, collected news reports show at least 24 fatal attacks during the current decade in the United States and Canada [source: Black Bear Heaven]. An encounter with a grizzly doesn't always have to end in bloodshed -- that's your blood or the bear's. Below are a some general rules for the campsite and festival site, including what is considered grounds for eviction. Purchase in PersonTickets are available in person at Tower Pharmacy at 2713 Avonhurst Drive Regina, Raymore Agencies and Raymore New Holland. The Saturday night supper is a whole roasted pork supper with all the trimmings for $20 and Sunday night is a KFC supper for $10. My family and I recently survived the stomach flu (well, we are surviving—still not 100 percent out of the woods yet). Sarah Jio is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling and award-winning author whose novels are published in 27 countries.
Just the thought of cannibalism, or the eating of human flesh, induces shudders in the living.
Johnson left the mountains long enough to serve in the Union Army in 1864 during the Civil War, then returned to the Rockies. In 1883 Packer was again arrested and again confessed to killing Bell in self-defense, this time admitting that he took money and a rifle from the dead men. The name of Boone Helm is passed down to us with a legend more evil than the previous two cannibals. Helm made it to Utah, where he boasted of his exploits and made some money as a hired killer. Helm then teamed up with the Henry Plummer Gang, which led to his arrest with several of the gang members. The genogram also demonstrates that Rosie had a fused relationship with her mother until she passed away at the age of 38 from breast cancer. After that, Rosie grew estranged from her father who was not emotionally available for his children. First, he set some ground rules: this was not supposed to be an exercise in all-out survival, nor was it a trial period as a hermit. These included olive oil, salt, pepper, flour, vinegar, tea, coffee, sugar, rice and yeast. A magazine column followed - and, much to Nick's bemusement, he was even besieged by TV crews for a week in July.
I spoke to some family friends, who own a large farm, and offered to do some odd jobs in return for permission to build a treehouse in their woods. The enormous pile of planks is daunting - it's time to turn my kitchen table sketches into reality.
In my excitement I wake at 6.30am under the tarpaulin sheeting I've erected to serve as base camp until the treehouse is ready. It's midnight and I'm listening to the crackle of the fire and the faint screech of an owl. Spending the day gathering and cutting materials, working on the treehouse and then having to hunt and gather food to eat is proving a real nightmare. With a budget of only A? 30 0 for the bui lding project, I'm cutting down the wood myself with a saw. I need to concentrate on creating my crops and home, so decide to crash out several nights a week at my parents' home nearby. He's not scared of me and, as I don't need him for the pot just yet, I decide to call him Jeff and feed him any meagre scraps. It's not a one-man job, so my long-suffering friends, Tom and Chris, help me put up the corrugated iron and tarpaulin sheet. Dusk was announced by the 'tak-tak' of the blackbird and the wood settled into silence at about 9.30pm. Even though I lived here for years and have only been away for a month, I am immediately struck by the pent-up anger of my fellow commuters. The next morning I find I've caught an eel, which I stun, behead, gut and put into my portable smoker.
Usually there are plenty of rabbits and, within 15 minutes, I've bagged a medium-sized coney, which I marinate with lemon juice, wild garlic, herbs and a dash of cider vinegar before pan-frying it on Bertha along with rice, steamed hop shoots and wilted spinach from the patch. I miss surprisingly few 21st-century gadgets - though I do have my iPod with a solar-powered charger and a wind-up radio.
I do miss running water - fetching supplies from the nearby farm a couple of times a week is a chore. Navigating the jungle-like tangle of plants along the river makes my surroundings feel more like Siam than Sussex.

Looking back over my time in the woods, I realise I have discovered something new almost every day. The longest planks were bolted onto the side of the tree at a height of 2.3m (7A?ft), using five coach screws on each side, and the shorter planks were rested on top of them and also screwed into the tree.
We're in the car park - the Bear Grylls family survival course hasn't even started and children are already volunteering to eat insects. Each is limited to 12 places (six pairs), although one place per course can be reserved for an adult with two children. Respect your fear -- a grizzly attack would likely kill you or leave you severely maimed or scarred.
As the story goes, in 1823, fur trapper Hugh Glass was on an expedition up the Missouri River, headed toward Yellowstone Park. In Alaska, there were eight non-fatal bear attacks in the first eight months of 2008 [source: Vick]. By using safe hiking and camping practices, learning to read a bear's body language, staying calm and protecting yourself, you can greatly increase the odds you'll walk away from a grizzly in one piece. Unauthorized merchandise will be seized and individuals involved will be evicted and charged.
Raymore Summer Slam is not responsible for any injury to persons or damage to property caused by pets. However, most people would agree that as strong as the cultural taboo is, cases in which people ingested corpses because it was the only available food in order to survive can be forgiven (if not forgotten). After a stint in the Navy, he headed out West and learned hunting, trapping, and the art of surviving in the mountains from an older mountain man named Old John Hatcher.
Bodies were found all over the Rockies, scalped and missing their livers, which Johnson ate. In this account published in the Rocky Mountain News, Shannon Bell went insane from hunger, and killed all the prospectors except Packer, who was out foraging. It was tattooed on his arm, and there is speculation that he changed the spelling from the original "Alfred" later in life to match the misspelled tattoo.
In Oregon in 1862, he shot and killed a man named Dutch Fred, who was unarmed and made no threat to Helm.
He was led to the gallows on January 14, 1864, in Virginia City, Montana, in front of a crowd of 6,000 people. She is also the managing editor at Neatorama and keeps a small humor blog called Miss Cellania.
Rosie also had a foster child named Mia, but she was taken away from her in 2001, so she no longer lives with her. Life would go on as normal, except for his diet and living arrangements - because he wanted to enjoy the experience and not feel he had to struggle through a ridiculous challenge he had set himself. This also included spending a couple of hundred pounds on wood and equipment to make his treehouse, which Nick vowed to build using recycled and natural materials as much as possible. Nick also kept a diary of the joys and hardships of tree-top living, which have now been published as a new book. My new landlords seem intrigued by the idea - so now it's time to begin this whole crazy adventure. A local garage gives me an old one - and, with the help of a jigsaw, a drill, pliers, bolts, a hinge and a few L-brackets, I convert it into a stove I've named Bertha, after the extraordinarily capable factory machine in the 1970s TV show Bertha I watched as a kid.
I am pleased with my surroundings, but to be honest, I'm a touch anxious about living on my own in a wood.
There just aren't enough hours in the day and I am finding it more exhausting than I'd anticipated. Over the next weeks I will be able to devote myself to making the flooring and building a shower from a bucket and a watering can. We finish - just in time to retreat from a deluge of Biblical proportions, which sets in for the night. Tonight, I enjoyed my first salad from the garden: lettuce, spinach topped with wild garlic, bitter cress and a handful of garden peas added to a bowl of rice cooked in stock.
I'm purposely avoiding the doom and gloom of the news and mostly listen to Radio 4 for company. But most of all I miss Clare and the company of my friends, though many of them are coming down at weekends to escape the city now the weather is hot.
While it's illegal to shoot one, I decided that this was my chance to try badger meat, so took it home to skin. I have become aware of the culinary versatility of our native flora and fauna - and now consider rabbits, pigeons, hop shoots and nettles as if they were everyday ingredients.
It's the first sign my daughter Phoebe, 10, and I might be in over our heads.I'm not an outdoorsy person. Separated from his group, Glass accidentally surprised a mother grizzly and her cubs, and before he had a chance to grab his gun, the grizzly attacked him.
But, the doctor sent us home with a pack of them (or something like them—not same brand) in the ER on Wednesday, and they saved me so much work.
The most famous example in American history is the Donner Party, a group of snowbound pioneers who may have resorted to eating their deceased members in 1846-47. Garrison changed his name to Johnston around this time, although the "t" was dropped in later accounts of his life. This is attributed by some to the mountain custom of eating the fresh liver of hunted animals, but others say it was a direct insult to the Crow, who considered the liver a sacred part of the body, necessary to enter the afterlife. He set out from Provo, Utah, with several other men in that year to look for gold in Breckenridge, Colorado. By the time of the California Gold Rush in 1849, Helm already had a reputation as a troublemaker, and in fact, had already murdered at least one man, and had spent some time in an insane asylum. As the other gang members were hanged, Helm kicked the box he was standing on away, hanging himself before the executioner could get to him.
In her spare time, she is raising a frightening number of children in a small Kentucky town.
Now I'm worried about how I'm going to feed myself properly and build a tree house at the same time.
Later in the month I splash out A?10 at a demolition yard on a mahogany seat for the loo I'm building over a pit I've dug.
I offer them a bottle of my home-brewed nettle beer (which tastes more like cider) and we eat dinner.
Looking out at a moonlit wood is a bit unnerving: the shadows form familiar shapes, but I keep waiting for movement. I'd always thought that if push came to shove he'd end up in the pot, but Mother Nature pulled the strings not me.
I made badger burgers from the meat and I tried them out on plenty of people - the feedback was pretty positive.
And as my vegetable patch will only feed me until November and the wild larder only supplies 60 per cent of my food, staying here all winter is not going to be feasible. My bond with the countryside has also become stronger than ever, but, most of all, my time in the woods has given me confidence.
Support posts were made by chopping down surrounding sycamore, hazel and ash treesA  -A  and these were fitted with a wooden foot to spread the load of the final tree house.
Legend has it, he'd wrestled the bear to the ground by the time his men showed up to shoot the bear. I wanted to share the things that really helped us this week, in case they can help you, too. OK, so maybe it’s the placebo effect, but really, I swear by echinacea tea now for immune-strengthening.

In February, six men—Israel Swan, Shannon Wilson Bell, George Noon, James Humphrey, Frank Miller, and their guide, Packer—were seen at a Ute camp in Colorado. He then told how he took some human flesh from the fire, which Bell had prepared, and used it to sustain himself on the journey to Los PInos. In California, he lived by murder and thievery instead of mining, as the miners had tempting pockets of gold.
Helm was run out of town, and subsequently had to endure another harsh winter in the wilderness, but he survived by killing a companion and eating him. We size up the tree I've chosen to build my house around and decide we need to cut down some trees to make support posts.
I'm going to use sawdust and ash from Bertha as my home-made waste disposal system, but I reckon I need a decent loo seat - besides I also want to keep Clare happy on her weekend visits to the treehouse.
As I listen to the rhythmic drumming of the rain, it feels more like being in a rainforest than the Sussex countryside. These were dropped into a pit 30cm (12in) deep and covered with soil, which nick and his friends packed down with their feet. I had agreed to this commission on a boat in the Mediterranean without the wifi to research it. But his injuries were so great that, after bandaging his wounds and sitting vigil for a few days, his men took his rifle and knife and left him there in a shallow grave. They built a cabin in the wilderness, but when Johnson returned from a solo hunting expedition in 1847, he found the cabin had been burned and his pregnant wife had been murdered by the Crow tribe.
This included a posse of twenty men sent to capture Johnson; none of them returned to the tribe. Heading into the wilderness of Oregon in 1853 with a gang of fellow outlaws, they were stranded by bad weather, and one by one they died. Helm was eventually tried for the killing of Dutch Fred, but witnesses refused to appear or to testify, possibly because they were paid off by Helm's wealthy brother.
I am also craving company - I'm finding the solitary lifestyle harder to cope with than I'd thought.
I had some dim idea Bear Grylls was a slightly cooler version of Terry Nutkins and I knew the course was set on the 500-acre Whithorn Estate in Brook, Surrey. Glass actually survived to tell the tale, setting his own broken leg and wearing the grizzly bear pelt for warmth as he hiked for two months. Once, Johnson was captured by Blackfoot hunters who planned to sell him to the Crow, but Johnson not only managed to escape, he killed his guard and chopped off his leg—which he used to sustain himself on his journey home. He said the others had gone foraging for food after they were stranded by a blizzard and Packer expected them to show up at any time. Helm and one other survivor, named Burton, tried to reach civilization, but Burton, no longer able to travel, shot himself. We build a fire pit and tuck into some supper before getting into our sleeping bags for a well-earned rest. I now know that no matter how bad or desperate times become, I can always go back - to the woods, the fields and the places where wild things roam free - and not only survive, but thrive.GOING UP!
To jazz things up a tiny bit, I roasted an acorn squash and mashed it in with some soy sauce and rice for the baby one day (he loved it!), and it was so good, I made some for moi.
I'm lying on the hard ground, but I think a sore back is going to be the least of my worries..
He was determined to make his house as attractive as possible, so was delighted to hit on the idea of using dead y-shaped oak branches to add character to the balcony banisters. We'd maybe cook sausages on an open fire, I thought, whittle pointed sticks and learn how to find the North Star.
It would compensate for the lack of camping in my daughter's life - only someone else would be in charge of erecting the tents. After another stumble into brambles, I am picking her up when she looks at me and says, with city-girl hurt: "Daddy, you said this was camping!"But worse follows. Powell, Helm expressed no gratitude for the help, nor did he share any of the hundreds of dollars in his pocket. Next came the roof lintel, which was fixed to the tree with coach screws and l brackets, while the other end rested in a convenient fork of the support post and was screwed into place using builders band.
Soon we're crossing a river on a commando rope (my chest a week later is still - I kid you not - hot to the touch from rope burn).
The tale he told then was quite different: Packer said that while they were stranded, Israel Swan (the oldest of the group) died and the others ate his body. Powell got off easy, however, as Helm killed two other men who took him in during separate bad times later in his life. The rafters could then be fittedA  -A  and came from birch trees from a different part of the wood, so as not to denude the area. We are purifying rat-infested river water by filtering it through an old sock.Then there's knife skills conducted by John, a former Parachute Regiment sniper, who will later reveal the secret of his job is "patience and control. Birch was also used for the ladder, which had seven rungs, split in half to ensure a tight fit in the ladder notches and a flat surface for screws. And escape in the ensuing panic when the high-value target goes down." On similar courses, he says, children aren't permitted hunting knives for insurance reasons. When fitting the sheets together it was important to ensure they overlapped by at least two 'peaks and troughs' to form a weatherproof seal.
Not long after telling his story, Packer escaped from jail and wasn't seen again until 1883.
One of the firms he had once worked for donated some Perspex for the windows, which he fitted into frames he had laboriously made himself. However, they were all lying near each other, and their feet were bound with strips of blanket.
I'm the sort of man who takes his favourite pillow with him whenever he sleeps away from home.
I fell off the commando rope (the only dad to do so), I tangled our net up fishing and, right now, I can't follow Scott's instructions. Phoebe and I desperately gather bracken to soften the hard earth and cover the frame to keep out the rain. An instructor forces a knife into the gap between the broken bones and, using it for leverage, tears off the animal's fur like he is reupholstering a cushion. Young Bear fans fight over who gets to chop off the remaining limbs."I feel sorry for the rabbit," I whisper to Phoebe. I walk into a tree.After our rabbit dinner and chicken stew, eaten from a ration mug, we retire to our shelters at 1am.
Phoebe's head-torch breaks when I panic and thrash about at the sight of a giant millipede in my sleeping bag. It's the only comforting reminder of the world left behind."Have you seen the harness in our packs? We're going to have to climb something tomorrow," I tell Phoebe, sorrowfully."Think of Sunday lunch," she says. Things crawl across my cold face and I don't sleep until I see sunlight through the trees.After an army ration breakfast that is less appetising than the mealworms, John gathers us in a circle.

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