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William 'Wild Bill' Guarnere, one of the World War II veterans whose exploits were dramatized in the TV miniseries Band of Brothers, has died.
World War II veteran William "Wild Bill" Guarnere, seen here participating in the Veterans Day parade in Media, Pa. William Guarnere lost a leg while helping a wounded soldier during the Battle of the Bulge. Guarnere was portrayed by the actor Frank John Hughes.Guarnere, whose combat exploits earned him his nickname, lost a leg while trying to help a wounded solider during the Battle of the Bulge. In 2007, Guarnere helped write a nationally best-selling memoir called, Brothers in Battle, Best of Friends, with fellow south Philadelphian veteran Edward J. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Written by Paulmichael Contreras How well do you think you could do in the wild, armed with just your bare hands?
In the weeks before Christmas, the idea of moving to a deserted island can be a tempting one. Should you ever find yourself trying to stay alive in the middle of the ocean, there’s five key things to keep in mind. You can also collect water by digging a hole in the ground, putting a container at the bottom and surrounding it with wet leaves.

Hunger can make you do crazy things, but don’t go eating any strange mushrooms or berries that you can’t identify.
By sharpening a stick to make a spear or fashioning a safety pin into a hook, you can make an attempt at fishing – though it’s not always easy! Get some inspiration from Aussie science teacher and Wild Survivor Phil Breslin as hunts for food in Australia’s brutal Kimberley region. Whether your island is filled with scorching sun or thunderous rain, finding or making some kind of shelter together is imperative. Ideally, your shelter will be close to your best water source, particularly if you’re in a hot climate. Collect an assortment of tree branches to lean across a stable large tree, which can then be covered in leaves and smaller branches.
National Geographic showcases leading explorers, scientists, environmentalists, film makers and renowned photographers. New York Daily News Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne's relationship through the years Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne's relationship through the years Despite surviving the wild times of Black Sabbath in the 1970s, rumor has it, the Prince of Darkness Ozzy Osbourne and his manager-turned-wife Sharon have decided to part ways after 33 years of marriage.
Not sure that I’d classify the ONTOS as weird, altho yes, it does look a bit strange. He was 90His son, William Guarnere Jr., confirmed on Sunday that his father died at Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia.

ARK: Survival Evolved asks us just this very question in an MMO-style sandbox first-person adventure game.
Then, put a piece of plastic, such as tarp, on top of the hole and weigh it down with rocks so water can collect and fall into the container. Keeping your base close to the shore will allow you to quickly signal to passing ships and planes that could be your chance at rescue. If that sounds like a lot of adjectives, that’s because ARK is a multi-experience game that can be approached in countless ways. Despite their cute reputation, seals can be quite aggressive – as Wild Survivor Phil Breslin discovered…. The US built about 300 of them for the Army but instead they were used by the Marines and from all accounts, they were pretty effective.
It was intended aa a heavy anti-tank weapon for the infantry before AT missiles were invented but after TOW missiles came in, the Ontos got more or less scrapped.

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