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But his botched Portland job appears to have inspired an iconic 1903 movie called 'The Great Train Robbery' a month or two later.
Until just a few dozen years ago, pinball was illegal, and the mobbed-up characters who supplied the games played for keeps. The owners of rival papers escalated their war of words when they went for pistols on a downtown street one morning in 1871.
After he got out of prison, Dave Tucker spent 30 years rebuilding his reputation in his hometown of Joseph, and it seems he succeeded. A slick marketing campaign and a taste for political power marked the Ku Klux Klan in the 1920s, which spread through Oregon like a racist virus — and then collapsed. An Oregon City man claimed he'd inherited the rights from his father, and demanded to be allowed to cut it up and haul it away. It was left there by astronaut Jim Irwin at the request of a friend from Bend — who gave him a sliver of Oregon lava to leave on the moon's surface.
A Portland real-estate guy found a loophole in the law and claimed a patch of beach for his own, and his friends in the state Legislature tried to keep it that way. Legendary Hollywood voice man Mel Blanc's teachers weren't too impressed with his voice talents, but Oregon radio listeners and cartoon fans sure were.
Twenty years ago, PT-658 was a weatherbeaten hulk, rotting away at a pier in San Francisco Bay. It was a massive, weatherbeaten old hulk, 78 feet long and 20 feet wide, wallowing by the dock on Treasure Island in the Alameda estuary of San Francisco Bay. Built late in the war, PT-658 had never gone into battle, which is why it was available in 1958 for Earl C. When Earl died, his son Orlando inherited the old warrior, and started looking for someone to give it to — someone who would restore it rather than just scrapping it out. What followed was a massive coming-together of Oregon people and businesses pitching in to save the historic hulk. Dozens of volunteers spent thousands of hours bringing the PT-658 back from the near-dead. Despite hopes to make 659 a museum boat based in Vancouver, the resources to do that never materialized, and in 2008 it was taken apart. By then, though, PT-658 was actually in the water again – running under its own power. For the first time since World War II, the PT-658 looked like the fearsome fighter it was built to be. Since that time, PT-658 has become a regular participant in events like the Rose Festival in Portland. LaVoy Finicum, one of the known occupants of the weeklong Malheur Wildlife Refuge standoff in Oregon who has said he would rather die than go to jail, turns out to be a novelist.
Finicum's 241-page apocalyptic cowboy thriller titled "Only By Blood and Suffering" is a how-to on surviving after a electromagnetic pulse or nuclear attack when your Escalade stops driving, the government has bought back all of your guns, President Bill Clinton signed away your country's missile technology to the Chinese, the Supreme Court is loaded with lefty judicial activists and you don't have an adequate amount of gold and "junk silver" to get by when the stock market implodes, interest rates balloon overnight and the value of the dollar collapses.
It's tough times to say the least and the book's overarching message is to be prepared for an infrastructure collapse coming to a community near you.
Finicum chronicles the struggle of the Bonham family's grown children as each copes with the political, financial and nuclear crisis that has befallen America. Dan Bonham in that passage is reflecting as he seeks to leave the rioting streets of San Diego with his wife and kids (spoiler alert: the baby dies on the way). Finicum published his novel in 2015 after he stood beside Cliven Bundy in the 2014 Nevada standoff against federal officials over grazing rights. In the book, the NSA keeps a database of anyone who "bought three or more guns in the the last five years," "anyone who bought more than five hundred rounds of ammunition," "Libertarians," "members of the tea party," and anyone "who visited websites deemed anti government." The government also tracks credit card purchases so it knows which Americans have been preparing for a government collapse – an important point as the feds will collect supplies from those who have been stockpiling resources. One of the main points of conflict in the book is not so different from what is playing out now at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge in Oregon. It's not just that preppers must fight against fellow men to obtain bicycles, "bug-out bags," weapons and silver, but the book takes readers inside a world in which those prepared for the meltdown must also be ready to fight back– sometimes with intimidation and violence– against government officials who threaten to take their hard-earned resources and redistribute them. The culture of intimidation is echoed repeatedly in the book as the author makes references to the need for not only men, but also women to be "proficient" with the so-called "assault rifle." On many occasions guns are used to display dominance. The book also alludes to a third party – the Independent American Party– which emerges to fill the void felt by Libertarians and tea party voters. White-nose syndromeWhite-nose syndrome (WNS) has been associated with the deaths of millions of bats in the USA (27 states) and Canada (five provinces), according to figures from the US Fish and Wildlife Service.

In 2013 the fungus was first isolated from a bat in the UK and from several environmental samples and in 2014 the fungus was isolated from a second bat.
The positive cases have been found as a result of an on-going passive surveillance programme and an active surveillance pilot project. BCT worked with other organisations and researchers from the US and Europe to draft a Eurobats resolution. The draft resolution 6.7 Guidelines for the Prevention, Detection and Control of lethal fungal Infections in Bats can be viewed on the Eurobats website. We are the leading NGO solely devoted to the conservation of bats and the landscapes on which they rely. The Community Service Center links the energy, expertise and innovation of the University of Oregon with the planning and public policy needs of Oregon communities. Many of us grew up in tight-knit neighborhoods, where everyone knew each other and the sense of community was strong. When something happens, your most immediate source of support is the people living around you.
Several communities in Oregon are rebuilding the traditional concept of neighborliness to create effective strategies for surviving a catastrophic event.
Bandon began using Map Your Neighborhood in 2010 as a way to organize residents and raise the awareness for disaster planning.
The group’s Preparedness Faire in September encouraged people to participate in Map Your Neighborhood.
BandonPrepares is continuing its neighborhood mapping project, as well as other preparedness initiatives.
There are many resources available for people wishing to connect with their neighbors on preparedness.
Map Your Neighborhood was developed by Washington state emergency managers, and has been adapted for use across the country. Learn the “9 Steps to Take Immediately Following a Disaster” to secure your home and to protect your neighborhood. Identify the Skills and Equipment each neighbor has that would be useful in an effective disaster response. Create a contact list that helps identify those with specific needs such as elderly, disabled, or children who may be home alone. Work together as a team to evaluate your neighborhood during the first hour following a disaster and take action. UO prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, sex, national or ethnic origin, age, religion, marital status, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression in all programs, activities and employment practices as required by Title IX, other applicable laws, and policies.
Today, it's a priceless piece of American history that you'll occasionally see on the waters of Portland Harbor. Some time earlier, a storm had sunk it in the bay; luckily, it had only been in a few feet of water, and easily refloated, but now it lay low in the water, its bilges heavily laden with silt and gravel and water that had seeped in where the hull had been patched. By an odd coincidence, the sister boat to the 658, PT-659, was already in Oregon, in a cradle at Camp Withycombe in Clackamas County.
Pieces of it were used to restore several PT boats, including one in Louisiana that actually sank two German ships during the war. The old hulk formerly known as the Porpoise had, in the space of 10 years, gone from a bow sticking up out of San Francisco Bay, to a poised, fierce-looking warship, bristling with deadly weapons: three autocannons, four heavy machine guns, four torpedoes, two depth-charge cans and one big anti-aircraft cannon. In 2011 its paint scheme was restored to the original camouflage pattern, and it’s now arguably the most striking-looking of the Navy ships that ply the lower Willamette during festivals.
Anyone interested in volunteering or donating can learn more about that on the Web site, or by calling 503-286-3083. The primary purpose of this site is news and education, and consequently many images here are used pursuant to the fair-use exemption of the 1976 copyright law.
As Dan, Cat and the twins HayLee and KayLee attempt to return to their father's ranch, they must all grapple with the reality that they are not as prepared for a societal meltdown as dear old dad warned them to be. In the book, rogue cowboys are pitted against the authorities in the name of the Constitution.
A party of the same name, which has been linked to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, actually does exist -- and is actually engaged in an internal dispute today over whether or not to support the ranchers in Oregon.
2011, PLos One 6(4) e19167 Pan-European Distribution of White-Nose Syndrome Fungus (Geomyces destructans) Not Associated with Mass Mortality.

It explains why bats use underground sites and how those visiting them can support bat conservation by being aware of bats and the issues related to them. Those kinds of neighborhoods may not be as common today as they once were, but they can make a big difference in how, or how well, we all survive in the face of disaster. A united neighborhood can help take care of the elderly and the young, can share food, and make sure everyone is warm. In Bandon, Ashland, and in several other communities, the Map Your Neighborhood tool is getting a lot of attention. People gather at a home in their neighborhood for a 90-minute meeting where they watch a video, learn the nine steps to take immediately following disaster (see “Resources,” below).
Almost half the people in Bandon live in a tsunami inundation zone, and preparedness is getting new attention there in the face of increasing knowledge about the likelihood of a Cascadia Subduction Zone event. The group organizes regular CERT sessions, sponsors first aid classes, and is exploring the idea of establishing survivable storage space for residents and area businesses. For information about how to establish the program in your area, contact Oregon’s Department of Geology and Mineral Industries at (971) 673-1555.
Knowing which neighbors have supplies and skills helps your disaster response be timely, and allows everyone to contribute in a meaningful way. The electrical system was ruined, the engines were frozen, and after 35 years in the sun and rain, it looked awful.
One imagines him having a thundering good time roaring around San Francisco Bay on his very own PT boat for a few years, burning gasoline by the ton; but eventually the big gunboat ended up parked at the dock, and there it sat for 30 years, looking increasingly weatherbeaten and unloved.
PT-659 was in terrible shape, but there were pieces of it that could be used to make 658 whole.
The weapons were, of course, all demilitarized and non-functional — but they were there, and they looked ready for action. We know that Finicum, who is Mormon, has stopped paying grazing fees to the federal government and is seriously worried about his cattle back home.
It's chock-full of footnotes and allusions to modern-day right-wing obsessions over everything from how "the Republican party continues to alienate their conservative base" to NSA spying and the threat of a nationalized police force.
2012, PNAS online Inoculation of bats with European Geomyces destructans supports the novel pathogen hypothesis for the origin of white-nose syndrome. 2013, Fungal Biology Phylogenetic evaluation of Geomyces and allies reveals no close relatives of Pseudogymnoascus destructans, comb.
They then make an inventory of people, pets, needs, skills and equipment, and finally, plan a team approach to help each other. Of the 100 people who attended the fair, 40 signed up to help with BandonPrepares, and 30 signed up for the Certified Emergency Response Team training. Questions may be referred to the Title IX Coordinator, Office of Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity, or to the Office for Civil Rights. It looked like the powerful, reliable, blinding-fast boats they’d gone to war on, fifty years before, when they were young and brave and wearing the uniform of the United States Navy. Their wooden hulls required too much maintenance, and their three massive V12 engines burned far too much gasoline (the equivalent of 0.1 miles per gallon at full throttle) for peacetime use. A permanent downtown home would change that, and make it possible for school groups and tourists to come and see it. In fact, if you're not familiar with copyright law and fair-use doctrine, you should read it anyway. Contact information, related policies, and complaint procedures are listed on the statement of non-discrimination. Army Corps of Engineers and others, the old warhorse was hauled up the West Coast to Portland.
And there was an entire very-complex electrical system that had to be rebuilt – twice, as it turned out, after an electrical fire in 2003.
It's important for all of us to know what's ours -- that is, what's in the public domain -- to avoid infringing others' rights, and to defend our own rights as co-owners of the public domain. There, cradled on a barge moored in Swan Island Lagoon, it became the focus of a ten-year-long restoration effort.

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