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No doubt we are all used to texting, having 1-on-1 conversations, using Facebook and at the same time working on an assignment.
Chelsea Marie Engle, 21, of Hunlock Creek passed away unexpectedly Saturday, July 5, 2014, together with her boyfriend, Aaron David Setzer.She was born June 6, 1993, in Danville, a daughter of Robert Allen Engle and Cheryl Saxe Engle, Sweet Valley.
Rose Kathryne Keller, 74, of Taneytown, Maryland passed away peacefully Sunday, July 5, 2015 at her home. He was voiced by Mark Hamill in the 3 Rocksteady games, with Troy Baker voiced him for Arkham Origins and Assault on Arkham. Joker possessed countless mental illnesses; however if traits of psychopaths prove correctly he did not realize his madness and even if he did he took no avail in trying to help himself, indicating that he was perfectly comfortable with the way he was and his egomania would certainly prevent him from making even the slightest change to his own personality. Despite his obvious untrustworthy appearance, Joker is surprisingly charming and in some cases seductive. Joker was not totally deluded however, he was aware that he was a bad person who deserved death and was completely dumbfounded when another person risked their own life to save his as he was aware that he wasn't worth saving. The Joker's emotions were impossible to read, one of his own henchman even commented on how the Joker's mindset could change so easily from being maniacal and humorous to being a serious, calculated mastermind. In his final moments Joker gloated over Batman, showing arrogance, overconfidence and remorseless to his very corea. Hundreds of Gotham Citizens: Killed when Joker blew up firecrakers laced with Joker toxin in celebration of the 4th of July.
Smilex: A deadly gas which makes victims laugh uncontrollably until they laugh themselves to death. Goggles: Goggles which have a thermal vision, allowing Joker to see skeletons through objects like Detective Mode. The Joker is voiced by Troy Baker in Batman: Arkham Origins, Arkham Origins Blackgate, and Assault on Arkham, as Mark said that Arkham City was the last time he would be the Joker. Despite this, Mark Hamill repriced the role again for Batman: Arkham Knight, the conclusion to Rocksteady's Arkham series. The Joker is one of the two villains of the saga to appear in all four titles and play an antagonistic role against Batman, the other being the Riddler.
The Joker's death in Arkham City was considered, by many Batman fans, to be one of the most shocking moments in video game history.
There is also some speculation that the Joker hallucination Batman is experiencing is actually his ghost. The Joker is the first villain that's playable in the Batman: Arkham series, the second being Catwoman, the third being Deathstroke, the fourth being Red Hood and the fifth being Harley Quinn. Though in chronological order, the Joker is second playable villain, the first being Deathstroke. The Joker is one of the only playable characters (other than Red Hood, Bane and Elite Henchmen) to grant the player the ability to certainly kill their opponents, such as gouging out their eyes, shooting them point blank in the chest with a lethal revolver, blowing them sky high with deadly explosives, and, unlike the rest of the playables who simply smothers their opponent until their low air supply knocks them into unconsciousness, the Joker seems to lethally choke them and strangle them till death, which is fitting due to his sociopathic and murderous personality. It is revealed in Arkham Origins that most of the Joker's henchman and hired thugs were originally mobsters in Black Mask's gang, before the Joker took over his operations. When visiting the Visitor Center, after the Joker's head in the TV finished talking to you, turn the camera around and after a few seconds turn it back and notice how the Joker "mannequin"'s arms change positions.
Of all the minor tweaks to his appearance, the Joker has been given a make-up based smile to make it look like he's always smiling.
Unlike the other inmates, Joker doesn't appear to have an identifiable or decorated cell in Arkham Asylum. In the Joker's Carnival Challenge Map, the Joker can be seen watching the fight and joins in when the player reaches a x100 hit combo. When Joker won the VGA 2011 Rewards he was holding a file with the name Batman: Arkham World and on the back Rocksteady. In Arkham Knight, in New Game+, the opening sequence where the Joker is cremated ends with the Joker suddenly waking up and screaming in pain before proceeding to lie back down and laugh all the way to oblivion, with him then mockingly narrating the first line of Gordon's speech. In Arkham Knight, every time the hallucination of the Joker talks, faint Joker laughter is heard.
The idea that the Joker reappeared in Batman: Arkham Knight as an hallucination is probably extracted from the cancelled movie Batman Triumphant. The infographic shows that an estimated $450 billion are lost annually due to people not being immersed in the task at hand. But what are we doing to the companies that we work for if during our briefings and conferences we are using our electronic devices to do completely unrelated things.
She was a graduate of Northwest Area High School.Chelsea had graduated as a massage therapist while working at Dunkin' Donuts. My Memorials™ helps you honor departed family members, friends, and even favorite celebrities – all on your Facebook page.

Born January 12, 1941 in Harrisburg, PA, she was the daughter of Helen (Kostas) Downs of Taneytown and the late James Maragos.
He had no interest in money or power, he was neither greedy nor did he have any concern over companionship or want of a friend.
He suffered from multiple personality disorder, schizophrenia, hysteria, narcissism and borderline personality disorder and while listing this his psychiatrist states his list of psychoses was endless.
If one of his own men were left behind or died, it was a mild inconvenience in Joker's eyes.
Though originally viewing him as a "tiny little distraction", he slowly becomes more focused on the vigilante especially after he saved the clown prince from his death on top of Gotham Royal Hotel, and was completely dumbfounded that anyone would risk their life to save his until he admitted to his psychiatrist that it was fate that he and Batman met that day. He was a nihilistic and suicidal individual, just after Bane rocketed an RPG toward the Gotham Royal Hotel, instead of panicking he casually accepted his fate without a hesitation.
He was capable of being calm and rational yet this broke in an instant and he reverted to his hysteric state, literally laughing until he was near the brink of tears. Despite it being the place of his incarceration Joker considers it a "home away from home" which he used as a way to add insult to injury to the politicians who locked him away there. He was a master tactician, manipulator and actor, not only he was able to fool The World's Greatest Detective into thinking he was Black Mask but his entire gang as well.
He boasts that in the end he would always save him, ignoring however Joker ends up destroying his own cure.
He was able to send his contaminated blood to numerous hospitals which was overlooked and infected five people (Henry Adams, Christina Bell, Albert King, Johnny Charisma and Batman) over time his personality manifested in these five people, and they began to resemble him in appearance and personality. He was terrified of death, and looked for any means to cure himself going as far as when the chance for immortality came across him, he instantly grabbed it.
He will also voice the incarnation of the Joker in the Batman: The Killing Joke film adaptation.
Though this seems unlikely since his body was cremated, unless it wasn't really his body that was burned. Though it's revealed that his blood is still within the people he gave them to alongside Batman and is trying to overtake him like with the other Jokerized victims. From listening to conversations between the gangsters, it can be learned that many of them are disgruntled with the way Black Mask under pays them and dispatches them for their perceived failures, preferring to work under Joker's chaotic way of doing things. Young's notes, Joker may have looked at it, but he only put his signature around himself only, not even Harley. This was most likely inspired by Cesar Romero's portrayal of the character, sporting the same artificial smile.
The only cell that could possibly be his is one found in the penitentiary, because on the wall someone has written "Welcome to my humble abode".
She was born March 11, 1930 in Richmond County, a daughter of the late Lacy and Katie Bell Henry McGee.
She was the wife of Kenneth Keller, her soulmate and life-long love, whom she met in high school. The most obvious one was harlequins which actually became the motif of his crime empire, this also carried out in his appearance and manner of killing his victims (making them laugh to death after revealing them to his Joker Toxin).
It was this that prompted him to kidnap and torture Jason Todd (the second Robin) then mail him the video of Jason's brutal death which only hung over Batman's guilty conscience. He would even kill them himself, including the loyalist thugs if he was disappointed by them and sometimes just for the sadistic entertainment in simply killing them.
Given his incarceration in Arkham City, he had concocted twelve unique identities with one finite detail, Batman.
He even ordered the freed prisoners of Blackgate to leave Batman alive, which was odd as he showed no concern over the Caped Crusader living or dying beforehand. He presented numerous opportunities for Batman to take his life, although because of his arrogance there is always a chance that he was simply mocking him as knew the Dark Knight had never killed beforehand. Joker rarely got angry and whenever he did it was almost impossible to realise however he did come close to having a breakdown when Batman had set his plans in array during the siege of Arkham.
It was also the same place he chose to put Jason Todd under brutal torture however this was probably a pathological to emotionally attack Batman as he was the man who incarcerated him in Arkham. Single-handedly he was able to mastermind the attack on Arkham Asylym by setting a fire at Blackgate Prison so all of his goons would be there to help him take over the Asylum. Despite dying he was able to find humor in his own death and ultimately got the last laugh on Batman.
As the Joker-virus spread throughout Batman, many traits of Joker himself spurred when he was alive inside the Dark Knight, mainly his manipulative and sadistic nature. His own self-obsession was so great that when he discovered the Joker-Virus manifested within five people, turning them into imitations of his own personality he was outraged and he deems them 'Joker-fakes'.

Yet, there is a Joker smile on the Tweedledee and Tweedledum page, where regularly the Tweeds hire themselves out to Joker, most of the time. Alternatively, he could be kept in the "Extreme Isolation" area of the Asylum, which is the one place that the player can not explore. So, if we are really trying to save time by multi-tasking, or just find momentary enjoyment, why don’t we save ourselves some more time and focus on one thing at a time.
She attended Rockingham High School, Richmond Technical College and was a retired substitute teacher.
Joker's sense of humor was twisted and malevolent, uncountable deaths were just a distraction to sadistically feed his appetite. But perhaps the most startling was his fixation on Batman, the first vigilante ever to set foot in Gotham. Even Harley Quinn, his most loyal minion and girlfriend who utterly idolized the maniac was left totally oblivious to his cruel treatment and utter abuse towards her. He was completely unafraid of any physical harm inflicted on him, not only taking twisted delight in being beaten half to death by an enraged Batman but actually persuading him to kill him. Even when he was defeated and imprisoned, he was seen laughing insanely all the while saying, "this is going to be fun" prolonging the inevitable life-long duel between Batman and him. His lack of self-preservation was further reinforced when he shot himself with a dangerous chemical after Batman unravelled his plans to take over Arkham Asylum. He was also familiar with Batman's weak points knew that if he brought innocents into the equation then Batman would have no choice but to help him. He was able to manipulate Batman into imprisoning Robin by antagonising his mind with Jason Todd's death and forces him to relive his worst memories throughout the night; such as the paralysis of Barbara Gordon, the torture of the Second Robin and even forced him to break his no-killing rule (in a hallucination only). The reveal that the Arkham Knight was actually Jason Todd ended that part of the discussion. She was a member of Jefferson Park Free Will Baptist Church where she sang in the church choir for many years.
Rose was the manager of Deer Park Kennel where she worked for more than 20 years prior to her retirement. His obsessions was so bad he focused most of his energy into killing the Dark Knight and should he interfere in his plans, he instantly became the top priority. However Harley is still useful to Joker's cause and as long as she kept this way he would keep her by his side. Joker's very presence was corruptive; he brought out the worst in people, turning good men into killers and was a cynical, manipulative Machiavelli.
Because of this he sent his poisoned blood to hospitals all over Gotham as to force the Dark Knight to locate his cure as well as poisoning The Dark Knight himself so symbolically the two would either be united in death. Joker himself comes to the conclusion that though in life the two were divided, death became a symbolic unite for both of them as well he even makes allusions that in contrast of their differences they were "made for each other", should he have fully taken control of Batman he would have returned to "the full package" and plunged Gotham into his reign of chaos. This is exploited by Batman, when after the Joker-Virus takes control of Bruce's mind which ultimately results in his final defeat before he is laid to rest by both the city and by Batman. Also despite being archenemies, Joker actually considered their relationship best friends, he would not kill him even if it was beneficial to his plans but would if he was bored with him. During his therapy sessions, not only was he able to get Doctor Young into thinking that he was completely sane but actually tricking Doctor Harleen Quinzel into thinking herself in love with the Joker. After feeling the affects of the TITAN poisoning from Arkham Asylum, he frantically searched for a cure so he would not die, he even had his girlfriend kidnap doctors all across Gotham then brutally tortured and killed anyone who could not cure his disease.
The person on the other end is annoyed, cleaning gets half-assed, the chicken comes out dry, and the material only gets skimmed over.
He also had no care about the man underneath the cowl as he knew the second his identity would be revealed it would mean the end of their little game and even stopped Harley Quinn from unmasking a kidnapped Batman, stating "no-one's who you think they are, my dear, why spoil the fun?". He openly did not think much of humanity, believing every man, woman and child were as equally insane and sadistic as he was in the inside and that to deny this was purely madness, in this case he resented Batman for his ideas that people were basically good.
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Isn't it funny how one little encounter can cleave off little pieces of your past, deform your memories and persona until you rethink your whole identity and as you realize how foolish it all is your laughter reverberates off the walls of your own emptiness. This was either a joke or that he has become so obsessed that he actually may have developed a genuine attraction to Batman although the Joker has no concern over intimacy or companionship so it's most likely a joke.
Surviving in addition to her husband are children, Keith Keller and wife Susan of Westminster, Gary Keller and wife Isamar of Taneytown, Kenneth Keller, Jr.

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