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As a preparedness consultant, I advise my clients on how best to protect themselves and their family. In South Florida we have had our fair share of disasters in the last twenty years, including a number of extremely powerful hurricanes. As part of the assessment and recommendations that I typically provide to my clients, I usually include a very strong recommendation that they purchase body armor.
The vest we test-drove is the SafeGuard, Stealth Level II (with Level 1 stab protection) and a CoolMAX carrier system. With that in mind, I was especially impressed with the CoolMAX carrier system, it was lightweight, durable and very comfortable.
SafeGuard armor is offered in a variety of ratings and is tested by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ). According to the folks at SafeGuardArmor, LLC, their product comes with a 5 year Warranty – more good stuff. If you were looking for a totally indestructible shelter for surviving the approaching 2012-doomsday scenario, a converted nuclear ballistic missile silo could have been a good option, but sadly this particular model is completely SOLD OUT.
If you cannot bear spending the apocalypse without a big flatscreen TV, a washing machine ,and a well-equipped kitchen, Vivos might be your best bet. If  don’t want to spend your last days without any art and culture, then this green-roofed Cold War-era bunker turned cultural center might be the most clever way to spend the world’s end.
If you’ve visited central Europe, you are probably familiar with the abundance of WWII bunkers across the landscape. If you are worried about the world’s end on 12-21-12, you can keep yourself safely locked up and entertained behind a 3,000-pound blast door. If you want to forget about the Mayans, climate change, nuclear disasters, hurricanes, radiation and politicians, your ideal last days might include drinking, dancing and having fun shaking your bones — while you have some.
In layman’s terms, it is an intense burst of electromagnetic energy caused by an abrupt and rapid acceleration of charged particles.
There are three things that we know cause EMPs: a bolt of lightning, a nuclear explosion (or EMP type weapon), and solar storms.
EMPs by high altitude detonation or CMEs are caused by the release of charged particles within the Earth’s ionosphere.
Anyway, a huge downward surge in particles in the ionosphere would create massive electrical currents which could “short out” all sorts of electrical power grids, transformers, and other equipment dependent on electricity. The first is the Carrington Event of 1859, which was the first documented event of a solar flare impacting Earth. What is known is that the EMP from Test 184 knocked out a 600-mile underground power line (shielded) that was buried 3 feet underground.
For the record, the nuclear warheads used in both above mentioned tests were not designed for EMP-related events. According to NASA, the CME disrupted electric power transmission from the Hydro Quebec generating station and even melted some power transformers in New Jersey. Scientists from the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) have classified EMPs into 3 categories. For the record, E1 type pulses are released by other stars in our galaxy and throughout the universe, but the chances of our planet being struck by such a pulse from another star are BEYOND MINISCULE.
The other main difference between a nuclear EMP and a solar EMP, is that while a nuclear EMP may never happen, it is only a matter of time until a solar EMP does hit Earth. This book will help you to prepare for two end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it (TEOTWAWKI) events: the EMP attack and the solar storm. Fuel, communications, power, water, and food will be unavailable within hours when emergency fuel runs out. Over the course of a decade, a stream of credible scientific reports from various government agencies, congressionally-mandated commissions and federal research organizations have warned of the grave vulnerability of our nation’s most important asset: the electric power grid.
There have been warnings from scientists and other experts for years that the Nation’s electrical grid system and other critical infrastructures that have almost complete dependency on electricity and electronic components are highly vulnerable to an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) event either from natural or man-made causes. However, Congress and the administrations of previous and current presidents largely have ignored those warnings. The threat from an EMP attack on our critical infrastructures either from an impending solar storm of serious intensity – expected between 2012 and 2014 – or a high-altitude nuclear explosion are threats that could have long-term catastrophic consequences for our society and our way of life. In 2008 a congressional commission studied the consequences of an EMP attack not only the power grid itself but also the consequences to every sector of our economy: telecommunications, banking, transportation, food, manufacturing, construction, and energy. While these critical infrastructures continue to face such an impending crisis, Congress has basically ignored its own commission report and instead has treated the threat of an EMP event as a political football to be punted whenever expedient for their own gain. While an EMP event on our civilian infrastructure could be serious, it can be managed if government at the federal, state, and local levels gives a high priority to undertake preventative action to lessen its impact to recover from such an event. About James LA police officer in Oklahoma, James is a gun enthusiast and certified police instructor.
I have worked in the IT industry for many years and some of that time was spent servicing government contracts. The government has put a lot of money into research in this area and as a result there is a lot of information available. While my work mostly consisted of TEMPEST certified systems, many installations combine TEMPEST and EMP requirements together for obvious reasons. Personally I believe that this is a variant of Stingray being run in a general surveillance mode (As opposed to the way the FBI uses it) by some government agency like the NSA in cooperation with the military (most of them are near bases). Yeah, I’m actually writing an article on exactly that right now, to include those cell towers, stingray, and personnel-worn IMSI fakers. Yes the CME that hit Canada was a third of the size of the Carrington one but it didn’t knock out power lines all over North America did it? Oddly enough we’re about to get hit by a CME that was ejected yesterday when a Solar Plasma Filament was ejected in our direction. Here is an example of history of how auroras played havoc with wires from a site that archives solar flare news.
February 25, 1927 – In Geneva, villagers asked fire department to extinguish the aurora. April 14, 1927 – Aurora borealis isolates West from Eastern Canada [The New York Times, April 15, 1927 p. October 13, 1927 – Freakish currents slow wire service [The New York Times, October 13, 1927, p.
July 8, 1928 – Telegraph lines are tied up by aurora borealis [Chicago Daily Tribune, July 8, 1928, p. I think that *terrorism* is why the government is so ultra paranoid on spying that they feel all Americans are suspicious. Eventually it will be to the point that there won’t even be parts for home computers so once yours breaks down you have to get either a smart phone or a tablet. The possibility of an EMP is increasing now that we are in contact in the Mid East with Russia.
Former Counterintelligence Special Agent, US Army Chief Warrant Officer, and Combat Veteran. My personal go bag contentsThere are a lot of different things you can put on your bug out bag list and there’s not really one list of contents that you should follow. Everyday carry (EDC) gear – what I carrySo what do you really need to carry every day?
How to communicate when the world goes silentSo if cell phones stopped working, how would you communicate? Top 10 best selling prepper gear you should considerOccasionally, I want to let you know which prepper and survival gear is selling better than the rest. Translation of above: When The Shit Hits The Fan, what do Preppers (survivalists) pack in their Get Out Of Dodge (City) kit for The End Of The World As We Know It? When I began developing a new character who is a survivalist deeply dug into a redwood forest in northern California, I started my research, as usual, with Wikipedia. Survivalists tend toward using military acronyms such as OPSEC and SOP, and terminology common among Peak Oil adherents and gun culture.

Alpha Strategy: The practice of storing extra consumable items, as a hedge against inflation, and for use in barter and charity. Electromagnetic pulse (EMP) – an extreme level of electromagnetic energy sufficient to burn out computer chips that may be caused by solar flares or by atmospheric nuclear explosions. Golden Horde: The anticipated large mixed horde of refugees and looters that will pour out of the metropolitan regions WTSHTF. Pollyanna or Polly: Someone who is in denial about the disruption that might be caused by the advent of a large scale disaster. Check here to Subscribe to notifications for new posts Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Before you go about planning your celebratory parties on Saturday on surviving yet another apocalypse, think again! It used to be that body armor was bulky, uncomfortable and priced well outside the reach of the average person – this is no longer the case. Self-defense, and maintaining security after a disaster are always top priorities in any survival plan. Some of these storms have resulted in the loss of electrical power for days, sometimes even weeks. And you must take appropriate steps to ensure that you are prepared and properly equipped, to protect and defend yourself, and your loved ones. First things first, I don’t recommend that people wear body armor every time a storm comes through their neighborhood; that would be ridiculous. And having a capable weapon, and knowing how to use it effectively, is absolutely necessary. Even after many hours of wearing the vest, I found the carrier to be extremely easy to wear and cool; even in the South Florida heat and humidity.
Many people assume that if a vest can stop a bullet, it will certainly stop a knife, or some other sharp instrument – this is not the case.
We really wanted to shoot our vest, but having some fun at the expense of a perfectly good piece of equipment would not have added anything to the evaluation, and I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.
There are both state and federal laws regarding the purchase, possession and use of body armor.
If you have been distraught by the hype and rumors of doom and gloom surrounding the 12-21-12 apocalypse, now is time to cut out the anxiety and start looking for an indestructible shelter to save you and your loved ones.
Retailing for just $2 million per apartment, the Survival Condo in Kansas, is a 14-story shelter with enough food to feed 70 people indefinitely.
Located beneath the Mojave Desert, these stylish interconnected underground bunkers promise to keep you, your family and animal-friends (these go for free!) safe and comfy for a long-term stay. Located within the Swiss Alps, Angebauter Tarnrucksack by Atelier-f is a solid construction, boasts a green roof and beautiful views of the mountains (we’re not sure how well these will hold post-Apocalypse), and is a true doomsday escape for the most discerning artist. However, this particular bunker in Hamburg, Germany, is being converted into a renewable energy plant — great for staying self-sufficient during the world’s end.
One of the many recycled bunkers by company Vivos, this Cold War-era facility in California will provide you and your loved ones with a sprawling underground space measuring 20,000 square-feet.
But don’t worry about your brains being a tasty snack for the undead, the folks at Architects Southwest have already thought of this scenario and designed The Zombie Ranch, a self-sustaining vertical farm, with food, trees and an innovative zombie-powered energy system that will put those freaks to good use.
The internet is filled with web pages telling you want you should or should not do in case of one.
I’ll tell you what we know about them, and more importantly, what we DON’T know,  how a nuclear EMP is different than a solar or CME (coronal mass ejection) EMP, and try to dispel some myths surrounding them. Such a pulse may occur in the form of a radiated electric or magnetic field or conducted electrical current depending on the source, and may be natural or man-made. The ionosphere is the shell of electrons and electrically charged particles surrounding Earth. The four that will I mention here (2 from CME and 2 from nuclear detonation) are usually the most referenced. In 1962, the US government launched a 1.4 megaton nuclear warhead about 250 miles into the atmosphere over the Pacific Ocean. A powerful solar flare set off a major power blackout that left six million people without electricity for about nine hours. The Earth has a better chance of being hit by a large asteroid than it does an E1 pulse from another star. In part two of this series, I will look at what these types of pulses mean to us, what they are capable of doing, and what all we still do not know about them. What about if the Sun emitted a large coronal mass ejection that resulted in a damaging geomagnetic storm? Each threat is carefully studied with analyses of its likelihood and potential impacts on our nation’s critical infrastructures. The shielding effectiveness of homemade Faraday cages is measured and compared, including metal garbage cans, foil-wrapped boxes, fire safes, static bags, ammo cans, and microwave ovens. For millions of us, life in 21st Century America would be all but impossible without access to electricity.
Events such as the September 11, 2001, terrorist attack on the United States and then the devastating Hurricane Katrina that revealed vulnerabilities to those infrastructures heightened that concern. He even outlines how our own military is similarly vulnerable to an EMP event due to its 99 percent dependency on the nation’s electrical grid system for electricity and communications, raising the high prospect that it may not be able to function to defend the nation in its time of greatest need. In his off time, he is a single father who enjoys playing with his kids and watching football.
I have been following these stories since I first became aware of the possibility some years ago.
If that is the case then whoever is on the opposite side of the globe would be left pretty much untouched. The Earth’s own magnetic field has an affect on where and how much Solar events penetrate.
I get about 50-100 spam comments per day so I have to use a program to filter out those or I’d be on here all day just reading comments.
They probably think for whatever reason wheather real or made up that there is some kind of *movement* going on against them so all Americans are to be spied on as a result and what better way to do it then to push smart phones and tablets to kill the home computer! Most websites are designed to be dumbed down for smart phone viewing anyways and Google has made it a rule too or your site won’t be ranked which is why sites are small and narrow to read. If they use an orbital EMP weapon, the primary target would, in all probability, be Cheyenne mountain, at enough altitude to induce a secondary desired effect in the collapse of the national grid. I grew up in the woods and spent a lifetime in various environments from deserts to jungles to politically-sensitive urban environments, and I'm here to tell you what I know. Each item in your kit will depend on your skill set and what you’re trying to prepare for.
What one carries at all times in case the end of the world strikes while one is out and about. Such an event would disable the Internet, telephones, computers, and devices that rely on computer controls, including automobiles, the electrical grid, and household appliances.
A lot of your acronyms are dead on, but if you need any help translating the military ones, I can help you.
And coincidentally, the Mayan calendar predicts the end of the world between today and tomorrow.
Start a water-harvesting plant, set out a water bowl for the birds, plant a sapling and care for it through the year or get more ambitious. In the aftermath of some of these weather related events, police and other first responders were often stretched to the breaking point. To some people this notion is second nature, to others the thought of “being responsible for themselves” is terrifying.
Second, armor is not a miracle solution to all your self-defense challenges – you must still have a viable security plan, use common sense, and take all other necessary precautions.
The very best weapon, however, even in the most capable hands, is and always will be limited by many factors that are far outside our control.

In other words it is designed to be lightweight and still offer a high level of protection. A stab proof vest will help protect the wearer against knife attacks, broken bottles and physical assault, this is definitely a bonus. Although quality armor is never cheap, I found this product to be very reasonably priced considering all the benefits and the overall quality. From recycled luxury pads under the Mohave Desert to a bunker-nightclub in Moscow, here are 7 eco-shelters to get you through the 2012 apocalypse in comfort and with style! It also comes with a fitness center, a bar, a pool and a movie theatre showing videos of how the Earth looked before it all went down in flames. Impossible to knock down, the Energy Bunker is also building a 3,000 square meter solar array on its roof and on its side. The Bunker-House comes equipped with medical services, restrooms, kitchens, and a facility to store DNA, seeds, and other samples to help revive the planet after the catastrophic event.
In some cases, it can even cause physical damage to things such as buildings, airplanes, power lines, etc. This surge of electricity can damage your electronics that you may have plugged into the wall sockets of your home. EDT on Sept., 1 and is named after Richard Carrington, the solar astronomer who witnessed the event through his telescope.
Practical preparations are outlined, including steps to meet the fourteen basic needs in the absence of modern utilities, and the use of Faraday cages and uninterruptible power supplies to protect personal electronics. Mob violence from mass evacuation of uninhabitable metropolitan areas will be a significant security issue within days. As this compendium of the government’s own studies makes clear, the protracted unavailability of the power required for all of our critical infrastructures poses a truly existential threat to our country and its people—unless we take practical and relatively low-cost steps to prevent it. Due to the lapse of time and a relatively calm period since those disasters, policymakers have been lulled back into complacency rather than take preventative action against what could be the biggest threat to US national and economic security in our lifetime.
The Snowden revelations have served to confirm what many people in the IT industry suspected for years. I understand it would cost (only) about 2 billion (the amount we give to Pakistan) to fix this problem. Maine and Florida may escape unscathed, but we all need to prepare in every way possible, from whole house surge protectors to faraday type shielding. Here’s what Graywolf from Graywolf Survival carries and why, as well as some suggestions on how to plan your EDC kit.
This is currently the list of the top 10 best-selling prepper and survival gear items, along with an explanation for each. And the words that filled my Bug Out Bag (BOB) to overflowing were the acronyms in the Survivalist Terminology section.
But, as I sat down and started organizing my findings, I somehow felt that something important was missing. Recently firefighters and paramedics have started adding armor to their long list of standard equipment. Many folks have learned this painful lesson the hard way; but after a major disaster there’s usually a period during which public services may be severely delayed, or not available at all – including law enforcement. In essence, you must also have an effective way of recognizing, dealing with and neutralizing threats whenever appropriate. In my evaluation I was particularly concerned with being able to wear the armor comfortably for long periods of time.
The side panels wrapped around my torso very nicely and gave me a secure, yet comfortable fit.
We all hope that a threat will never get that close to us, but being prepared is all about planning for the unexpected. According to the NIJ test results, our Level II vest will stop normal handgun rounds (9mm up to .357 Magnums).
The size of the ionosphere can fluctuate some based on varying factors I won’t get into here. Although the warhead was not as powerful as the one from Star Fish Prime, it was exploded about 180 miles over the populated area of Kazakhstan.
But these may or may not be strong enough to have dire consquences for Earthlings.) Most are usually pointing off in a direction that does not effect Earth. During those tense post-disaster moments, you must be prepared to protect yourself, and provide security for your own household. But once you have planned and prepared for all those things, you can still take your efforts one step further – body armor, it’s an added level of security and safety that just makes sense. Remember, during a disaster scenario you may need to wear your armor for many hours, maybe even days at a time.
It gives me a certain peace of mind knowing that I have done all within my power to provide them with an extra level of protection. The EMP was so intense that it was not accurately measured because “it drove much of the instrumentation off scale”. As a result, much of the protection that equipment has against an E2 might have been damaged from the initial E1 pulse in the event of a nuclear or weaponized EMP. They have different impacts on technology and are affected differently by the Earth’s magnetosphere. A weapon will not warn you of an approaching threat, shield you, or deflect incoming attacks. You may also find yourself doing heavy lifting, walking long distances, maybe even having to run while wearing your armor. Conceal ability is a big concern, since there are times when you may not want to let the world know that you’re wearing armor.  The part of the carrier visible around the wearer’s neck simply looks like an undergarment, not a vest carrier. For most everyday folks who may want an added level of security during difficult times, this level of protection will be perfectly acceptable. Nothing I could ever do will guarantee my family’s safety, but for me having armor is a no brainer.
A widespread power outage could take years to restore because the EMP destroys electronics including circuits and transformers.
Blocking all means to escape the zone and later bio weapon the empty cities, swamps, forest, mountain areas and etc. A weapon, when used correctly, can certainly be very effective in eliminating or disabling a threat quickly and with maximum efficiency. Uncomfortable armor will most likely not be worn, defeating the purpose of having it in the first place. It is extremely hard, if not impossible, to put down.”Michael Rips, Author of PASQUALE’S NOSE , "Twisted, outrageous, relentless -- you won't want to miss The Book of Paul."Greg Lichtenberg, author of PLAYING CATCH WITH MY MOTHER, "Totally absorbing! But, if the threat gets to you, before you’re able to get to your weapon, can your weapon really be said to have protected you?
The carrier on this model is available in white or black, and the fit and construction is nothing short of excellent. But keep in mind that as you increase the level of protection, you will also increase the bulk, the weight and the cost – there’s no free lunch folks.
So you can see from this overview they have no plans to harden from an EMP and etc on the inside.
Body armor, on the other hand, is a defensive piece of equipment that offers the wearer a reasonable level of protection, whether that wearer is aware of a particular threat or not. When used correctly, and within the scope of its intended propose, body armor will, to a reasonable degree, protect the wearer, and enhance their defensive and offensive capabilities.

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