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The Daintree Rainforest receives thousands of visitors yearly, approximately 400 000 per year from around the globe.
Here we will give you tips on how to prevent threatening encounters in the Daintree Rainforest. Crocodiles have not been sighted in Cape Tribulation beach for years, however we advise our visitors to take sensible precautions. Wild Boars run around the rainforest at night and they will come after you if they see you. The Wait-A-While Vine may look like a harmless, native palm but they are extremely dangerous if you get too close. DON’T PANIC: If you see a vine in the rainforest don’t be tempted to swing from it, in fact it is best not to touch them!
Daintree Rainforest tours are fun but we always remind our guests to take extra care when exploring especially if venturing solo. A man from one of the world’s most endangered tribes has been attacked and seriously wounded trying to stop intruders hunting his tribe’s game. The man, named Alomole and from the Jarawa tribe in India’s Andaman Islands, suffered serious neck wounds in the attack. Poachers bring many dangers to the tribe – violence, sexual abuse and disease, as well as addictions to alcohol and tobacco which could create a devastating dependency on the outside world. Survival campaigner, Sophie Grig, interviewed Alomole after he and others voluntarily came out of their forest reserve to complain to local officials about poachers in 2008.

Survival’s Andamans campaign focuses on the Jarawa, because their situation is the most precarious of the four tribes.
We help tribal peoples defend their lives, protect their lands and determine their own futures.
It is a very popular destination (especially among the nature lover) for its timeless beauty and unique wildlife. However, if there are no none sighted around our beach this doesn’t mean it’s safe to swim. You can hear them a mile away as the squeal and rustle through the rainforest, this is a good sign to get moving.
Poachers are routinely entering the Jarawa Reserve to steal the animals the tribe rely on to survive, often by the illegal road that cuts through the tribe’s land. Without the animals they rely on for food the Jarawa cannot continue their independent way of life. Survival is urging the Indian government to close the road and to keep outsiders out of the Jarawa’s forest. This group was filmed as they voluntarily came out of their reserve to complain to local administration officials about the poaching. Grig said today, ‘The Jarawa are extremely angry about poachers invading their land and stealing their food. While it has been a home for many for centuries, some visitors have described it as a dangerous place to visit when you consider the crocodiles, stingers and wild boars.

If you get stung by a stinging tree, rubbing the affected area with wax helps remove the silica hairs on your skin.
If you ever encounter a wild boar, the best option is to defend yourself by hiding behind or climbing a tree. Visit our tour desk before you head out and we will let you know which areas to avoid and answer any concerns you may have. Jarawa have reported that hunting for wild boar has become much harder in recent years because of the poaching epidemic.
Nevertheless, it is an amazing place to explore, and with a little common sense and some extra care when out and about, you have nothing to fear. If unsure do check with us at Cape Tribulation resort so we can advise you which areas to avoid. The Jarawa tribe number around 365 people and have only had friendly contact with outsiders since 1998.
If you really want to swim during this time, try our saltwater swimming pool located right next to the bistro.

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