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Survive Outdoors Longer with SOL’s compact kit that you can easily throw into your day pack or bug out bag. Adventure medical kits emergency blanket - The most advanced emergency blanket on the market - meticulously designed never to fail when you're counting on it with your life. To do so, cut a slit or hole no longer than your face along the side of the garbage bag, with the upper end beginning about eight inches down from the corner. Once you've got the garbage bag set, pull it over your body and do your best to seal the open bottom around you. The best garbage bags for survival kits are large, thick (3 to 4 mil), and heavy-duty, such as lawn and leaf bags, or contractor-type bags used at construction sites. The breathe-mint-sized container has everything you see above and is designed for quick operation and organized storage.

This allows you to use the corner as a hood and provides protection and warmth for your head.
While these provide you the option of using your arms while still covering your torso and head, they also create two entry points for heat-stealing moisture and wind. This will help reduce the heat loss caused by the "chimney effect," which occurs when your body-warmed air escapes from your face slit (or arm holes) and is replaced by colder air from the bottom. Garbage bags are not breathable of course, which means that they will trap any moisture inside. Bright colors are easier for potential rescuers to spot, but require some effort to find for sale.
In dire situations, where maximizing warmth and protection are essential to survival, your best option may be to forgo arm holes.

As a general rule, a garbage bag survival poncho is best utilized when you are not moving (and sweating), such as situations when you may be immobilized due to injury or are staying put for other reasons. Flipside of the container has a flint fire starter, removable compass and a folding blade knife that has a 100db rescue whistle and an LED flashlight. Inside the container are fishing wire, fishing hooks, small rope, twine, emergency blanket and fire starting cotton.

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