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Alternatively, the leading alchemists and chemists in the capital could have discovered Greek fire. How to Survive 13 Types of Dysfunctional, Disrespectful, Dishonest Little Dictators by Marilyn Haight.
I know there are people like this in charge all over--but I find that when we put people in boxes like this, they tend to stay in them -- that's not what's wanted. I would like to hope that bosses like the ones in this book would find their awesome employees irresistible and want to be more like them instead.

You'll even learn how to spot a bad boss during an interview when you search for your next job.
You'll find easy-to-read, practical, tested advice in this book-not theory, opinion or second-hand information.
Marilyn Haight, a behavioral scientist, conducted a five-year undercover research study, working as an employee without letting the employing organizations know who she was. She's packed all that information into this book so you won't become the next victim of a bad boss.

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