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Twenty years after his release from prison following rape and fraud allegations, the disgraced pastor is busy selling unique survival kits apparently for the Apocalypse. The evangelist, who considers himself one of today's experts on the Book of Revelation, appears motivated by the prophetic scriptures in the Bible, which warn of the Rapture a€” where Christians will be taken by God into heaven a€” and the second-coming of Christ.
Bakker's online specialty store follows his 1994 release from prison for an original 45-year sentence for 24 counts of mail and wire fraud in 1989. He was additionally accused of raping one of his church's secretaries, Jessica Hahn, in the 1980s. Among the other activities keeping the pastor busy is his promotion of Morningside, the Christian retreat and retirement community outside of Branson, Mo.
As President Obama orders airstrikes on Islamic Militants in Iraq and Syria and Russia threatens peace in Europe, TV evangelist Jim Bakker says don't fret, he's got everything you need to survive any disaster.The disgraced 74-year-old pastor, who served five years of an original 45-year prison sentence for fraud and conspiracy, has also got a daily TV broadcast that airs on various Christian TV stations.

Surviving: Lori and Jim Bakker at their home in Fort Mills, South Carolina, have made it their mission to help those in their TV ministry by selling survivalist food and gear. Temptation: Bakker resigned in disgrace as leader of his ministry when he and another minister were accused of raping church secretary Jessica Hahn and paying her $279,000 to keep quiet.
All you can eat: A According to Jim and Lori's website, the survival necessities include all kinds of packaged food supplies. Flush: The Silver Sol enema kit is available for $110Or you can hand over just $400 for one of Jim's special Lentil burger buckets, a bean bucket, a rice bucket and one rice AND bean bucket. The survivalist blog features survival tutorials, forums, The survivalist blog is a comprehensive survival blog for experienced and new survivalist to learn survival skills & get survival gear reviews..
6 trees every survivalist should know & why, Now is a good time to go out and flag the following six trees before the leaves drop (except the pine). Survivalism - wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, The third wave of survivalism began after the september 11, 2001 attacks and subsequent bombings in bali, madrid, and london. General Discussion Anything non-survival related - news and information, current events, general chit-chat stuff. That sentence was later reduced to eight years but he was released after serving nearly five.

On it, he's promoting his Morningside Church a€“ a Christian retreat and retirement community set on 600 acres of land near Branson, Missouri.Of course, Bakker doesn't technically own Morningside. And $3,000 will buy you seven whole years of food packets with a bonus of TWO survival DVD's a€“ providing your DVD player still works post disaster.A There's one more bonus if you hurrya€¦ A LARGE PRINT Bible a€“ perhaps in case you misplace your glasses while running for your life.A But that's not all folks!
You're gonna need a survival suit.'Bakker's survival gear is made out of a sort of Khaki green padded nylon,' says a source familiar with the line. Since his release from prison in 1994, he has launched 'The Jim Bakker Show,'  has authored four books, and helped promote the Morningside ministry. The hood will also cost you $50 bucks, and add another $40 for each pair of padded mittens. Of course you can't forget the boots a€“ they're gonna add another $50 to your bill.A 'So if you have a family of five, plan on spending about $2700 on each outfit.

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