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This deck of Conflicted also doubles as a full set of playing cards, featuring a mix of survival scenarios and pictures from the survivalist community. When playing Conflicted, every reaction to a scenario counts, from body language and interpretation of the scenario, to the answer itself. It opens up in depth discussions regarding what kind of world we’ll live in after the collapse of society.
It shows to you where others in your group draw the line between their will to live vs their own morals.
It helps you create a mutual understanding among the members of your bugout group when it comes to who’s more suitable for what role after the collapse of society. It helps you discuss with significant others what kind of survival philosophy your camp will have after the collapse and why that philosophy is important. The game will raise an awareness regarding other areas of prepping that perhaps you didn’t think about. Practice your barter, negotiating and leadership skills to perfection on the subjects that matter most. Conflicted: The Survival Card Game is like a mirror that exposes your real survival philosophy to yourself. Debate scenarios that will reveal how unprepared emotionally humanity really is to the collapse of modern civilization. See what other preppers all over the world think a post apocalyptic society will be like, as they submit scenarios and we publish more decks periodically.
When Microsoft first revealed Gears of War 4 to the world, it did so with very little context in regards to the game’s story and its characters.
The Gears of War 4 reveal trailer introduced main protagonists JD and Kait to the world, but told us very little about either of them. Kait’s last name is Diaz, and she is a survivalist that lives outside the walled-cities where JD is from. These fresh details on the cast of Gears of War 4 point to the game’s development going along smoothly, and suggest the game will meet its 2016 deadline.

Hopefully this Gears of War 4 character reveal means that a new trailer for the game will drop soon as well. All Hunters who login to patch 7.0 will receive an in-game mail from Blizzard informing them of the weapon change for Survival. Baleful Armaments will create a Baleful Polearm for Survival Hunters, which range in ilvl from 650 to 695.
If your team is still running HFC, you could always ask your raid for leftover 2H weapons with Agility on them.
Honor points are going away, so if you have some to burn you could do so on a Survival weapon.
And obviously if you have the conquest points to do it, you could buy the ilvl 710 versions from that vendor. Any other crafted 2H weapons will have strength or intellect and will be of little use to you. Once the Legion invasions begin (supposedly these will start some time after patch day), you will have a chance of obtaining one of these ilvl 700 weapons from Large Legion Chests.
You can upgrade these weapons to ilvl 725 with Coalesced Fel, which has a chance to drop from the same chests, or can be purchased with Nethershards, the currency earned from completing invasions.
Kilrogg Deadeye in HFC also drops a pretty decent agility staff for any would be Survival hunters. Thank you Bendak, on the other side, leveling SV won’t be easy without the new heirloom weapon, quests rewards at low level did not give me a good weapon in PTR, i was using grey 2h axe because there is no better option.
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When civilization and infrastructure are gone, where will you draw the line between your morals and your will to live another day? We now know that JD’s full name is JD Fenix, and he is the son of Marcus Fenix from the original Gears of War trilogy.
Kait’s father died tragically years prior to the events of Gears of War 4, which will probably be important to her character arc in the game.

There have been numerous instances lately of Microsoft executives praising the development progress of Gears of War 4, even more than they usually do for their games, which should instill some confidence in consumers that Gears of War 4 stands a decent chance at living up to the hype. It would be nice to see these characters in action again, and to see if Gears of War 4 is the graphical showcase that Coalition studio head Rod Fergusson claims it to be. Sure, you will be getting your Talonclaw on day one of Legion, but for the 4-5 weeks in the interim you will need something to poke demons with. If you have neither, it will cost 10k Apexis for the armament and 20k for the upgrade token, so start farming those Apexis now. Go to the PVP vendor in Stormshield or Warspear, and use the drop down menu at the top of the vendor’s window to view non-Hunter items. Most importantly, where will your friends and loved ones who you’ll be spending this difficult time with draw the line for themselves?
When JD was young, he ran away from home in order to join the COG militia, only to get wrapped up in a classified incident that made him go AWOL.
Walker accompanied JD into the COG militia, and also witnessed the mysterious incident that sent them both fleeing from the military.
In the meantime, fans will have to tide themselves over with the Gears of War 4 concept art released by Game Informer earlier today. If you already own the Burnished Warden Staff heirloom, you can also use that for Survival leveling. Conflicted: The Survival Card Game lets you explore your own survival philosophy and that of others. Players will learn more about the mysterious incident when they get their hands on Gears of War 4. Little else is known about Walker at this time, but expect to learn more about the character in the months leading up to the game.

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