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Star Trek isn't just a vessel for timeless stories, rich characters or innovations in technology. Mars has a whopping 204 credits on his IMDB page, ranging from TV, film, animation and video game voice overs.
He was the meanie behind the desk in Total Recall and RoboCop and the Beverly Hills Cop films. You may remember him popping up in a number of 80s comedies (Summer Rental and Planes, Trains and Automobiles) or from Seinfeld or from the original miniseries of V.
Miller showed up in every type of project imaginable – exploitation pictures, soap operas, cop movies and horror film.
He was the veteran actor on the set and had done a little bit of everything in show business before serving on the Enterprise. With a canvas as wide as the entire galaxy, I'm sure I left some of your favorites off the list.
Jordan Hoffman is a freelance writer, critic and independent film producer living in New York City. Cat trees are an easy and fun thing to make, as you can utilize scrap wood and leftover materials to make something your feline friends will love.

Despite giant names in the credits like Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig, it was the cult figure Clancy Brown that got the biggest cheer from the audience.
It is one of the better Enterprise episodes, featuring a complex conflict, survivalist drama and a shirtless Trip Tucker playing a version of Space Lacrosse called Geskana. You may not recognize his voice as Winchester's however – turns out he's not really a patrician New Englander.
From One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest to Dune to Lord of the Rings to five different Werner Herzog films to Doc Cochrane on Deadwood, Dourif is one of the most recognizable faces that can still totally disappear into a role. Because we may not know him at first glance, but anyone who's ever watched TV or movies has seen him be a real Grade A jerk. He's worked with Spielberg and Scorsese, and also had time to play a character like Crazy Mel in Howard R. His capture during the Bell Riots is a key moment on the road to utopia we associate with Gene Roddenberry's future. He did a slew of Westerns, most memorably the role of Morgan Earp opposite Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas in Gunfight at the O.K. An administrator will review your request to remove this content from the site and take appropriate action.

I could list a hundred of them but, considering that I eventually have to leave the house once in a while, I've decided to stick with 10.
I'm also not thinking of big stars having fun popping up in uniform (like Kelsey Grammer, Christian Slater or Jason Alexander) or even the appearance of a super-respected award-winner (like F. Does the world automatically treat him with contempt, because we've been trained to dislike him? He's also got 200+ other credits, everything from I, Claudius to In The Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale. On his BLOG, Jordan has reviewed all 727 Trek episodes and films, most of the comics and some of the novels.
He did radio, live television, broadway, a musical with Bing Crosby and appeared in the reenactment show You Are There.

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