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Survivalist communities and preppers all over America have learned that properly tilled land can produce tremendous amounts of food. Ever since Big Agra took over the farming of America’s vast farmlands, most people are disconnected from the process of food production from seed to table. Now comes along a family just south of LA that has set the bar a little higher for the many residential farms that are popping up all over the place. That kind of productivity would rival any highly mechanized, GMO-seeded, chemical fertilized Big Agra farm field.
Not only does this family farm eschew all the modern techniques and technology of agribusiness, they run their farm off the grid in more ways than one. The real secret here is that a focused effort applied with the ancient wisdom about how to till the land and enrich the soil can go a long way. Many farmers, both small organic and Big Agriculture, have recognized that the rules have been changing. Family working together is a force multiplier, using organic methods (no chemical or petro-chemical additives) increases soil fertility over the long term and reduces costs. And these folks seem truly satisfied with their lot in life, something a lot of far wealthier people can’t seem to manage. This is, however, a water intensive production method with all those raised beds, clay pots notwithstanding. These folks are truly trendsetters for small scale production, and one hopes that they continue to have access to ample water as they buck the agri-industrial complex.
And the film mentioned they made about $20,000 per year from the front-porch sales, probably all cash sales, of their fruits and veggies. I suspect that being in Southern California helps a lot because of a year round growing season.
We put the wood chips down late last summer and the rate of decomposition just above ground level is unreal. My native soil is well drained and in years past keeping it sufficiently moist has been a challenge.
As a bonus, I found an amazing crop of blond morel mushrooms*** growing in the chips a couple of weeks ago!
I was just planting the last of the potatoes in my garden and found two earthworms that were over 16″ long! Hmong – badass Vietnam hillbilly tribe, supported the US during the war because they hate Vietnamese. IS, the only problem we had with our Hmong allies is that they killed ARVN and NVA without discriminating between the two.
I think the Hmong were originally from central China before they moved into Laos and Cambodia.
This year is the year of regaining lost honor, the church lady said I only got a few pitiful tomatos last year. Last year I also bought a poor apricot tree, it was on sale for $5, I planted it expecting the cold would kill it but the darn thing survived and though it is still less than 4 foot tall, it is thriving.
My sister in law also used to give us a lot of grapefruit until her hubs trimmed the grapefruit tree back severely. Yesterday a chef from the city came up to talk with me about his new restaurant that will be opening this Summer.
All I need to get people interested in looking at what we do as admirable or desirable is to take a walk with them and talk about food. By the time they got in the car they wanted to move out of the city and raise their own food.
Enter your email address to subscribe to The Burning Platform and receive notifications of new posts by email. The acronym SHTF stands for Stuff (or whatever other S word you’d like to use instead) Hit The Fan. I imagine that for a few hours to a few days after it is already too late things might seem pretty normal. Below are things that 4SHTF thinks will be cleared off store shelves in the first 24 hours after the public has become aware of imminent catastrophe. In a disaster, certain elements in society will take it upon themselves to take by force the life sustaining supplies of others. During a SHTF event, if hospitals are still open they will be dramatically understaffed to the point of being dangerous.
Without electricity people will want blankets and sleeping bags for themselves, and propane heaters and firewood to heat their homes.
Depending on the SHTF event, some people may experience displacement, so you can expect cookware, aluminum foil, as well as disposable plates, cups and utensils to be scarce. If there is destruction of homes and other shelters, then emergency repairs will need to be made, as well as processing and removal of debris.
Let’s start with what you should have in your daily driver as well as your bug out vehicle. You’re going to want to have a weeks worth of drinking water in your vehicle at least.
I recommend a vehicle that has no computer, for the potential of an EMP, and also for simpler repairs.
Like the bicycle, ATVs and dirt bikes are lightweight and compact, and therefore also easy to maneuver in urban and congested environments, as well as conceal or take with your larger bug-out vehicle if necessary. The SUV has a lot of the advantages of a truck while providing an enclosed space protected from the elements. Most military surplus vehicles are rugged options, and the American ones at least are designed to run after an EMP, however in a grid-down scenario getting replacement parts could prove difficult. Animals have been utilized for their ability to carry supplies and people for thousands of years. The most important things in a disaster situation are guns, a backup generator and tons of canned food, right?
You’ll be better served by a gym membership and a Bible — used far in advance of the disaster. The PJ Media contributor sat down with TheBlaze this week to discuss his approach to disaster preparedness. Instead, Carafano argues, those most likely to survive an apocalypse are the people who were doing healthy things in the first place.
Carafano said his book is about finding “a place in the middle” that allows people to live fruitful lives and be ready should disaster strike.
Carafano’s book deals with a wide range of possible disasters, he said, from cyber attacks to earthquakes to terrorist assaults. While Carafano said he tailored advice for specific disaster scenarios, most of his resources apply to any and all disaster scenarios. Learning to think critically, losing weight and getting in shape, becoming active in your church and community — none of these strategies will “get you there overnight,” but implemented far ahead of time, they’ll leave a person in great shape to tackle extreme situations, Carafano said. His book also deals with topics such as school choice that might leave some wondering, “What is this doing in a survivalist book?” — but which Carafano said could have a huge impact on how well the U.S.
Despite the general optimism, Carafano ended his interview with TheBlaze on a dour note: the danger of electromagnetic pulses, or EMPs. But at the end of the day, Carafano’s approach is all about a happy, healthy approach to disaster preparedness. Known Background: The Amell family are direct descendants from a Marine that survived the Great War and lived long enough to get married and have children.
He was born and raised outside Palavale, in a small settlement called Gatorville, which is quite close to The Arena. His mother and father both live in Palavane now, running a general store, selling whatever merchandise they can get their hands on such as food, camping supplies, weapons and ammo-sort of a post-apocolyptic Wal-Mart. He met Kallista just after she inherited the mutated horses, mules and caravans from her parents and they hit it off almost immediately. Skin consists of chameleon-like scales that blend in with her surroundings, so her colors vary; if not trying to hide then she is sort of grayish in color with gold markings.
Known Skills: Good with melee weapons and hand-to-hand fighting, as well as survival skills. Birth Place: Somewhere on the road, although her people are from the everglades in the southeast. She has a somewhat more adventurous nature than normal and explored the “world” around her.
Mutations: Other than the customary mild adaptation to background radiation that all sufacers have, none. Known History: Hannah was born and raised in Chitina in the state of NY along with her twin sister a few years after the Vault Dwellers were brought to the surface and settled there after the Hybrids guarding their vault were freed.
Zoey was born in Larorya and grew up in the clinic, helping out as soon as she could push a broom and mop, then her mother taught her everything she knew about healing and poisons before she decided to leave and find her own way in the world once she was old enough to take care of herself. She posseses a couple of mutations that have allowed her to protect herself even though she is very small.
She met up with the Red Iron on one of their excursions that brought them to Larorya about a year after they formed and she was offered the job of healer when they found out she was one.
When needed she helps out with some office work and is discreet, trustworthy, honest, and very loyal. She has been with the Amells for ten years, starting out just helping the family caravan business when she was twenty-one, then was given more responsibility and taught to make the bullets. Agribusiness has so thoroughly monopolized farming and husbandry that many children in the cities think that the food comes from supermarkets and grocery stores, not grainfields and orchard groves. That the Dervaes family was able to reap such an extraordinary harvest from a tenth of an acre is actually the status quo where farmers really know what they’re doing. Survivalist communities, even in California in the midst of a 1000 year drought, have proven that farming can still be highly productive when you know the tricks of the trade and the land is genuinely respected. The nation may be entering a period where self sufficiency and independence from corporate farming could become useful. I stumbled on these people before we started farming and they were an inspiration because they showed clearly that you don’t need a lot of land, just enough good soil and hard work to feed yourself and do it well. The verdant plants in the pictures, given the number of raised beds (counted around thirty in the first picture) , as well as the livestock, would require many thousands of gallons of water per month in the southern California heat. We have been planting outside for a couple of months now and I am astonished by several things I’m seeing so far. The back to eden method has increased the number of soil based critters in my garden several thousand times compared to what I had going on before.
If you had any fucking idea what you were talking about you’d know the back to eden method reduces the amount of water you have to put on your garden. I had been dreaming of getting a persimmon tree but hadn’t gotten around to ordering it online, what with all the busyness of last month. I had a bad experience early on with persimmons, I must have tasted one of the bitter kind and I hated persimmons forever until the church lady brought a bagful from her sister’s house.

The church lady talks of avocados and mangos growing wild in Salvador, she says poor folks eat avocados over there so that being called an avocado eater (aguacatero) there is the same as being called a beaner here.
It’s something we all have in common, anyone with children has a predisposition to want to see them happy and people have an innate connection to the land that they may sublimate if they live in the city, but they never get away from. Now I’m not saying they will, but they had changed the way they were thinking from that single visit. In the preparedness and survivalist communities it refers to a catastrophic failure in life support systems like electricity, water treatment, the ability of stores to have their stocks replenished, etc. The lights turn on when you flip the switch, the water flows when you turn the knob on the faucet, and the broadcasters on the news still smile. Subscribe to numerous news feeds from local, regional, national, and international sources. Unless you are certain you will be triaged immediately, You will want to be able to take care of minor to moderate injuries yourself.
Anticipate that basic cleaning chemicals such as bleach and ammonia will be unavailable in most places by day two. If there are fires, or if there is a pandemic, expect particulate masks to be difficult to obtain. People may also be gathering whatever valuables they can find, so backpacks and bags will probably sell fast.
In order to facilitate this, the following items will be in demand: saws, axes, hatchets, wedges, shovels, chain saws, knives, wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers, garbage bags, duct tape, tarps, lumber, nails and screws. Some ATMs may run out and not be replenished, and cashiers will be limited on how much change they can offer, or be reluctant to give out what little they have left. You could bug out on foot, but depending on your fitness level you’re probably only going to be able to carry 100 pounds about 25 miles a day, assuming you have access to water and food along the way.
Know what fluids your vehicle requires and have the ability to replace all of them (and a funnel).
Go with a common engine size from a common manufacturer;  in the event that parts become scarce overall, it will make it easier to keep it running grid down. Also like the bicycle, they are limited in their carrying capacity, usually limited to one or two riders, and 100 pounds or so in additional cargo loads.  Unlike the bicycle, they become much harder to move if there is no fuel available. Horses are the most obvious choice for most people, but when riding, both you and the horse are exposed to the elements.
James Carafano, a 25-year Army veteran and national security expert at the Heritage Foundation, makes the case in his new book, ”Surviving the End: A Practical Guide for Everyday Americans in the Age of Terror,” that preparing for disasters shouldn’t be a life-consuming chore. Her parents, now in their advancing years help her do the paperwork and logistics of running the Red Iron at the HQ. From then on the Amell family carefully taught and passed down the Marine training along with a few carefully preserved and prized firearms along with the equipment to manufacture bullets from one generation to the next, often by word of mouth, repetition and hard training when writing materials were not available.
The settlement got its name from the mutated alligators that live in the swamps around it, though the walls around it kept them outside for the most part.
They agreed to form the Red Iron and he helped her map the path through the 'glades that Tessa found, which they now use exclusively since the other caravans are too cautious to attempt going through there.
She has flexible spikes that she can relax down into her hair, or bring them up as weapons to defend herself from attacks from the rear. She found her way back there after her mother died and rejoined her people in the swamps for awhile, then joined the Red Iron about four years ago. As soon as he was old enough his family put him to work in the town's fishing industry hauling nets and working on the boats they used to fish off the coast.
She is often underestimated, which gives her an advantage, as her father and brother taught her to take care of herself, and she can trip up or unbalance opponents larger than herself.
The first is Danger sense-she can sense danger to herself and use her quickness to escape it if she can. She and her pet mutant Capuchin monkey, Cappy, who was a parting gift from her mother, have been with them ever since. He has to wear goves to get them because they leave anything that touches them very numb, which was why she taught him to get them-by hanging from a taller tree by his tail he could get at the blossoms without risking getting caught by the plants vines or shooting thorns. Even though she knows the trade route between the two sides of the swamp, she'd rather die than ever betray the Amells. When Kalli and Xavier took over the trade part and created the Red Iron, she gave them her loyalty as well. Orphaned as a teenager, she made her way to the southeast part of the country and ended up in Palavale. She likes the relative safety and security of the HQ life and mostly stays within the walls of the town. Over the last thirty years, he has contacted several other Vaults in eastern North America. A few organic seeds, adequate watering, and some rich compost can provide even a novice farmer with a bountiful harvest. Especially when they avoid many of the pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, chemical fertilizers and GMOs of modern farming. The drought in California and the ensuing water wars are providing a sneak preview of what may unfold wherever new weather patterns establish inhospitable climate trends. We produce even more, but we have livestock producing manure for amendments to soil that they don’t have. Moisture content right above the decayed black layer is high enough that the chips are shiny wet and and you can squeeze water out of them with your hand.
They say not to expect huge results with your plants the first year but every year after that the results are noticeable and lasting. I plant them in a trough of a row so I can just run some water down the row like an Israeli. The grocery store will seem no more crowded and no less stocked than normal either, after all the trucks are still making their 1-4 day trip across the country to replenish them.
They will also grab ice in an attempt to keep perishable food cold if the power has been interrupted.
Everything from antiseptic, hemostatic agents, to suturing, to an Epipen (even if nobody in your group has known allergies that cause anaphylaxis). Generators typically run on gasoline or diesel, which in SHTF will be a limited resource, although ironically the fuel powered generators will be gone long before the solar or wind.
People will also be grabbing lighters, matches, lighter fluid, charcoal, candles, lamps, lanterns, oil and wicks.
People with babies will be grabbing diapers 2 cases per size just to be sure they have enough.
If the power is still out it might be dark and cold, in which case expect flashlights, glow sticks, and warmer, heavier clothing to be in short supply, especially socks.
By the end of day two, people will have an idea of whether the event is expected to continue or not, and will be able to think about stocking up on shelf stable food items such as canned goods rice, beans, wheat, sweeteners like sugar and honey, vegetable oil, powdered and condensed milk, flour, yeast, salt, baking soda, seeds, vinegar, crackers, trail mix, jerky, peanut butter, nuts, ramen, powdered drink mixes, and candy. Also, don’t forget to share this article on social media by clicking one of the buttons below.
Have sockets, pliers, vice grips, screwdrivers, allen wrenches, pry bars, shovel, hammer, and whatever else you would need to take your vehicle completely apart and reassemble it. Get a large, powerful engine so you have the ability to, say, tow more gear behind you if that is your plan, or produce more power to use the vehicle’s engine as a generator with an inverter. Because it can be easily packed or strapped to a larger bug-out vehicle, it should be considered in any preparedness plan. They do make excellent scouting vehicles if traveling in a larger group, and they can be sent on ahead with radios to increase situational awareness and report any problems with the chosen route so those problems can be mitigated.
Class C RVs have an area for sleeping anywhere from 2-8 people or even more, as well as a kitchen and some semblance of bathroom.
Seating anywhere from 2-9 people, usually with room still for cargo, most have 4WD or AWD, and a lot of them have decent towing capacity. With the wide selection of military surplus vehicles you can choose one to meet your purposes, whether that includes high clearance for extreme off-road use, armoring if you anticipate being under fire during your bug-out and even some with amphibious capabilities in the event you need to ford a river or evade a land pursuit. Horses are much faster, can negotiate and jump over obstacles, and are able to access much steeper terrain than cattle, which are also a very common option for transporting provisions. What she wears varies depending on the situation but mostly loose and light coloured cloth clothing when not fighting, otherwise one normally encounters her in leather, metal or bulletproof armour.
Most residents made their living by hunting the alligators for their meat and tough hide, as well as fishing and trapping other fish and wildlife in the part of the swamp they were close to.
He's versed in the art of close combat with knives, fists and other melee weapons and can also use firearms. She uses her body expressively, has a wide range of body language that mostly only her people can understand the subtle nuances. But she's learned the swamps fairly well, which helps the Red Iron navigate them when no one else dares. Hannah and Peter became engineers like their mother after graduating from school however Hannah, after growing up hearing about the travels and adventures of her parents and their friends wanted some travel and adventure herself. He was given a very basic education and was taught the fundamentals of fighting although he learnt most of his art from the brawls and fights he either got into or was pushed into while growing up. The other is Venomous Bite, delivered by hollow fangs on either side of her incisors, where her eyeteeth would normally be. She's known Kallista for the past ten years, and Xavier for the past four, as well as the rest of the team. She even lives at the HQ, never having been interested in having her own house and being alone.
Cal or even AZ you might only have to water your garden once or twice all season once the seeds germinate. I showed the girls how to find worms by flipping over a cow patty at just the right stage of decomposition (they thought it was disgusting at first, turned into a competition before the end) and then our 7 year old took them on his own tour which included fishing in the trout pond with the worms- they got 2 beautiful brookies to take home, big smiles, nice visit all around.
Her big concern was what her children were being exposed to and she could see our kids, running around comfortably with cattle, being able to fish for fun whenever they feel like it, and doing all these things without having to be hovered over. SHTF occurs when most or all of these services remain unavailable long enough that, if you had not prepared, you would jeopardize your very survival.
How you receive warning and how far ahead you receive it will be dependent on the SHTF situation that you personally are foreseeing.
I imagine there will be no ammunition on store shelves within hours of an announcement of a widespread disruptive event.
In fact you can expect the fuel pumps to be full of armed and panicked people, gas store owners may begin rationing gas on day one, and if the power is out, then the pumps won’t run anyhow. If the power is out due to an EMP, cars may not be functioning, so bicycles and their accessories may be hard to get. The currency system is so ingrained in the majority of people that they may not think of any other ways to trade. You will want a way to sleep whether that is a tent and sleeping bag or a bunk inside the vehicle itself.
Sometimes people will down trees or place abandoned vehicles in the road to create ambush points or try to prevent traffic.

One drawback is that they leave the rider fully exposed to both the weather and potential threats. You can customize the interior to meet your preparedness needs, while maintaining the outward appearance of somebody who likes to take road trips from time to time, which is great for OPSEC.  Unlike larger RVs, a class C can fit in most driveways.
Very few SUVs existed back in the day of purely carbureted motors, meaning that they are more susceptible to EMPs.
The paint on American military surplus vehicles is non-reflective and designed to be chemical agent resistant and assist in infrared concealment. Once your bug-out vehicle(s) fail your last option is your own body, so be sure you can recognize when your BOV becomes a trap instead of a tool. Her mother and father, Lucy and Adrian Amell owned and ran a small caravan business that shipped goods and people between Palaven and the western villages the other side of the great Glades swamp. He fought in the arena when he was old enough and skilled enough to be worth putting in the ring, his early twenties. The combination of the fights, his mutations and the hard labour he did meant that he grew up strong and fit. Even in the raised beds which are notoriously difficult to keep wet, the moisture levels are much better than anything I’ve ever seen. What’s amazing to me is how much produce the Hmong farmers generate so early in the season.
The last time I saw worms that big was at a railroad siding in Great Falls, MT where they cleaned out cattle cars.
If it is an economic collapse, you will likely be monitoring the market, and reading or watching financial news regularly. I don’t see guns moving quite as fast as the ammunition, especially once ammunition is not available.
The certification may only last for a couple of years, but the training lasts a lifetime.You should also be thoroughly familiar with the specific medical needs of your group members, and prepare accordingly.
If you have a propane generator expect your fuel to be in short supply as well, although propane cylinders are available for sale at a lot more locations than gas or diesel. Feminine hygiene items, which along with diapers, can be used for field dressings as they are packaged sterile. As mentioned above, alcohol, ammunition, coffee and tobacco will sell out extremely fast, and will make excellent barter items for the prepared. You are going to want to base your design and customization on your personal philosophy of use.
While I wouldn’t want this as my primary bug-out vehicle, it is definitely worth considering as an auxiliary option.
SUVs are much smaller than the Class C RV, and with slightly less fuel consumption, but considerably more than an ATV or motorcycle would use. The fuel consumption is high, however some of the diesel models can run on food grease, used motor oil and other sources if diesel is scarce.
While not technically a bug-out vehicle, dogs can also be used to pull sleds or carts, and have the advantage of providing an alert when potential threats are near, and can also be useful in defense or even to catch game. However like all caravans the Amell Caravan never crossed the interior of the dangerous swamp and made the long winding route that skirted the edges of the swamp.
He was unbeaten up until the time, in his late twenties, when he decided to get out of the fight business, which had been taking a toll on him-both mentally and physically. Her people had struggled to stay out of the clutches of slavers and those who tried to kill them for being “different”; although, there were others who accepted the Mellwrets.
Their parents though understood at least why Hannah wanted to travel and adventure and supported her by having their Hybrid friends teach her the basics of survival, hunting and tracking before she left Chitina. However Evan got bored and frustrated of life as a fisherman with no real prospects of change or promotion. We actually snaked soaker hoses throughout our raised beds on top of the soil but under the chips. And the comment re earthworms has to do with how this method enriches the soil not only for plants but for all the other critters and microbes that go into making healthy soil. What’s amazing to me is how much produce the Hmong farmers generate so early in the season. I don’t think that there is much more a family can do in this world to make things right than that. More often than not it’s a short storm to be easily weathered, but finding comfort during a temporary inconvenience is not what this article is about.
If you are prepping for a natural disaster, such as a bushfire or tornado, then you will be watching the news, and looking for physical signs such as smoke or dark greenish clouds, or perhaps you get warning from a friend. On average you can get by with a gallon of water per person per day, however, if one of those people is sick or nursing, or if you are in a warmer climate or exerting yourself your water needs WILL increase. It is a good idea to have plenty of guns for everyone in your preparedness group, and enough ammo to ensure the guns never run empty while you are keeping the marauders at bay.
If possible stockpile medications, and learn natural ways to manage and reduce any symptoms. Without an alternative source of power, there will be no refrigeration, so there will also be a lot of fresh food that will need to be preserved, eaten, or cooked, and discarded if it has already spoiled. Having an abundance of the items we have mentioned above is one of the key elements to reducing personal panic, and allowing for a more reasoned and appropriate response in a SHTF situation. Maybe you have a plan B location set up that requires you go off-road so you’ll need 4 wheel drive and a decent clearance. Most models won’t perform nearly as well off-road, and additionally you can expect to be a little slower because of the added weight.
Unless you have a remote location to store it until it’s time to bug-out it will prove kind of difficult to conceal something like a deuce-and-a-half, not so good for OPSEC. If choosing a bug-out animal, remember that they do require basic care, and must be fed an adequate supply of food and water to perform at their best without as much risk of illness or death. Her people were the same as others—some more educated than other, some good and some bad in nature, and whole communities developed in and around the swamps. And so during his early twenties one night he and a bunch of his equally discontent and rough friends stole the biggest ship in the harbour and sailed away.
It requires no tilling, very little to no watering, utilizes a product that is generally free or considered waste, replaces nutrients in the soil which are very likely missing and practically eliminates weeding. However you get notice of impending disaster, you are going to want to stock up on everything you think you might need in a short term or even TEOTWAWKI event (The End Of The World As We Know It) long before it occurs on the chance that some items are in short supply. We recommend at least a month worth of bottled water which can be purchased periodically and rotated through. Perhaps you have to bug out with a large group and need a larger vehicle, maybe two vehicles. It is also a good idea to learn the basic physiology of whichever animal you choose, and pack first aid provisions, as well as some kind of blanketing or other protection against the elements.
After her parents had finished teaching her the passed-down marine training Kallista spent her time either helping out the Amell Caravan business or working as a freelance mercenary, travelling from village to village doing odd jobs and quests.
Since then she has mostly worked as a courier travelling from settlement to settlement either alone, with other people or with trade caravans gradually working her way south. They became pirates, sailing up and down that area of the coast preying off fishing vessels and small coastal villages. If you are storing water for beyond a month, use food safe containers and clean before filling.
Maybe you leave your bug out location fairly sparse on supplies and need to take a lot of your gear with you. Another drawback is that they may make sudden noises, even if trained, which could compromise your location and put you and the animal at risk. Eventually about eight months ago Hannah arrived in Palavale and stayed there for a few weeks while recovering from an injury inflicted by getting into a fight with a super mutant. By the fall they’ll sell you about huge amounts of tomatoes, peppers, etc for a pittance. Seems like a lot of damned work for an entire family to sell probably $200 of produce on a Sunday. Add 1 drop per liter of unscented household bleach to the water before sealing and let the water be exposed to the air for 30 minutes or longer before you drink it. While 4SHTF recommends you avoid addictions as they can cripple you in SHTF, stockpiling items like coffee, tobacco, and alcohol can provide excellent alternative currency. It wasn’t until Lucy and Adrian semi-retired four years ago and she inherited the business, the HQ from which it operated out of, and the wagons and mutant horses and mules that Kallista formed the Red Iron Mercenary Group. I imagine usual supplies of these items will dry up quickly, leaving a very desperate group. Be sure you have a way to stow all of this gear so it doesn’t become a projectile in the event of a hard brake, collision, or rollover. Her plan was to hire a group of tough, capable and experienced people brave enough to find and maintain a caravan route that ran through the middle of the Glades swamp as a shortcut to deliver goods three times faster to the western villages. She applied to join them and while her combat and firearms skills are adequate for the job she was hired for her engineering and mechanic skills as she can help maintain some of the limited machinery and equipment that they use.
There Evan and his friends met their match and were promptly captured, their ship conviscated and forced to work as Gladiators at the Arena. The year and a half being forced to fight there completed Evan's knowledge and ability on how to fight.
He liked her idea and became her second in command as well as proving valuable in setting up the Red Iron.
Finally, just over a month ago Evan, his surviving friends plus a couple more of the captive Gladiators staged a successful escape from the Arena.
It proved to be a success in the following months as they explored the Glades and found a few routes with ground solid enough to pass through with wagons and the work began for real. In the four years since, mercenaries have joined or left the Red Iron and more than a few have met their end travelling through the swamp.
Lucy and Adrian always remain behind in Palavane working the paperwork and logistics of the business and presenting Kallista and Xavier with potential new contracts or job offers.
Even he had heard of the Red Iron though and saw it as an opportunity to lie low and put his considerable fighting skills to good use.
Naomi also lives in Palavane as a merchant and although neither she nor her family are a member of the Red Iron she will often pay to have her own goods shipped out or provide useful information or potential clients. Running the Red Iron keeps her active, fulfilled and challenged as well as raking in a good profit despite the fact she pays those working for her well.

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