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To begin with, it should be noted that it is not possible to maintain any semblance of cleanliness when in the presence of so many men.
With so much funk in the house, you are going to need some drinks to numb the senses a bit.
The department offers basic education, separate courses for continued education, and postgraduate research studies in odontology. Basic educations given at the department are the dentistry, the dental hygiene, and the dental technician programme. HumlanHumlan is a non profit cultural organisation who's main goal is to produce quality musical events, but also cinema and some theatrical events. Student Radio StationThe student radio station consists of students producing radio shows for students. UmeA? Student Unionfor students at the Faculty of Art, Faculty of Social Sciences and UmeA? School of Education. UmeA? Student Union of Science and Technologyfor students at the Faculty of Science and Technology.
Interview"Just go for it!"Name: Melis KucukogluMelis Kucukoglu from Turkey came to UmeA? university as an Erasmus exchange student. With a few exceptions, all citizens of countries outside of the European Union (EU), European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland are required to pay application and tuition fees for education at undergraduate and advanced level.For most degree programmes rates are SEK 90,000a€“135,000 per year. The Master's programme in Human-Computer Interaction and Social Media is intended for students who want to help influence the way interaction between people and information technology (IT) develops.
The programme provides a clear structure in the form of four informatics courses, but also flexibility in that you can select your own profile through elective courses. After the program, you will be qualified to study the users and usability of IT artefacts, evaluate implementation and deployment, as well as participate in the design and development of new artefacts. He had always been one up to that point, but no one acknowledges it until a party is thrown in his honor. Basically, all you need is meat (preferably in tube form; after all, it is a sausage fest), bread, chips, candy and mixers for the undoubtedly large array of assembled boozes. Remember, the quantity, type and quality of drink can all have a major impact on your weekend.
You are also supposed to have porn playing or strippers dancing within your view at all times.
On this page we aim to one day have gathered most of them, but for now we can at least present a few. Now she is studying for a MasterA?s degree in Molecular Biology.Where do you come from?a€“ I come from Turkey.
The programme focuses on the analysis and design of interactions between people and IT across a wide spectrum of usage situations.
This places high demands on you as a student in terms of independence, initiative and creativity. Hopefully, when the group separates, everyone leaves with a little more than they came with.
Even the most germ-phobic man will reduce himself to food throwing by the end of first night. Serve whiskey and someone will fall off the table, statues will be broken and fights will ensue. You will eat half a pizza, two sausages, a cheeseburger and a bag of Funyuns in less than three hours”¦and you will hunger for more.

The students' clinical education is performed in cooperation with VA¤sterbotten county council. Hopefully you can find one or two that interest you and that can help enrich your social life while you are here in UmeA?. Actually I was born in a small province called Kutahya located on the north-west of Turkey, around 300 km away from the capital city Ankara. Everything from the workplace, where efficiency and usability is at the centre, to situations where the user experience, generated in the individual or with others, is the main aspect. The studies are also characterized by a pedagogy that emphasizes theory and practice as two equivalent elements and thereby prepares you for both a professional career as well as further studies.
Trash will only be picked up in the morning, and only then under threat of a lost security deposit for the best man.
Please note that basic education and separate courses for continued education are given in Swedish.
However, I was going to the university in Istanbul.What is your educational background university degree, jobs etc?a€“ In Turkey, following the secondary education the entrance to the universities is regulated by a national examination, after which high school graduates are assigned to different departments in distinct universities. As a student, you will encounter several related research areas, such as design, interaction design, user experience design and social media, via both theoretical and practical course components.
For developing your practical skills there are several well-equipped computer rooms available, but also an interaction design lab (including experimental electronics, 3D printer and laser cutter) dedicated to students and teachers on the program. Whether known or not, everyone is there for one thing: to celebrate the groom-to-be before he takes the big plunge.
With this in mind, it is probably a good idea to bring a pair of comfortable, but hard-soled shoes.
After witnessing this phenomenon myself, I have reached the conclusion that if the United States wants to destroy Al Qaeda, then it should allow its citizens to throw bachelor parties in the mountains on the Afghani border. With your new friends you will share some ridiculous stories from times past and create some ridiculous ones for the future.
After taking this exam I managed to get accepted to the Molecular Biology and Genetics department in Istanbul Technical University. Whether you choose to read one or two years of the programme you will be well prepared for a future after your studies working in many of the different contexts and situations in which the interaction between humans and IT is in focus.
The Master's program in Human-Computer Interaction and Social Media is taught in English. The gas released from my vegetarian friend’s ass alone will make any man forget the promise of 70 virgins in the afterlife.
One thing is for sure, you will do something ridiculous at the party; so you might as well have a convenient scapegoat. You will have drunk what feels like your body weight in alcohol, but only one bottle of water. Having been to a few bachelor parties, I thought I might drop a little game on how to survive this most auspicious of occasions.
At times, your future will seem bleak, but with the help of your compatriots, you will rally again. During my undergraduate education, I immediately realized that the textbook knowledge was far from enough if you want to be a a€?reala€? molecular biologist.
Moreover; it was really essential to increase the laboratory experience besides broadening the knowledge within the subject. Therefore, in the summers of 2004 and 2005, I had worked as a volunteer laboratory assistant in Aegean and Sabanci Universities, respectively.

These experiences inspired me a lot while I was shaping my career plans because I got the chance to meet and study plant biology with these occasions.
Beside of all, I was an Erasmus Exchange student in Molecular Biology department of UmeA? University during my last year.
Right now, I am continuing my Master of Science degree in the very same department.How did you find about Umea University for application to further studies?a€“ I was an Erasmus Exchange student in Molecular Biology Department of UmeA? University during my last year of undergraduate studies. While I was making the applications for exchange studies, I have chosen Umea University mainly because the education is held in English.
I have to admit that I did not know too much things about Sweden and UmeA?, other than what previous exchange students told me. However it was a milestone in my life, because I was really impressed by the quality of education and the student life in here. And thata€™s why I wanted to come back for further graduate studies.How was your first impression after reaching Umea and the campus?a€“ First of all I have to say that Umea was a much bigger city than I imagined. Moreover it was August when I fist reached Umea and the weather was extremely nice and warm which I also did not expect. The campus was really well organized and I thought that the benches around the lake would be just the perfect spot to take a break and chill out after the lectures. Also I have to say that the welcoming of the people in the International office was really friendly. They are doing a great job by managing all the accommodation, buddy groups and activities to keep the international students happy and busy during the year.How far have you managed to learn Swedish?a€“ Swedish is a really nice and melodic language.
The university offers Swedish courses for foreign students during the year, which is really a great opportunity if you are interested in learning.
I am not perfect but I understand the main idea of the conversations, and I am able to ask my way, order food in the restaurants and even sometimes read the newspapers!What do you find as the biggest cultural difference, both socially and educationally, from your country with Sweden?a€“ As social differences I mainly recognize two things. They are really nice and helpful especially if you are in trouble, but at the same time it is a challenge to understand what they are really thinking or feeling. Another thing is all the people are able to talk English very fluently in Sweden, which makes the life great and so much easier. In Turkey most of the young people talk in English as well but I have to admit that middle aged or elderly people are not very successful talking in foreign languages especially in smaller cities.As educational difference I can think of firstly the system of taking courses.
But here in Molecular Biology Department we take one course at a time, which facilitates to learn and concentrate on a particular subject. Secondly the relationship between the professors and students is not like the one in Turkey that has evident hierarchy.
Here we are just like colleagues or even friends.How do you find the local community in here?a€“ Even though Umea is a small city, it has the soul of a metropolitan. It can give you everything you wish for from a big city: the best facilities to do your research, exciting cultural and sport events and a rich nightlife.Do you feel that this period in Umea has enriched your life style in some ways?a€“ Definitely! I am feeling so much independent and improved both in my educational and personal life after spending some time here. It enriched my perceptions towards world.How do you spend your spare time?a€“ I mostly read, go to cinema, spend time with friends a€“ either partying or barbequing and of course what else train at the sport center a€“ IKSU!Do you have advice for international students opting for studies in UmeA??a€“ Just go for it!
Long nights of winter are sometimes gloomy but snow and snowball fights make the cold weather so much lovable and sweet.

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