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Farther inland, beyond the mountains is a wide stretch of flat lands - grassy and open as well as snowy and forested. I don't know if the seed affects the animal spawning but this is also a very dangerous world. Reason being is because there are two graves that you can find near spawn, either both jackpots or one being a jackpot or none of them. Good for hunting (and dying, if you're not watchfull).I like to build up existing cave systems and make them my home(s) and this world is giving me lots of options for that. Perhaps it is the nearness of deserts to other biomes but I cannot seem to avoid lions whenever I'm about - even in snow.

Also on one of the islands, there is a birch tree that pierced the other one's trunk with leaves so there is a natural birch tree that has leaves as a trunk. Follow this; after you are facing the ocean, turn around to the west (where the sun sets), then walk a ways until you get to a small desert area. If I start to get bored, I'll open a creative instance of this world, check the next mountain for interesting features (usually finding them) then re-enter the 'real' one to explore in earnest. A long mountain range runs North and South-west just West of the entry and is rich in caves with ores.
Now, once after you dig it out, turn ninety degrees left, where you are facing south, and you should easily see a grave with basalt slabs.

Ponds, lakes and 'rivers' are laced throughout the mountain range and with a bit of landscaping, many can be connected together and to the ocean. If you dig one of the two blocks on the top, far enough, will lead you to a cave with awfully lots of minerals. But the strangest thing of the seed WATERFALL (Uppercase Letters are Optional) is that it has lots and lots of sheer drops from dizzy heights, mainly made of granite, ores, grass, sand and sandstone.

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