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You are stranded in an infinite blocky world where you can explore, gather resources, craft tools and weapons, make traps, and all that kind of neat stuff. Delver is a first-person action game where you fight monsters, collect loot, gain experience, and explore dungeons. Heavily inspired by Minecraft, Minebuilder is a blocky game where you craft your tools during the day and fight monsters during the night. The Sandbox is a similar game where you play God and create universes of your own in a 2D world.
Nice job , I would suggest looking up some shading tutorials so the skins don't look so flat. Sure, you can still build stuff block by block, but in addition, there are lots of RPG elements implemented in Block Story.

It features rail tracks, bows and arrows as weapons, electrical wires, and both creative and survival modes. Build a house, a city, a castle, or anything you'd like, either by yourself or with your friends. In addition to resources and elements, the game now features humans, which can have tasks assigned to them. Mojang's masterpiece is also available on mobile in a lightweight form, and although it lacks in features compared to the PC version, it is still quite fun to play. However, some of the stuff in Survivalcraft is new, such as the variety of animals you can hunt or gather. All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site.

Many alternatives to it are available on Android, and although most of them are nothing but half-baked clones, others are worth giving a try.
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