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If I had to choose just one gun it would be the .410 because you can shoot both bird shot or slugs. I have visited other sites on gun survival most think that a AR of some type in a .222 or 223 is the best suvival gun. I have looked at several other survival gun sights and it seems that most people seem to think that survival means going to war with a AR-15 the main stay for beining able to survive as I have said many times a survival gun is the one you have on you that is loaded at the time and one you are use to shoot alot with. I have been living in the woods off and on for about 50 yrs now depending on the amount of time I have. Lewis and Clark also had Model 1803 Harpers Ferry Rifles as their main arm. I vascilate on what's best. Single shot 12 gauge ( New at Walmart for $150 or pawn shop for $80) with an additional .22 Long Rifle adapter ($20) is by far the most versitile survival gun. There is an old saying that said when ask by a reporter (what is the best survival gun) the expert said without a thought. 300 cal might be a a bit of overkill, its a great caliber don`t get me wrong but not what i would want to be stuck with. There used to be a lady with 2 kids that spent the summers here in the mountains where I live. I live out in the back woods of alaska, i have been stranded out in the woods for days before in the middle of winter and summer. On canoe trips and such, where I know I am not realy going to have to "survive" for very long, I carry a 12 or sometimes gauge 20 shotgun a few birdshot, (for emergency eating)and a handfull of slugs, (by the way 20 gauge buckshot is nearly worthless).
The short barreled AR-15 carbines are where it's at for survival and combat, because Ciener Firearms offers a .22lr conversion unit for them.
At very close range shotgun pellets are still grouped together and penetrate together like a slug for the first few inches of penetration Many bears have been killed with bird shot at very close ranges when charging.
OK, if food is your concern for survival and weight is important a lightweight Taurus Judge may be a good option. I just did quite an extensive study, (at -20 or so, survival happens at inopportune times), I used a stencil of a roughed grouse with anatomical scoring as the target. Imagine being dropped into one of the most remote regions on earth with a complete stranger, forced to live off the land in brutal conditions totally naked.
That's the premise of Discovery Channel's new reality series called "Naked and Afraid," which will pair stripped down male and female strangers and leave them stranded in a remote area with no food and no water. The couple will be left in the wild for 21 days with nothing but their determination and survival skills. Remember: a bug-out bag is supposed to help you survive for up to 72 hours and, since space is at a premium and there are other things you should also have in your bag, your bug-out bag gun is probably not something you should plan on “going to war” with. Wayhome industy & trade corporation limited was established in 1998, which is located in beautiful yangjiang city which is well-known as the scissors&knives Kingdom of China.
I started no return because I liked open world games and having found a free engine decided to see if I could make one.
I stopped it at that version as EPIC GAMES released their new engine, unreal engine 4 was free as well so I through why stick with old tech. I’ve learned a little about scent and how well a dog can pick it up by hunting rabbits with beagles. Also if it is a single barrel you could remove the barrel turn it around and blow it like a horn.
I know this is just about the rarest configuration of that old B-52 survival gun, but as many have mentioned, more game has been brought down with the 30-30 than any other caliber.
I have no need for want of guns as I have about 20 shotguns,rifles and handguns have hunted allover the U.S. Simply changing ammo, small shot for birds & small game, slugs for large game, & 00-Buck for 2-legged vermin, if it comes down to it.
The one you have with you. Well said, perhaps though not a bear gun, the Cricket might ride in your pack or car, boat or plane. Costs $538.80 I have found that the Baikal's shoot a better then the Savage. There you go, don't say I never did nothin for you!
You my friend truly knows what life is all about and that good feeling of hitting the pillow at night feeling good about selflessly helping someone in need.
My cast bullet load of a 255gr cast at 1000fps from a .44 special case hits almost to the same point of aim as my heavier 240gr JSP at 1800fps. Dont know if you all just ATV drive thriough bush, I used to walk 20 miles plus,a day Hard Hunting. My conclusion was that I actually had more range with most of my centerfire rifles on partridge than I did with a .410.
If you want to give yourself the best chances of success in a survival situation, it pays to be prepared and a well stocked bug-out bag is an important element of a good survival strategy.
Your bug-out bag gun should be adequate for use in a self-defense situation, but you should not rely solely on it for self-defense.Obviously, you must choose the right bug-out gun for your particular situation.
Sadly many of the features I used to get the map working in UDK have vanished in the new engine so I needed to start again from scratch, not only that but also learn a new engine, wait for updates and find new ways to solve open world map problems. My most used gun for varmints during daily life is a .22 rifle, a CZ with a nice Leupold scope. I've taken many deer over the decades with it, and even more upland game birds and even ducks and geese.
Its heavier than most 22's but you can take off the barrel and store it in a backpack if you want. And the 20 ga is capable of loading 3" shells so we can take all kinds of small game from birds to bunnies.
The Savage model 24 is also an excellent survival weapon but I feel I prefer the .22 LR over 20 gauage !
The M-6 is one of the only firearms discussed that is based on a gun designed as a survival firearm from the ground up. If we all took the time to help 1 stranger even a year like this the world would be drasticly different. And the woman also deserves credit sharing her precious lifeline for her and her children with you. Yes i would like to have an anti aircraft cannon when facing a bear or a 410 when facing grouse or rabbits. I have used .410 and it is a 20Yard shotgun because any pattern test will show you that the small number of pellets leaves huge holes in pattern past that range unless you use tiny shot that will bounce of a squirrel.
Shot penetrated between its left shoulder and stopped near its bowels, tumbled like a rag doll dead. There are a lot of different things that go into a good bug-out bag, but a good firearm is an essential piece of the puzzle.Luckily, there are lots of good choices out there for bug-out bag guns.

However, good bug-out bag guns are lightweight, portable, absolutely reliable, and versatile. Explore, Ransack and Learn to survive in this wilderness survival and hunting simulator for PC. The UDK version available for download was my first attempt at an open world game and it never made it past V0.13 so there was still a lot to be done to it. Download the New U4 version of No Return HereEPIC provide a map 10x10km in a download but I always set the target to be around ARMA2 size as I though it was the best open world map ever made and probably the best game as well. Therefore, these dogs have their work cut out for them trying to pick up a track in the hot dry conditions these hunters were facing.
A 22LR is a deadly weapon in the hands of anyone who has spent the time to become proficient . Throw in a slug and you've got a second shot at that really big deer that made you nervous and miss when you pulled the trigger on the 30-30. The butt-stock is hollow, so I keep a box of 22's in the stock with cotton balls to keep it from rattling, along with a fire-steel, as well as a para-cord sling. If you have spent the time to learn what to do in any given situation, you are far more likely to come out of it no less the wear. One of the best survival handguns a person can buy is the Ruger Single six with interchangable cylinders .22LR or .22 Magnum !
The origioinal frirarm was manufactured for the US Air Force as a survival tool and was part of the survival gear under the ejection seats in some aircraft.
If you don't have in your car, chances are good you will not have it with you.I see them at Wal-M for $117. First and most important it must convince you that you can protect yourself and keep your confidence high. Can you even imagine the hardships they had to go through traveling all those miles in an old wagon? I got about a thousand rounds through it then it became a single shot, if i was luck i got 4 rounds before it jammed. Breaking the game regs with the excuse you might die in the bush, will only get the gov't on your case.
Sorting out fresh tracks from those that were a day or more old made the hunt even more challenging.This hunt is proof that mountain lion hunting with hounds is definitely not a sure thing and takes a ton of physical and mental stamina. Most of my deer are taken with this rifle and it balances perfectly for everyday carry and is used thusly. Experienced shooters in extreem situations can even reload a used 12 ga shell with blackpowder and BBs.
Somehting with a little "nut" factor that won't leave you starving when you happen to aim a little off, feel decently safe with large pests in an emergency and get great range without losing too much punch and having the rifle way too long to pack comfortable. It also had a 3 inches of a "fishing" arrow lodged in its rear quarter which is probably why it was in such a "foul" mood.
Springfield M6 ScoutOld JimboThe Springfield Armory M6 Scout is Springfield’s take on the M6 Aircrew Survival Weapon adopted by the Air Force in the 1950s. I've also taken over two dozen elk with the .44 rifle using cast bullets for the most part. Mine does very well with jacketed bullets between 140's and 158's and kills deer like the hammer of God.
The low cost of 22LR pistols and rifles combined with the extremely low cost and long life of 22LR shells, that can be bought in bulk to save even more money, makes practice shooting an economical family event. That being said, I would have to say the 12 guage shotgun would be the gun of choice for me. I also found out that the area is where Fish & Game deposits "undesirable" bears that are removed from Yosemite Nat.
However having played DAYZ standalone (0.61) Im begining to think that the map size is just too big and we run the risk of a jogging sim as well. Practice is essential to being prepared and scenario shooting is definitely required. Shooting an animal of any size in the ear is a kill shot. Reason: 1 You can buy rifled slugs with a range of up to 100yards 2 Shells come in a variety of sizes from super small BB's all the way up to a solid rifled projectile capable of traveling over 50 yards accurately.
I've owned several, and with a scope, benchrest and ammo that it liked, the worst grouped 2" at 50 yds, and 1 was under 1". At longer ranges they won't penetrate worth crap except on small birds and close squirrels. One of the best features of the M6 Scout is the fact that it can be folded up to save space and is only 15″ long when folded. The unique trigger system allows the arm to be fired while wearing mittens in cold weather (and as strange as it looks the trigger feels normal when fireing. Most of these families were armed with some form of shotgun or smoothbore blackpowder musket. Unless kept dry the wimpy .22 goes south quick with minimal prolonged exposure to any type of bad weather. You can get 80% finised AR-15 lower receivers in the mail, finish them yourself, and have no need of an FFL or any license to make a gun.
In DAYZ this doesnt happen and so you dont get a line v line of players all heading to the same locations. A pump 12 guage might be a bit heavy for some people, but if you are starving, two birds are better than one. The rest of the parts can be had from a dozen different sources, but ModelOneSales is one of the best. This can be improved upon further by adding an external ammunition sleeve (like in the photo).2. I know players love the big cities in DayZ but its still not half as much fun as ARMA2 was.
Point is even a single shot arm bruiser like the H&R will shoot all these diff types of shells and you just have to choose what you want to carry. The sights change from open field to peep with a simple flip and the firearm is scope mount ready. Being from the US maybe I ought to go to the 10ga:] The 20ga combo seems to make more sense. We therefor have a serious problem when it comes to filling that fun gap as jogging for fun only lasts so long. The 12 gauge is a goog caliber all the way around because you have bird shoot for hunting small game and you can have saabo rounds witch can help pertect you and have accuracy out to a greater distance than a slug.

So Ive been doing a lot of thinking not only about map sizes but also about gameplay now that some of the basics are working. Took a nice bull with my 444 just a few weeks ago, about 400 yards from my front door in the timber. But since i have used a 12 gauge for almost 30 years, it is what I am most comfortable with. I have tried the newer buck shot shells and they work very good, even in my TC contender 410. If your hiking or boating and end up stranded I would much rather have the 20 gauge than a .22 or 410. Glock 19 Gen 4WikimediaSlightly smaller than its big brother, the Glock 17, the Glock 19 is a good compromise between easy to carry and easy to shoot.Glock handguns have a well deserved reputation for being accurate, reliable, and easy to use.
And if you have downloaded V0.293 UE4 version of No Return then you will know its all still a bit of a mess with no real direction to it yet so some actual planning is now needed now that I know I can make it in the new UE4. It has killed 38 or so hogs, 18 deer,1 bear, 100 or so squirrel , at least 100 ducks, 18 geese and my old shotgun took down more than those fancy Benelli shotguns every time we went, and hundreds of crows. I carry an elastic shell holder on the butt of the shotgun with a mix of three birdshot and two slugs or buckshot.
All Generation 4 Glocks have a dual recoil spring system designed to reduce the amount of recoil felt by the shooter along with a modular grip system that enables the shooter to customize the grip depending on the size of the shooter’s hands.Though a skilled shooter can absolutely use it for hunting under the right conditions, the Glock 19 is much better suited for self-defense. That is to be expected as there isnt really one and it was always the plan to get the basics working before I decided what was best to do with it. Except for goose and turkeys, birds aren't WORTH a shotshell in a survival situation.The 22 autorifle is far superior to the shotgun for survival.
Savage has been steadily earning a very good reputation as a very accurate gun for little money. Fortunately, the small size of the Glock 19 does not preclude you from carrying another firearm better suited for hunting.4. The reason I chose survival and hunting is because those options are required by most games, such as the need to craft, build, shooting and some tactics, so the basics were covered by developing along survival and hunting game mechanics. But that obviously doesnt mean we are stuck doing that if there is a better use for what we have cobbled together. So what does the future hold for no returnAs many of you will know its hot then cold and thats just the way it is when you develop something as a hobby with no dev budget as other things take priority. The more you time you spend practicing survival skills, the less likely you will feel like your just surviving. But having played Dayz I do feel an upsurge in my dev interest again so will start to sort out the mess that is V0.293 into some more user freindly expereince. When that will be I dont know but Im sure watchers can expect a new download next month probably.
Whats happening with the MapAs you will note its a bit shit just now which is largely down to my finger being f'd and not being able to use a mouse properly without causing it more damage. Hunger set it and I can tell you another 8-12 hours of that weather I may have very well been dead. Couple that with the fact that a Kel-Tec PMR-30 with two fully loaded magazines (holding a whopping 60 rounds!) weighs just 25 ounces, which is less than the Taurus Judge weighs empty, and you’ve got a great bug-out bag gun.What do you think of our choices for the best bug-out bag guns? All I need to find is some road stuff and a few more building meshes to start to see how it would work out. Im not doing the entire map as thats pointless until I have all bases covered so large areas and the design of it in general will be shocking but shit happens, there is more behind the scene stuff needed first.
When can we expect a proper loading screenI dont honestly know as all that stuff is easy enough to do but whats the point if the actual game isnt running or playing well would be my point. Screen res settings and all that jazz can be found in the Dev Menu if needed and is why its there, as this is dev and not development of a game at this point in time. When can we expect it to be turned into a more playable expereince and gameThat I hope will start soon as base construction and zombie AI attacks are in and working to a basic degree. Its now really a case of working out how best to use these features to give you an expereince worth playing.
If I just dump you in the woods and go off you go I doubt I'll be thanked for it, so some thought is now needed given it looks like we can make a semi decent go of an open world shooter.
But a major hassle is out the way which is AI aiming with two options being developed (low cost and high cost). Is the game ever going to be on steamThe game is on steam concept and I very much doubt it will ever move past that as it gets 1 hit a day.
But keep in mind indiedb is No Returns home so the steam page is generaly lagging behind a few weeks. When can we expect a Dev Hud overviewI'll be sorting this out for you all this month at some point and guide you through the many settings and give you some thoughs I have about how they will features in game. But dont expect the dev hud to go any time soon as I need to see shit and dont release anything other than what I have developed so far.
I dont have 50 sets of hands and with just myself and a highly in demand programmer things take time.
But I hope to speak to him soon and see what his plans are as hes the man who did the iron sights and who knows MP.
If I had been unable to walk out and had to spend another night out there then I wanted a shotgun to drop any feathered tweety I could get a bead on.
Dev means dev and in no way does anything downloadable refect how it might all end up as I simply dont plan anything and generaly mess about adding features to see what we can add and get away with. That process is slowly coming to an end and once we cross that bridge then stuff will start to make more sense, be better designed, presented better and so on. But until then just remember it is a hobby project and not some massive funded project gearing up to suck you dry of all your cash.What About GraphicsYou just need to keep the faith and remember it is all running in a very good game engine (UE4) and because we use free models things look a bit ehhh here and there. Dont panic though as with a bit of time spent on the textures and models it can look as good as any AAA does. But keep in mind there is long way to go before I start to bother with texture qualities and all that as the game is the important thing and there is still one hell of a lot to add. I never go out anymore without the single shot shotgun, extra shells, a multitool (Leatherman)on the belt, some sort of fire starter, sports bars and a tiny folded space blanket. What you can download now is but the tip of a very large iceberg and soon enough we will see the wood for the trees.

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