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Unfortunately we have been unable to organise a trip to the fire station and due to the lateness of knowing we were unable to get letters out for Swimming. This means Monday nights Scout meeting will be at the Scout Hut were we will be doing knots and pioneering. This week we started with inspection and flag break as usual, then we went into Map Battleships. After we had to call off last week’s Wide Game we got the opportunity to go outside on to the slightly less soggy ground. Unfortunately we forgot to announce the results at the end of the night so hope you’re checking here to find out! A number of subs are still due so please do not forget to bring them in tomorrow night.  Its your very last chance for winter camp as well. The evening started in a different order with inspection first followed by flag break.  The troop was then split into two groups to learn about either maps or compasses. So next week will be the wide game instead, so everyone please remember old shoes and trousers, plus also nice warm coats, scarves and gloves.
Just a quick reminder, we will be doing activities outside tomorrow night so ensure that you bring good coats, gloves, scarves etc… Also please ensure you have a good torch as well.
The final run through was quicker than before getting all 8 scouts through the maze in record time.  Finally it was a mad dash to get the maze tidied up before flag down and home time.

Just a quick update to let people know that Scouts will be on as normal tonight.  Please be careful when driving to the Scout Hut because the Car Park was still quite icy yesterday when I was at the Hut.
The Spring Newsletter for Scouts is ready for download here.  The newsletter will be given out at Scouts tonight and will be in the pigeon holes at Scout HQ.
On a lighter note I hope everyone has been enjoying the snow that we have had over the last couple of days. Catch the skeptalk, My Beloved Brontosaurus: Why We Need Dinosaurs on Wednesday, September 11, 2013.
Brian Switek is an online columnist for National Geographic and is the author of the books My Beloved Brontosaurus and Written in Stone. Join the 95,000+ San Franciscans and get our picks for the best Bay Area free & cheap events and deals each week. Through the sale of the prints, Tiger said, she hopes to pay for the land she has bought for the Legacy project. After being diagnosed in 1999 with Parkinson's disease, Tiger, for awhile, had to slow down her work. Canku Ota is a free Newsletter celebrating Native America, its traditions and accomplishments . In this talk, Brian Switek will explore our changing understanding of our favorite prehistoric celebrities and the secrets dinosaurs have to share about evolution and survival.

He has written for Smithsonian, Wired, Slate, The Wall Street Journal, Nature, Scientific American, and other publications.
Turn by turn, patrols had to either move (anywhere on the map) or, once they were close to another patrol, they had the option to shoot.
The aim of the game was to collect balloons from a leader who was on the field and take the balloons back to their base without being caught by the opposition. He lives in Salt Lake City, Utah, where he is also a paleontology volunteer with the Natural History Museum of Utah.
After two rounds shots were fired but unfortunately we had no direct hits so the game was declared a draw.
The Wide Game went on for about 20 minutes with most of the balloons popped, rather than getting to base and the eventual winners were the red team who got 10 balloons back (the yellows only managed 3).

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