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You are using an outdated, unsupported browser.Please upgrade your browser to experience this site properly. Saturday is a full day of learning and practicing hands-on skill sets similar to “Basic Survival Introduction” but with greater and more concentrated emphasis. From Friday night dinner to Sunday breakfast, our staff will prepare 5 delicious meals served with a variety of beverages and snacks, ALL INCLUDED!
Directions and a list of what you will need will be provided with the registration package… There is an outdoor shower, wash sink and clean outhouse for your use.

Congratulations on taking the first step to being a responsible, independent and prepared citizen, parent, person, etc…!!! Click any thumbnail image to view a larger version of the photo and to start the slideshow.  Thanks to Mr. You will also be taught primitive bushcraft skills and how to navigate through the back country with and without map and compass.
That means you have at least some interest in survival and being able to take care of yourself and your loved ones if something bad were to happen.

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Rubric: Provide First Aid


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