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I do watch and enjoy Les Stroud, Andrew Zimmern and Anthony Bourdain (the latter two are food guys primarily) BECAUSE they all have carried guns and shot animals on their shows.
1st – If firearms were allowed, it would be all to easy to drop a bear, or other animals, which makes getting food a lot easier.
Kind of a different ballpark, but when filming action movies, you are literally required by law to have an armorer present, and blank firing guns are only used for action shots and immediately handed back to the armorer.
Or History is too wussified to allow real men & women who are responsible on the show ? There are so many locations that would allow any and ALL tools of survival that this is a pile of P.C. Um, who the crap wants to watch somebody surviving in their air conditioned RV complete with tv?
Was VERY dissapointed at the lack of knowledge and preparation that any I know would have done ASAP [ like a real shelter,KNOWING you were there for at least a month ]. If guns were added,that show might have been 6 months or more longer = that would have been a REAL survival show. WHERE the fk did they find these idiots that OBVIOUSLY have no knowledge in even the basics of camping,let alone SURVIVAL in dangerous conditions ?. So far they have shown the few that look pretty pitiful,except the large lady who actually has some skills = time will tell but she is a survivor so far.
Desmond is a total joke and shame on History channel for allowing such a buffoon on the show .
Firearms make it interesting AND, in the America I was born in = they are a RIGHT of birth. Out of the thousands of people that applied to participate for the show, this Desmond guy was one of the top ten most qualified?? You noted the point we all are making,HOW in the wide world of sports did they find the one guy that was so scared of the woods that he went home THE FIRST DAY ??.
If these animals have been rare then what are being done to preserve these rare animals.There must be taken some important steps to make this sure. Memory Foam Mattress Reviews It’s a dandy dishonour you don’t comprise a present money switch! The new 13-episode season places ten hardcore survivalists alone on northern Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

The show disperses ten contestants into remote areas of Vancouver Island with only ten items of their choosing at their disposal.
The BK7 may not be high on the list for most buschrafty-types as it is more of a tactical knife, but seeing some of the close calls with wildlife in the last season has me thinking that is not a bad thing.
Measuring 8-inches of 420HC steel, this is a fairly long, but not too thick piece of kit. The sharpened swedge should help in defensive scenarios and the tubes in the handle can facilitate lashing if the scenario calls for it. She has brought along a whopper – a custom kukri-inspired blade, designed with and made by Ron Macy out of 5160 steel. Its shape also allows me to use it as a draw knife and it has a pointed end for just-in-case needed protection and for gutting. He brought with him a customized Leatherman geared toward woodworking and a custom knife he designed himself. According to him, he never feels comfortable in a new area until he has survived in that area’s wilderness. He did a fantastic job on the knife and dangler sheath which he impregnated with a beeswax secret sauce to weatherproof the leather. Joe is the only competitor who is not bringing a fixed blade knife, but rather a black coated Leatherman Surge. I grew up on Bradford Angier, Col Townsend Whelen (who spent a year alone in the North Country during the last of the 19th century.
I’m just saying that leaving people alone with guns is a potential PR nightmare that the network is most unwilling to take.
If they were likely to get that depressed it would be just as easy to slit their wrist or any number of things.
I don’t disagree with anything you have said here, but I do think that allowing firearms would make for a less interesting show. No image reproduction and rights are granted to Client, until Gunter Marx Stock Photos has received full payment of invoice, outlining copyright license and usage fee. I just came upon your site and want to say that I have really experienced examining your content.
Most of us have no experience with how our minds would actually hold up in a survival scenario, but that is the most important aspect. The fact that it can still handle things like carving and batoning quite well make it a worthy survival knife. There is a lot of versatility in this style of blade, and not just for combat applications.
Squared-off spine for the ferro rod strike and toward the handle it is edged for finer work. Although I am not certain, it appears to be the HD version with a 3mm thick carbon steel blade.

He has chosen a custom by Abe Elias of Diving Sparrow Knife Works, and the blade itself is very Woodlore-esque. I normally use carbon steel knives but for saltwater environments stainless is the way to go IMO. He does have an axe and a saw, so he is not exactly hurting for edged tools, but an interesting choice nonetheless.
The area is frequented by heavy rain storms, and bears and mountain lions, but the biggest struggle in any survival situation is maintaining a positive mental attitude. By the time the field had been narrowed down to a small handful, watching the mental progression of the contenders was fascinating. The final two standing on the last season were carrying a a small carbon steel butcher knife and a Condor kukri. Astute readers may recall I picked the BK7 for my zombie apocalypse knife for these very same reasons! I’m not the biggest fan of rubber handles, but they can definitely be an advantage in the wet and the cold.
Mora’s certainly punch above their price point, and they have the advantage of being very lightweight as well.
If your heat treat is dead on and you have a good grind on the knife (blade Geometry) any difference in performance should be so small it would not be noticeable. The Kephart blade style – a four to five inch spear point blade with small finger guard and broomstick handle – hits a lot of points for versatility and the LTWK is my favorite modern interpretation of the style. I also really like the sheath design – I can quickly draw the knife out and it doesn’t bounce on my leg with the side-draw design.
When planning to live and work in saltwater with no way to care for the knife… I chose stainless and have no regrets. And having a firearm does not guarantee you a meal by any stretch of the imagination and to say it would make it easier to defend themselves against an attacking bear like that is a bad thing is ridiculous.
Season two features ten contestants, including one man originally from Galicia, Spain, who currently resides in Mayo, Yukon Territory. Equipped only with limited gear, their wilderness experience, and cameras to self-document their journeys, these brave men and women are completely separated from one another in harsh, unforgiving terrain. They will face extreme isolation, psychological distress, and treacherous environmental conditions as they descend into the unknown.Each episode of Alone features the nerve-wracking thrill of watching individuals face the fury of Mother Nature while plunging into a state of isolation unimaginable in today’s hyper-connected world. These participants must battle everything from territorial black bears and cougars, to punishing winds and incessant rain. Determined to thrive in any environment, the survivalists display incredible ingenuity by building elaborate creations such as a functioning stove, gravity-fed plumbing system, primitive weapons, boats, and much more.

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