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We offer therapy services to address a multitude of emotional needs for children and adults.
To be more successful in school, educational strategies as well as counseling to address related issues at home and school are often needed.
Family Learning Solutions, LLC offers counseling and educational consultation services to children, adolescents, adults, and families. In honor of the 40th anniversary of the Rubik’s Cube, I bring you something totally unrelated!
To all you like-minded individuals who see the impending rise of the undead and want to be as prepared as you can, may I provide you with my favorite Zombie Survival Sheet.
Use this handy reference to help you plan, purchase, and stockpile your way to long term survival. The saw blade helmet is not a new concept, but mine will be a slightly deadlier version with razor sharp saw blades. A top choice for today’s police and EMTs, these pathogen resistant boots help ward off infections and booby traps, and come in a variety of shades of black. While loud noises will attract the brain eaters, this lovely ring is intended only as a close range weapon.
Because you can make anything with Kevlar, this attractive Kevlar duster provides protection from the elements and the unwanted bites of zombies while also providing the wearer with a constant workout. I’ll be honest, I was originally going to go with the Walther PPK with silencer and laser sight. If I have to explain this one, you haven’t seen or read enough post-disaster material. Some rope, carabiner, and figure-8, primarily for getting out of sticky situations or getting to those hard to reach resource caches. The motorized razor scooters travel faster than a zombie horde, so I don’t care if they hear me!
Another two-fer, the khaki rope knuckle duster provides an additional set of knuckles and a length of emergency roper for things like a trip wire, securing loads and conserving duct tape! The Amphibious Bus allows me to take foraging parties from our landing site to almost any location without fear of being gridlocked by the gruesome hordes, and doubles as a portable stronghold for the away team – keeping them safe for even extended jaunts through urban jungles. Take this concept, add safety glass and a few creature comforts in the bed, and some big tires and a light-weight front-end plow, and you’re closer to what I have in mind. My dirigible of choice is the Turtle Airship; the concept art here showing solar panel powering. This Cake album,  has several of my favorite tunes on it (no lie!), such as their cover of I Will Survive and Stickshifts and Safety Belts.
Who else would be leading the undead revolt if not the president of the United States of America? Oh, if you happen to be in Germany (or elsewhere in the EU), you might want to consider the Government Bunker as a handy alternative to my floating fortress. With over 10 miles of empty tunnels beneath 360 feet of slate rock, you’d be pretty secure.
Another strong contender for vehicle of choice: Action Mobile’s new all terrain luxury RVs! The DisasterNecessities name provides you protection, safety, and security with dedicated customer service!

For security purposes, we ask that you enter the security code that is shown in the graphic. Lean business models, operational consolidation, extended supply chain networks and complex interdependencies. While other companies may also offer Business Risk Consulting services, we combine engineering, business modeling and financial analysis to develop flexible, tailored and efficient solutions to solve risk management problems and strengthen resilience. Our global team of finance professionals specialize in understanding and quantifying risk, helping FM Global clients improve their resilience and maximize the value of their risk management efforts.
Services are very flexible, ranging from values reporting and exposure analysis to business continuity and ERM support, and are provided at no additional charge.
An ON Semiconductor executive describes the client benefits of FM Global's Business Risk Consulting. FM Global’s business risk consulting services help you take a quantitative approach to risk management by understanding the financial impact of business disruptions to your business. If you'd like to receive any email subscription(s), make your selections below to have the latest news from FM Global delivered directly to your inbox. Due to high demand and our desire to serve as many Customers as possible, we are currently limiting the quantity that each individual Customer may order. With the introduction of the GPSMAP 62, Garmin has proven to the world that a value-priced GPS unit can possess high-end features.
The statements and opinions expressed within Customer Reviews reflect each author's personal perspective and do not imply endorsement by MidwayUSA, its Employees or any other organization.
The total weight of the product, including the product’s packaging as it sits on our shelf.
Product ships from MidwayUSA, separate from any other products on your order due to its size.
Product is regulated by the US Department of Transportation (DOT) and cannot be shipped via USPS or air shipping methods.
Product is restricted by shipping carriers and cannot be shipped to certain locations or via certain shipping methods.
Everything really starts with our Vision, which is: 'To be the best run, most respected business in America, for the benefit of our Customers'.
We have experience with many different special needs and are, therefore, equipped to especially address any type of disability or learning need.
We prefer and use a cognitive-behavioral approach primarily with play therapy techniques for children incorporated as well.
We specialize in helping families with special needs, specifically Autism Spectrum Disorders, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Developmental Delays, and Learning Disabilities. The built in headphones not only allows me to listen to my favorite pre- and post-apocalyptic tunes, but double as hands-free communication that I can plug into a cell phone or walkie-talkie (depending on what infrastructure survives), and the camera lets me record my recon – no trying to remember everything I see!
Chain-mail cowl for breathable neck protection not pictured, because photoshopping is hard and I’m feeling lazy. Meaning, if I ever have to use it, it will be because they are already on top of me, and this is my last line of defense. The silence of a crossbow allows me to use it without fear of attracting more rotting corpses, and the sniper rifle gives me the option to pick them off from great distances with deadly accuracy. Plenty of storage capacity, special sleeve for my cricket bat, and I can use the front and bottom mesh for the Rappelling Gear and Motorized Razor Scooter (below).

Great with electronics and rigging things and incredibly loyal, not to mention tons of fun to have around.
I can offer a library of music via high-capacity flash drive, cooking skills such as making canned ingredients taste good, and although the cooking utensils such as knives and flames could double as zombie fighting tools, I am smart enough to reserve them for the kitchen and use a shotgun as my weapon of choice (no need to risk infection from killing a zombie and then fileting some chicken).
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FMGlobal has provided this link for your convenience, but does not endorse and is not responsible for the content, links, privacy policy, or security policy of this website. This handheld unit comes standard with a worldwide basemap and also comes equipped with TOPO US 100K maps..
Customers should in no way infer that MidwayUSA has validated review information as safe, accurate or appropriate. Products that are Shipped Alone incur separate "Per Order" and "Per Pound" shipping charges. Carriers charge extra to ship packages with products they consider hazardous, such as reloading powder and primers.
We offer cognitive therapy that targets the underlying processes in the brain that can be affecting learning. 3.5 GB of internal memory provides plenty of space for file downloads and with photo navigation, you can easily download an image from the Internet and navigate to that exact spot. Because of variations in the manufacturing process, similar products may have differing weights.
Instead of band-aiding the problem, we go below the problem and strengthen it at its source. The electronic compass features a 3-axis design, compensating for tilt and helping you see where you are going, even while standing still. Unless the product is designated as “Ships Alone”, Shipping Weight does not include the shipping box or packing materials associated with your order. The barometric altimeter helps this unit track your precise location, using changes in barometric pressure. This feature also allows you to keep an eye on ever-changing weather conditions by tracking barometric pressures over time.
The GPSMAP 62 is paperless Geocaching and custom map friendly and supports BirdsEye satellite imagery (subscription required).
The quad helix antenna ensures maximum reception for up to date and accurate navigation and marking of favorites.
The GPSMAP 62 can also be connected to a computer with Internet to connect to Garmin Connect. This handy feature allows you to track your activities and routes and share via Facebook and Twitter. The 5 megapixel camera allows you to take images of beautiful scenery or link your GPS to your favorite mushroom hunting, deer hunting or fishing spots.

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