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If you think there is even a remote chance that a catastrophic nuclear event could happen on U.S. Recent events in Japan remind us of the importance of being prepared at all times for a nuclear disaster.
What only a few people know is that these instructions had nothing to do with keeping the population safe, but were designed to fool the Soviets into thinking that our population was better prepared than theirs, and thus would be alive after any attack and able to respond. Worse still, this means the average American is completely unprepared to deal with a nuclear attack or radioactive fallout. One hour after the earthquake, a 24-foot tsunami crashes into Japan’s coastline, sweeping away more than 10,000 people, tossing cars around like toy boats, and lifting entire buildings off their foundations. The only thing currently preventing the Fukushima reactors from going into full-scale meltdown are the firefighters who continue to spray ocean water on the super-heated nuclear cores.
As the winds blow the radioactive fallout across oceans and continents, hundreds of millions of people will be exposed to harmful levels of radiation. And since most people are not prepared for such an event (many still relying on outdated 1960s government guidelines), the suffering and loss of human life could eclipse every natural and man-made disaster in all of recorded history. The number of major earthquakes and natural disasters is increasing every year around the world.
All it would take is a major earthquake or Class 5 hurricane and we could experience a meltdown just as dangerous and deadly as the one currently happening in Japan!
Recently leaked intelligence reports reveal that al Qaeda operatives have already purchased at least one of these weapons for approximately $30 million dollars.
In short, an al Qaeda terrorist armed with a backpack nuke could be wandering the streets of Manhattan or Washington right now and we wouldn’t know until 500,000 people were dead. But an even greater threat could be the spent nuclear fuel rods that lie unprotected in pools in at least 30 States. Nuclear utilities in the US have over decades accumulated some 71,862 tons of spent fuel in more than 30 states – the vast majority of it sitting today in pools that are mostly full, according to a recent state-by-state tally by the Associated Press. If any of these countries decides to launch a nuke, it could mark the beginning of World War III -- and the retaliatory use of nuclear weapons by nearby countries. Given these facts, we must therefore take responsibility for our own protection and survival. Apologizing for US military actions against terrorist organizations and the nations which support and protect them.
A nuclear weapon exploded in the atmosphere would cause an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP), a sort of anti-infrastructure weapon that would disable our electric grid and anything using computer technology.
In previous years only a few states had access to this kind of weapon, but now anyone with the technology to launch a satellite can deliver a nuclear weapon into the atmosphere above the United States and detonate it. The devastation of an EMP could potentially be far worse in the long run as anarchy and starvation overtake our communities and even the military might be unable to respond.
According to the US Government, your odds of dying in a thermonuclear attack are about 33%, your odds of being killed by the radiation are about 1 in 25, and your odds of being physically unaffected are about 50%. If you do survive, you’ll want to return to your home, gather your family together, and prepare for the aftermath, when radiation fallout will be just one of your concerns. One cheap substance that (because of its negative ionic charge) can rapidly pull radiation from the body. What will you do if disaster strikes tonight?  Do you have a checklist to execute?  Do your spouse and children know exactly what to do, where to go that is safe and well-supplied with food and medicines, maybe even weapons? As Japan draws closer to full-scale nuclear meltdown and Islamic terrorists prepare to use “suitcase nukes” to carry out their most devastating terror attack yet, will you depend on the folks that brought you the Cash for Clunkers program for help? Get the Digital Download version, PLUS Own the rights to copy and or sell this book for Just $297.00!
After recently seeing a picture of a truck down in one of the “cave warehouses” near Kansas City, Missouri, it made me remember the times I had been down in those caves with my truck, so I started doing a little “digging” and found that there are several of these unique underground warehouses across the country. Many of you may not even be aware that these underground facilities even exist, but I can assure you they do, because I have been inside many of them. It is a different feeling the first time you drive into one of these man-made caves, but they are usually painted white and well-lit.
Limestone mining began in the late 1800’s with little regard for the shape of the space that their excavation left behind.
With a sales office in the Empire State Building, Iron Mountain offered safe storage of vital information from wars and disasters.
One of the most secure Iron Mountain facilities is located two hundred feet under Boyers, Pennsylvania. Carved out of an enormous limestone deposit underneath Kansas City is the world’s largest business park. On the ground above SubTropolis, people enjoy the “Worlds of Fun” amusement park, while 100 feet below them is a bustling enterprise system.
Everyone is “going green” these days, and these caves are the perfect location for efficiency-minded companies. Carthage Underground is a collection of marble quarries in Carthage, Missouri, most of which are presently owned by Americold Logistics. In 1991, a fire broke out in one of Americold’s underground storage facilities in Kansas City, but despite continuous firefighting efforts (there were no sprinklers) it took almost two months for the fire to burn itself out.
The Louisville Mega Cavern started out as the Louisville Crushed Stone Quarry, where miners removed a mind-boggling amount of limestone for over 42 years. Even with these numerous advantages, underground warehouses still have some issues to deal with when making these caves safe and desirable for the thousands of people who go into them every day. These underground facilities have so much to offer in regards to climate control, safety and security. Kim Grimm has had a license to drive a truck since April of 1978 and has driven millions and millions of miles ever since. All Images and content on this site are protected by copyright laws, but 10-4 Magazine gives viewers the right to download images or text for personal use. The fact is that a nuclear attack may well be a smaller device and that the fallout will pose the largest threat to the greatest number of people. The biggest problem with the shelter might be to keep people from using it for unapproved uses. Located in the Adirondack Mountains in Saranac, New York, this unique property with its own FAA-approved airstrip was converted to a luxury home from an nuclear missile silo.
During the Cold War, this Saranac site was part of the Atlas missile system developed by the United States government.
A decoy house sits on top of the command center with 2,000 square feet of space including the kitchen and the living room. Through a set of steel doors at the bottom level of the command center, you can access the 185-foot deep silo where the missile was kept.
The missile silo home is currently listed on the market for $750,000, which includes 19 acres of land. But surely not as mad as our “terrorist enemies” who pray for Mutually Assured Destruction.
The media doesn’t talk much about this, but during the Cold War the US lost 7 nuclear bombs and now, more than ever, they are becoming a big threat to our national security.

An American B-52 went into a tailspin during a routine flight along the east coast, causing a pair of 4-megaton hydrogen bombs to dislodge and fall near the town of Goldsboro.
Controversy continues to surround the event as newly declassified information reinforced public suspicions that one of the bombs came very close to detonating and one has never been found. To quote a sarcastic comedian: “OK… We nearly blown up one of the Carolinas, but that’s basically why we have two”.
The atomic bomb was jettisoned, the crew bailed out (parachuted) and 12 of the 17 men were eventually found alive. It is said that the nuclear bomb blew up on impact with the water and only pieces remain on the bottom of the ocean. A Boeing B-47 Stratojet took off from MacDill Air Force Base, Florida for a non-stop flight to Ben Guerir Air Base, Morocco, but mysteriously disappeared. The unarmed aircraft was carrying two capsules of nuclear weapons material in carrying cases.
Despite an extensive search, no debris were found, and the crash site has never been completely located. The Nuclear Sub sank about 400 miles to the southwest of the Azores islands with 99 crewmen dying in the incident. Today, the wreck of Scorpion is resting on a sandy seabed at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean in 9,800 ft of water.
It is true that you need some equipment to dive a probe under 9,800 ft of water, but it can be done. It sounds outrageous to me that we’ve managed to simply lose some nuclear weapons and we’re doing nothing to recover them. Most of our recent failures in the Middle East resulted from taking no stand and just letting events drift.
Which means millions of Americans could die if and when a nuclear explosion happens on U.S.
Which means Japan is not the only country that is vulnerable to massive damage to nuclear power plants.
These power plants are peppered throughout the States, and many of them are in major natural disaster areas. Now imagine our porous southern border, which the government refuses to secure, and the millions of illegals who have crossed the border unchecked, carrying with them backpacks, bags, and even entire truckloads of unchecked material! It's a huge quantity of highly radioactive material equal to a great many Chernobyls' worth of radioactivity, nuclear experts say. The government will not provide for our safety or needs when a catastrophic nuclear disaster happens. Iran accomplished this technological feat in 2009 and North Korea is trying as I write this.
Isn’t it interesting that the mainstream media calls almost daily for more money and authority to give to various agencies to stop terrorism, but not one word or even a penny is devoted to civil defense.
Underground warehouses can be found in the states of Missouri, Pennsylvania, New York, Kentucky, Indiana and Illinois, just to name a few.
I have delivered to or picked up at the one outside of Carthage, MO and a couple different warehouses in the Kansas City area. But by the 1950’s, people started realizing that this space could be used after the miners were gone. In 1936, Herman Knaust paid $9,000 for a depleted iron ore mine in Livingston so he could have more room to grow his mushrooms on the 100 acres above it. General Douglas MacArthur visited the site and the publicity from this visit was the extent of the company’s marketing program – but that was all it needed. 2,700 employees work in the 130-acre underground vault which has its own restaurant, fire truck, water treatment plant and backup power infrastructure.
Established in 1964, Hunt Midwest SubTropolis spans 1,100 acres and offers 55,000,000 total square feet of space – and it is all underground!
Stored at SubTropolis is everything from sacks of coffee beans to original reels of Gone With The Wind. They currently hold 43,000,000 square feet of the quarry, much of which is occupied by warehouses or factories, primarily for food production.
The fire, which started in an area of the cave containing grocery items like cleaning compounds, pesticides, paper goods and cooking oil, reached temperatures as high as 2,000 degrees.
It was acquired in 1989 by private investors who wanted to develop a portion of the man-made cavern into a high-security storage facility. Ventilation is a primary concern, but most of the mines have good air flow because they usually have more than one entrance. Some claim that these man-made caves will soon be the banks of tomorrow – a place where we will one day store our valuables, instead of in a safety deposit box at our local bank branch.
The OP posted a good alternative as it is best to be underground to avoid the most fallout. The underground missile silo contained the Atlas F missile which was connected to an underground missile launch control center. The current owners purchased the land about 20 years ago and began transforming it into a livable residence. The bedrooms and bathrooms are located in the underground command center with 3,000 square feet of living space. The abandoned missile silo, which has not yet been converted, can be used as a recreational space for any interested buyer.
The tail of the bomb was discovered about 20 feet below ground, but the core has never been recovered since excavation was abandoned because of uncontrollable ground-water flooding. The B-36 had been en route from Alaska to Texas, on a mission that included a simulated nuclear attack on San Francisco. Since a nuclear detonation was not possible, the nuclear cores of the bombs are probably intact even today. In addition to the tragic loss of all 99 crew members, the Scorpion was carrying two nuclear weapons.
For example, Titanic rests under 12,500 ft of water and we managed to dive there and recover some artifacts.
Nobody seems to care about this nuclear threat that will eventually come as a BIG “surprise”. This is one of the things that I’ve learned from a well-known army officer vet Steve Walker, for whom I have all the respect in the world. In fact, the public guidelines for dealing with a catastrophic nuclear event haven’t been updated since the 1960s. During the Cold War, a nuclear arms race helped maintain the balance of power and prevent a nuclear holocaust. Adams details the history of nuclear weapons development, the extent of the negligence by our own government and some potential chilling scenarios. If the government cannot provide the food stamps that millions have come to rely upon, and the police are preoccupied with clean-up from the disaster, what might the country look like in the weeks and months following a strike?
Worse, dissenting speech or thoughts contrary to the wishes of the regime (like this book) are even at risk of being silenced.

However, I agree to the conditions that I will not change or edit the book in anyway, and that I will not sell it for less than the listed retail price. Most of these underground facilities occupy previous mining sites, which is a great second use for what some might consider “useless” or “used up” space. I knew about these caves before, but in my research I unearthed a lot more than I ever knew about them. But you have to be very careful not to get too close to a wall or pillar because you can tear your trailer up pretty easy down there. Using the “room and pillar” method of hard rock mining, usable underground space could be left behind. His Hudson River Valley neighbors called him the “Mushroom King” because he had made his fortune growing mushrooms. East River Savings Bank was their first account, bringing microfilm copies of deposit records and duplicate signature cards in armored cars for storage in the mountain facility. Fifty local, national and international businesses are located there, employing some 1,500 workers. Vanguard Packaging, a cardboard display manufacturer, has 360,000 square feet of space at SubTropolis that they don’t need to heat or cool. The total area of Carthage Underground is difficult to trace, but it has been rumored to stretch out as far as Joplin, Missouri (about 20 miles from Carthage). The fire was confined to one section of the cave, but the smoke flowed throughout the facility, ruining 245 million pounds of food. Located just a few miles from the Kentucky Expo Center and Louisville International Airport, this huge 100-acre facility is capable of shrugging off a 260-mph tornado and boasts a constant temperature of 56 degrees.
Structural integrity is always a concern, but limestone is three times stronger than concrete. As we run out of usable space above the ground, these subterranean business complexes will continue to dig their way into the future.
It would eliminate flooding and still have two or three feet of earth over the living area. A big square shipping container with dirt around it would not be much unless enough dirt was used to round out the shelter. Had the bomb exploded, the blast would have been 265 times more powerful than the bomb detonated over Hiroshima and the fallout would have reached as far as Washington DC, Baltimore and New York City, given the strong northerly winds, after eviscerating Goldsboro and much of North Carolina.
Seven hours into the flight, three of the six engines began shooting flames and were shut down, and the other three engines proved incapable of delivering full power.
According to the United States Air Force the plutonium core was not present for this simulation.
Navy periodically visits the site to conduct testing for the release of nuclear materials from the nuclear reactor and the two nuclear weapons aboard, and to determine whether the wreckage has been disturbed.
On Manhattan Project we spent $26 billion (plus 130.000 people working for more than 5 years). Watch his video and learn quite a few efficient and unconventional fast tips about protecting your family in a time of war or social chaos. It’s a pretty interesting journey, but you won’t need a miner’s hat or light for this trip! I remember one cave that I went to where the yard dog had to pull the trailer in because our truck was too big for the facility.
The miners began by tunneling into the bluffs and hills, removing huge squares of stone in grid patterns up to 150 feet below the surface. Other large corporate customers soon followed as they realized the need to protect their vital records. The entrances to the SubTropolis complex seem to rise out of nowhere, and when big trucks enter the man-made cave, it looks as if they are disappearing right into the hillside. CEO Mark Mathes, an outspoken advocate for environmental sustainability, also hopes to install a wind turbine on the surface that would generate as much electricity as the company uses. And in the post 9-11 world, companies looking for ultimate security can take comfort in the fact that this facility claims it could withstand a hit from a 747 jet airliner and sustain no damage. Developers of these caves use various methods to ensure that the rock ceilings aren’t shifting. India, Pakistan and even North Korea spent huge fortunes before making their first nuclear bombs. You can then give away the book free to family members or everyone in your church or organization. Today, the result is millions of square feet of usable space, dominated by huge natural pillars holding up the ceilings.
At that point, National Underground Storage bought 80 acres of the mine and convinced the federal government to store some of its vital documents there.
There are over two miles of railroad corridors, almost seven miles of roads, and 10,000 huge limestone pillars down there, all laid out in a grid 40 feet apart.
If a fire was to break out now, local fire officials would be able to respond within minutes because the technology in place automatically monitors the premises and can alert the authorities. Construction to carve out offices and storage spaces is ongoing – they have only made a dent in the more than 4,000,000 square feet of space. Engineers use sensitive instruments, equipped with warning flags, to detect any movement in the earth (down to a thousandth of an inch).
Or if you need some extra income, you can sell the book online as an ebook, make hard copies and sell them at flea markets or whatever your mind can conceive. The pillars’ even spacing, concrete flooring and 16-foot high, smooth ceilings make build-to-suit facilities time and cost efficient for tenants. In 1951, at the start of the Cold War, with fears of atomic bombs ever-present, he formed Iron Mountain Atomic Storage, Inc., which provided high-security underground storage vaults in his mine. To keep things organized, the gigantic white pillars are numbered to serve as postal addresses. SubTropolis covers over 10% of the industrial space available in the greater Kansas City area, and with millions of square feet of additional space still available for future tenants, SubTropolis will continue to lead the way in “down under” facilities.
And even though it’s underground, the Louisville Mega Cavern is still the largest building in the entire state of Kentucky.
If any separation develops in the stone, even from the natural movement of the earth, a flag will drop.
Knaust displayed great foresight in 1952 when he said (about Iron Mountain Atomic Storage), “This business will mushroom!” The company’s revenue in 2010 was 3.1 billion dollars. Today, the United States Office of Personnel Management and the United States Patent and Trademark Office both maintain some of their most highly-sensitive documents there.
The Corbis Corporation, a company owned by software billionaire Bill Gates that licenses the rights to more than 100 million images and 500,000 video clips, also stores their entire collection of originals at the Boyers, PA underground site.

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