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Sure, you can always just buy a little sailboat for taking with you during the summer's weekend trips.  But why not impress the wife and kids by pretending to build one from scratch?   That's exactly what you can do with the DIY Sailboat Kit. Made by the Balmain Boat Company, it's a DIY sailboat kit that includes everything you need to assemble your own little sailer.  Everything is pre-cut, too, so you don't have to do any difficult cutting work (not that you have to admit that to anybody else) -- just follow the instructions to put the individual parts together and you've got yourself a real boat you can take down the waters. According to the product page, the boat takes approximately 30 hours to complete, so it will probably take you about 60, which still sounds awesome.  You'll need to give the epoxy and sealant two weeks to set, though, so don't just drive down to the beach as soon as you finish the thing. There are crisis scenarios where your bug out vehicle could be or should be a bicycle If you need to move about quicker than you could walk and further than you could run then a bike would be a great option.
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Camping doesn’t have to mean leaving civilisation completely – a fate worse than death for some people!
Choose a camping ground near a little town, so that you can hike and enjoy being outside, while at the same time being able to pop off to the shops when you want to. Let’s face it, most people prefer using a modern bathroom over squatting in the bushes, so why not choose a camping ground with a bathroom equipped with hot water and a toilet? If you have teenagers and older kids in the group, give them their own tents to sleep in and they will enjoy the trip so much more.

Pennywize endeavours to provide you with simple DIY solutions and intelligent tools to help you on your way to financial freedom.
If you need to maneuver around debris through disrupted streets after an earthquake riot, wind storm, hurricane or tornado a bike might be the only way to move about. However, we will never link you to a site that requires you to make any purchase or join anything to view the article. These days, you can enjoy being out in nature, while still having a few modern conveniences for the more squeamish in the group. Those members of the family who don’t enjoy being far from civilisation won’t feel so isolated then, and will be able to enjoy the actual camping part of the holiday much more. It will make the idea of camping that much more attractive to the members of the family that aren’t the types to “rough it”. Teenagers need their own space, and won’t enjoy being cramped up with everyone in a tent all night and then spending all day together – put them in instantly better moods during the trip in this very simple way.
So make sure to plan your camping menu to include delicious treats, maybe hot chocolate in the morning with eggs and bacon cooked on the gas braai, and some tasty suppers.
After a SHTF event fuel may also be very scarce and even if you have some you might want to save it and the use of your vehicle for emergency trips only.

This bike trailer would be great for scavenging if you must, hauling supplies, carrying small children or pets etc. We usually camp held in the summer holidays, we always bring sleeping bags to ensure health and sleep. Imagine being able to save enough money to settle a nasty overdue account, or simply just having that little bit extra come month end? What is really nifty about his design is that it doesn’t require welding skills or ability! They tend to have more poles than three season tents to help them withstand wind and snow fall.
It is up to you to use common sense and your best judgment when using any information contained within the articles.

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