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Boy Scout Troop 100 of Garland just got back from a weekend that really tested the boys’ survival skills.
Making fire with a magnifying glass is one of the methods the boys learned on their Wilderness Survival campout.
Once the training was completed, the boys were sent into the wilderness of East Texas in small groups to put what they had learned into practice. After spending Saturday night fending for themselves (with plenty of adults nearby, of course) the boys came back to base camp and were treated to a massive breakfast spread to reward them for their great work. The number one killer in America is Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA), killing more than 400,000 people a year.
Unfortunately, most of the time, the necessary life-saving equipment does not arrive in time. Sudden Cardiac Arrest is caused by chaotic electrical activity in the heart and can only be treated with an electric shock called defibrillation. By providing the most cost-effective and easy-to-use AEDs, Defibtech is leading the charge to arm households with the best defense available against this life-threatening condition.
The bottom line is that with a modest investment, now you too can save a loved one’s life. A year long study was made by the Dallas Police Department and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms in which recovered guns that had been used in crimes, were traced. When the locations of recovered guns were sorted by zip code, it became clear that most of the suspects lived inside the City of Dallas. In other large metropolitan areas there is usually an influx of guns from the outside communities into the central areas, but Dallas was unique because very few guns came from outside the city. When the numbers of gun recovered were applied to the zip code and paired with police substations, high crime areas were clearly delineated. With that information, local, state and federal law enforcement efforts could be concentrated where they would be most effective.
Weapons used to commit crimes were also traced to states from coast to coast and border to border. The practice is a way that some VA hospitals make doctors' caseloads appear artificially small and within federal guidelines.
The officer began the 84-day course July 6 and was dropped July 18 after failing to complete two conditioning hikes. The jihadi employment form asked the recruits, on a scale of 1 to 3, to rate their knowledge of Islam.
Russia is close to joining forces with the United States around Aleppo, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said. Syrian government forces on Monday repelled a renewed rebel assault southwest of the city of Aleppo.

The new land-to-sea missile will have a range of 190 miles and is expected to be operational by 2023. President Ortega of Nicaragua is approaching countries that can offer support against drug trafficking and organized crime.
Female Ranger Training Assessment Course students demonstrate their knowledge of combat water survival techniques during the Ranger Training Assessment Course.
Nineteen women took part in the Airborne and Ranger Training Brigade's first co-ed Ranger course Monday at Fort Benning, Ga. Students must perform 49 push-ups in two minutes, 59 sit-ups in two minutes and six chin-ups to a strict standard, Ranger officials maintain. At the end of the day, three females did not meet the standard to continue, a 16-percent failure rate. The CWSA consists of a log walk and rope drop where candidates have to scale a ladder 30 feet above the pond, walk up and down a short set of stairs and crawl out onto a rope to a hanging Ranger Tab sign.
Then the swim-test portion requires them to go into the water, calmly take off their equipment and swim 15 meters without panic to demonstrate their ability to swim to safety should they get into a position where they are in over their head in the swamps of Florida, or anywhere else during training, Ranger officials said. Following the land-nav course, students spend the rest of the afternoon crawling through the mud and negotiating other challenges on the Malvesti obstacle course. The last hurdle of RAP is a 12-mile road march students must complete in less than three hours, carrying a rifle, fighting load carrier vest and a rucksack weighing approximately 43 pounds.
RAP week accounts for about 40 percent of the students who fail to make it through the course.
Once students complete RAP, they have 57 days to complete to earn the coveted gold and black Ranger Tab.
Ranger School is a punishing ordeal designed to push combat leaders, both officers and sergeants, to their mental and physical limits.
Senior Army leaders recently decided to allow females to attend the historically male-only, infantry course. Like male candidates, female Ranger School students will have to spend long hours weighted down with infantry weapons and equipment on patrols through the thick forests of Fort Benning, and the dense swamps of Camp Rudder, Florida.
They'll also be expected to climb and rappel in the steep mountain terrain of Camp Merrill near Dahlonega, Georgia.
Ranger School candidates have to endure these challenges on two meals a day while getting three to four hours of sleep a night for eight weeks.
A Navy petty officer second class, the only female sailor among the 10 who were detained, received the Navy Commendation Medal.
The USS Florida is currently being renovated to accommodate female enlisted sailors, including berthing and bathroom facilities. During this weekend and the troop meetings just prior to it, the boys undergo extensive training in wilderness survival skills.

In order to eat, they needed to build traps, snares or fashion fishing lines from the few items they were able to carry with them and demonstrate that they could catch their own food.
Although the weather was beautiful this past weekend, the boys had to demonstrate that they could build a shelter that would protect them from the elements in the event that they were ever truly stranded in the wilderness.
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With quick response, this condition is readily treatable with survival rates well over 50%.
Recent advances in modern technology, along with legislative support from federal and state governments, have made a solution available to the public.
With the Defibtech AED, virtually anyone can respond to a cardiac emergency and deliver life-saving assistance to a family member or friend at a price that the average household can afford.
However, the majority came from within the state of Texas – a total of 2,964 guns were purchased in Texas alone. He worked "on the street" as a police officer for the Dallas Police Department and the Dallas County Police Department from 1995 to 2002. Joseph Dunford stepped into a roiling debate over the number of generals and admirals in the military. The female candidates joined 380 male soldiers to take on the Ranger Physical Fitness Assessment – a pass-fail event that prevents many from entering the course. By contrast, 78 male candidates didn't meet the standard to continue, a 20-percent failure rate. They do one pull-up and ask permission to drop into the pond before falling into the pond and swimming to the side.
Another 15 percent of students fail to complete the course because of injuries and poor performance.
The effort is a result of former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta's January 2013 directive that all services open combat-arms roles to women that so far have been reserved for men. This year, they were lucky enough to have a true survival expert, Garland resident James Hart, helping with the training. If you do not want to comment with a social network, please consider writing a letter to the editor.

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