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The exact contents of a good survival kit will vary with the environment you plan on using it in, but there are some basics that every good survival kit should have. Once you have the basics of the kit itself down, there are four main categories of supplies to keep in it.
In a survival situation ita€™s common to want to stay hidden to avoid the many dangers that come from other people, but there are times that you need to signal someone to receive assistance or to communicate without sound. The LED light can be a keychain-style light, but make sure the batteries are fresh in it and that ita€™s not the kind that needs unscrewed to replace the batteries. While keeping a few condoms in your bag might seem odd, they actually have a lot more uses than what they were intended for. In regard to the health aspects of this section, having a good anti-diarrheal is very important in case you get sick either by water-borne illness or food related issues.
With size a constant concern with a survival kit, you need to make sure you use as many items as possible that have more than one use.
The more uses an item has, the smaller your kit will be and the more likely it is youa€™ll have it with you when you need it. Gabriel Garcia Marquez, RIP Is the entire city of Boston under complete police video surveillance?
Note: Our Aurora Fire Starter is superior to all other fire starters on the market due to it's design features and function.
Lightweight and designed for outdoor adventurers and pilots who like to be prepared, our Aurora Fire Starter has even climbed Mount Everest (2SA Model). Our Aurora Fire Starter™ comes complete with detailed instructions and several pieces of fire starting material. Click at left to watch the amazing Aurora Fire Starter™ demonstration video and to watch the fire starter experiment video that shows our competition disintegrate before your eyes in salt water and shows why you should choose the Aurora Fire Starter!
Would like to be a dealer, distributor, or earn extra money working from your home selling Aurora Fire Starters? The Cobrabraid bracelet is a must have accessory for anyone who regularly braves the outdoors, camps, hunts, and fishes.
The Cobrabraid Troops Bracelet is made of camo paracord accented with a yellow awareness ribbon in the middle. Wrap a piece of yarn or cord around your wrist and mark the point at which it is a comfortable fit then measure with a ruler. Measure around your wrist at that location in inches to determine your bracelet size and order accordingly.
Multiple compartments also help to keep items safe if a tear or other damage happens to another compartment.

When looking at a survival kit therea€™s not nearly enough room to keep water and food in it, so you need to keep supplies that will help you procure these in the wild. Non-lubricated condoms can be used to transport fairly large quantities of water and collapse smaller than any other water container.
These supplies will help fix you when youa€™re hurt, keep you from becoming hurt, and give you shelter from the elements.
While having diarrhea today is terrible, in a survival situation it can kill you by dehydration. Fire starting equipment is also covered at the top but ita€™s worth mentioning again as a fire can save your life. A poncho can keep you and your gear dry when walking and can serve as a shelter when youa€™re not. While a survival kit should be part of your bug out bag, you should keep the survival kit close to your body and out of the bag. 8202085, 8186995) By Solo Scientific Inc.Aurora Fire Starter ™440C With Magnesium (Patented US Patent Numbers. Many cheap fire starters are not sealed and protected from the elements when not in use but our Aurora Fire Starter is and that is vitally important! The paracord is strength tested to 550 pounds and there are more than 6’ of paracord woven into a ?”-wide bracelet. Your bracelet will unwind so you can tie down a shelter, attach a game bag to a tree limb, or lash together a pair of kayaks.
There is your cobrabraid paracord bracelet size!In order to determine your correct bracelet size, use a flexible tape measure at the location where you would like to wear your COBRABRAID.
Needle and thread should be of a thin gauge to work for both suturing as well as sewing fabric. You can also use them to cover wounded toes and fingers as a bandage of sorts in an emergency. The reason being, all ferrocerium or flint-steel type fire starters must be protected from the elements after first use to prevent oxidation to the point of disintegration. Two models are now available both equipped with a built-in guided striking blade and ferrocerium flint steel rod with magnesium within its composition - yielding sparks as hot as 5000 degrees F.
SEE DEMONSTRATION VIDEO, Aurora Fire Starter™ accessories, and find a retail dealer or distributor near you at left and below.Same day shipping - except Sunday's orders ship on Monday. For locations outside the United States - only $9.95 (per item), just select US Mail International (least expensive for international orders) during checkout. SUPER ALLOY AURORA FIRE STARTER OPTIONAL BLADESWe designed these new Super Alloy (Optional) Blades for Aurora Fire Starters that are shipped to US Soldiers and for customers that want the absolute best that money can buy.

The Support-Our-Troops Paracord Bracelet is a favorite among active men and women, who realize how difficult it is to be in the military due to the physical and emotional challenges military men and women face. Both colors of paracord are manufactured in the USA by a military contractor and then our Cobrabraid weavers handcraft each piece.
You can use the paracord to tie your gear to your waist to repel down a cliff and you can use the inner strands to kindle a fire or to suture a wound. Wea€™re not talking about a backpack or small rucksack here, but more like a belt-worn ammo pouch. The candle can be used for not only light but the wax can be used in making a fire starter as well. We use our patent-pending Cobradjust velcro clasp to keep the bracelet securely on your wrist, but the quick breakaway action will help remove the bracelet in an emergency situation. Our Aurora Fire Starter has many more desirable features please read below!Created and manufactured by Solo Scientific Inc. All shipping options are calculated live during checkout so you can select the option that fits both your budget and time requirements. These new blades are constructed using a unique combination of tungsten, carbide, and cobalt that is superior to all other striking blades on the market and MADE IN THE USA !
These new blades must be cured in special ovens during manufacturing and can only be cut using a diamond blade.
Our goal was to design and manufacture the best all-around survival fire starter in the world and we have absolutely done it! You can wear our lightweight Aurora Fire Starter™ on your key ring or around your neck on a lanyard and if you are ever separated from your pack or knife you will still have everything you need to start a fire.
The built-in Striking Blade takes off enough material to start a fire but will not cause excessive wear, can be flipped over to reveal a fresh striking surface (Note: our NEW 440C striking blades will yield thousands of strikes before needing to be flipped), or be sharpened if dulled. 8202085, 8186995) is a true survival tool and will work in any environment that will support life! Our built-in Striking Blade is part of the unit and will not get caught on equipment, break off, or rattle while in combat, or hunting - like other fire starters that have a blade hanging from a string.
Our Aurora Fire Starter™ is designed to function wet or dry, is machined from solid light- weight aircraft aluminum (NO PLASTIC!), is knurled for grip, and will not break when you need it most.
These blades will yield thousands of strikes and can be flipped over to reveal a fresh striking surface after prolonged use or can also be sharpened.

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