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If you’re one of those guys who like to keep a bunch of survival gear home, you should look into compact gear as well. The thing about this survival tool kit is that it’s essentially a case designed to incorporate several main tools in its exterior and hold additional items inside. The Sol Origin Survival Tool Kit is definitely a survival tool kit worth considering, for its small size if not for anything else. This survival kit features an 11-function stainless steel camping tool (including a can and bottle opener, screwdriver, saw blade and more), an engravable 9-function stainless steel survival knife (including a corkscrew, nail file, scissors and more), and a stainless steel magnetic pocket compass with key ring. First and foremost, the lid of this kit is equipped with the best possible signaling mirror (think of it as a lid on top of a lid) with a printed instruction image that will show you the proper way of using one.

But it has a decent number of tools which under the right circumstances (or wrong ones, depends on your point of view) can mean a world of difference. Our survival tool kit makes a great gift for a hunter, backpacker, scout troop leader, manly man, or a lover of the outdoors. The bottom of this kit is where its other three very useful tools are located by being securely locked in their slots.
As for the 3-in-1 combination tool, it can function as a sharp folding knife with a 1.75 inch drop point blade, an LED lamp and a pealess 100 decible whistle. If you need an item sooner you may choose the rush engraving and we will rush it into production and ship it within 24 hours (Mon-Fri).

This kit can be placed in your pocket, small bag or glove compartment and it has just the right stuff for you to survive an extreme situation. For Greek Symbols: Please enter the corresponding keyboard keys from the font chart popup (link is below the personalization boxes) and we will engrave the matching Greek symbol on the item. Please be sure to double check your customized text entered above for misspellings, items will be printed EXACTLY as you submit them.

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