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Often overlooked as a preparedness tool, solar lighting is something we should all consider.
Yep, manufacturers lower their costs in building solar lights by using low-quality batteries. There’s a lot of debate out there on whether to use NiCD or NiMH batteries (such as the amazinglyawesome Eneloop, of which I find myself collecting). When looking for outdoor solar lighting that might be used indoors or as a battery charger, be sure it has an on-off switch.
Most lights house a single battery, but if you get solar lights with at least two batteries, the light output is quite a bit more, and your charging capacity has doubled. Because the decorative shades impede the light, removing them will expose more light and the difference can be drastic. Increase egg production by putting a solar lamp in a chicken coop in winter and get more “daylight” for egg production. As I’ve said before, one of the best ways to prepare the unprepared is by giving practical gifts that can be used in an emergency. Pair the lights with a pack of good rechargeable batteries, and baby, you’ve just set them up with a solar battery charging solution that also runs double-duty as emergency lighting – cleverly disguised as a gift. A spotlight is also an excellent choice – they tend to have larger solar panels and charge faster. So there you have it, 3 options for solar lighting and 6 hacks you can do to them to make them more survival-y.

It is lightweight to be carried all day without added muscle fatigue, and the blade of the M48 Kommando Axe offers a wide, upswept axe blade. You can use them in many other ways than just looking pretty: from increasing egg production, to charging batteries, to preparing your unprepared loved ones. It’s often why solar lighting gets mixed reviews – it’s not the light, but the battery that failed. If you live in a climate with moderate temperatures and a good amount of sunlight, a NiMH battery is your best choice. You can use solar lights to charge batteries during the day, and then remove the batteries and use in other devices. When using them indoors,you may also have other light sources that would trigger the sensor, so use some of your massive stock of camo duct tape to tape over it, effectively disabling it temporarily and keeping the light on. The solar lights can be hacked to extend the solar chip outside of the coop, while keeping the light itself inside the coop. When I shop online at a site like Amazon, I can review the reviews and do price-comparisons to make sure I’m getting the best option out there. I don’t plan on using these lights as a replacement for regular bulbs; and at this price, as one reviewer pointed out, you couldn’t buy the solar cell, battery and LEDs. This one, while it has a few mixed reviews (mainly due to damage in shipment) is the one for me.
Replacing the low-quality ones with higher quality batteries is the secret to both longevity and efficiency of using solar outdoor lights indoors.

If not, opt for quality NiCD batteries, as they will tolerate a broader range of conditions than a NiMH will. This is an ideal set to gift to an unprepared loved one as well – the price is low enough to pair with some smashing batteries without busting the budget — and you’ll be preparing a loved one with a sneaky solar battery charger as well. I just bought a tiny house and plan to use it to light my flag at night until someone I love needs some batteries charged.
These solar lights for trees have pretty good reviews and well, they’re just so flippin’ pretty. When combined with the backside of the head, the spike and axe head make for an efficient personal defense and breaching tool as well as a great camping tool with an extremely fast chopping edge. And buying a cheap light just because it’s cheap won’t get you anywhere, worse yet, it will give you a false sense of security. The blade is securely attached to the sturdy nylon reinforced bright yellow handle with 30% fiberglass and three separate bolts. She won’t even know that I just set her up with a solar battery charger like a total “prepper”. 1 - #3 Scalpel Handle.Survival First Aid Surgical Suture Kit Emergency Trauma Bug Out Bag Military KitFree First Aid Guide For Bystanders & First Responders!

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