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Deserts are most likely the places where it’s the hardest to live, due to the big lack of water. We’ve put together 5 crucial tips on how to survive in the desert, which everybody who decides to visit an area like this should consider. Presuming that you’re lost and have no idea where you are, try to find a water source as quick as possible. Walk only by night and during the day try to get some sleep, but not before finding shelter.
Make sure you have warm clothes with your, as the desert temperature differences between day and night can be huge.
Finally, everybody who wants to learn how to survive in the desert should know that calm is very important. Do you know any essential tips which should be considered by anybody who wants to know how to survive in the desert?

My boyfriend had been wanitng a water purification system and I was never sure which one to get.
This fun and festive idea comes from Andrea, who put these kits together for her sister and brother-in-law before they became parents. Who wouldn’t love to receive a fun little care package before they head to the hospital to become a mom or dad? Dad needs something, too! He’ll love finding his Hospital Survival Kit filled with all sorts of fun things to keep him occupied at the hospital. The next time you have a baby shower to go to, think about giving Hospital Survival Kits as a baby gift. It is known that the human body can resist without food for a for a maximum of three weeks, but on the other side, you can survive more than three days without water. The easiest way to do this is to guide yourself after the traces left by animals. Usually, they are familiar with the surroundings, thus knowing where the water sources are.

By this, you will be able to go through longer distances faster, due to lower temperatures. It’s true, you will start sweating, but you will avoid sunburn and keep sweat close to the skin, which will cause you to lose less water.
She picked up most of the items from the Dollar store, which makes this not only easy,  but cost -effective, too! Not to mention that in the desert, because of the dry weather, this period can be even shorter.

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