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Home defense is a part of self-reliance that we all deal with on a daily basis, and self-reliance is the king of all things DIY (Do-It-Yourself). Since it applies to us all, regardless of how much money we have, this article will address how a prudent measure of home security can be achieved on a budget.
I lay out the fundamentals of survival as follows: security, medical, shelter, water, food, signaling, navigation, and mobility.
I use a modified rule of threes to remember these priorities and keep them prioritized in order of what can get you killed the fastest, because one way to see survival is as a race against time.
If you train or have been there and done that, you know that three seconds is often more than you will likely need to resolve a deadly force scenario, but it sure does not leave much room for error. This article will focus on the first two and I’ll assign the last two as homework since I’ve already covered them in another article.
The container for your tactical toolbox can be anything that will hold and organize your gear. The container you choose does not matter so much as that it does its job adequately for you and may need to vary as you see fit to comply with local law.
The idea here isn’t to take on a SWAT team, it is to fight your way to a safer room with larger weapons. Make getting into your property, your home and your room, noisy and time consuming buying you time to react, whether that means running or fighting.
If you cannot afford motion sensor year lights, go the biological alarm system route and give a puppy or two a good home or throw out some bird seed. An old West gunfighter hero of mine trained his dog to lick his face in order to wake him up instead of barking and managed to die of natural causes even though he drank heavily and had a lot of enemies. If you hear them coming and are prepared, you can disappear or make them right on a battlefield you have chosen and prepared.
Replace any weak exterior doors with strong solid core security doors, ideally steel or incorporating layers of steel. You may have a hard time justifying the deception if the grid is up, but at least you will be alive to stand trial. Build hard cover into walls where it will benefit you, but deprive a home invader of advantage.
Another inexpensive tip to swing the odds in your favor is the placement of lighting and light switches so that your defensive positions are shrouded in shadow while those of intruders are brightly lit.
Use these tips in concert with your tactical training to make use of hallways, stairway and doorways as fatal funnels and you will increase your odds of surviving a home invasion.
Just do not forget to implement SOP and train or your enemy will just waltz right pass your defensive preparations and use the element of surprise to make sure you never make it into position to put any of your preparations to use. About the Author Latest PostsAbout Cache Valley PrepperCache Valley Prepper is the CEO of Survival Sensei, LLC, a freelance author, writer, survival instructor, consultant and the director of the Survival Brain Trust. A rather vicious method discouraging attempts to invade can be contrived with a bottle of compressed air, nitrogen or helium and a solution of water and Ammonia.
The external end of the tubing can be sealed with a wooden or plastic dowel glued into the end of the tubing. This assembly is critical and must be put together to avoid leaking the Ammonia into the area where the controls are to be. The tiny holes you have pierced in the tubing (and you can skip areas of choice as those without established windows, doors, etc) This will also conserve in the dispersal of the solution.
You must close all windows beneath the tubing or the mixture will drive you out of the house. You can obtain a pressure control set of gas welding gauges from Harbor Freight for a modest sum and those are my preference. As an additional device, beneath each window, scatter caltrops, which can be broken glass, or you can purchase them by the dozen from online sources. I looked up the same reference to"Protect-O-Shutter", it appears to be a generic description at best, ala' motorized hurricane shutters made from metal. All comments, messages, ideas, remarks, or other information that you send to us (other than information protected according to the law) become and remain our property. We felt T-Dog’s pain when he ripped open his arm on a rusty car door while trolling the wreckage and siphoning gas.  We’re assuming that you’re not scavenging for supplies on the freeway or hiding under abandoned cars to avoid walkers, but the key take away here is to always have a first kit on hand.

Once the card is shown, everyone playing must touch either the table or the actual floor with their hands. The player that drew this card picks someone else at the table that must drink every time they do until another 8 is drawn. The player that draws this card makes up a rule that has to be followed through out the rest of the game. There are a few ways of playing this card, but the most popular is to have the person who draws the Queen become the Questionnaire. Either pour whatever you are drinking into the middle cup or, if it is the 4th King, you must drink whatever concoction lay in the cup in the center. Once the liquid has cooled enough to handle, pour it through a strainer into a large container.  Make sure that you mash the goldenrod against the strainer to extract as much of the liquid as possible. Make sure that you wear kitchen or cleaning gloves while handling the dye, otherwise your skin will become discolored.  You should also wear some kind of apron or old clothing in case you get splattered while working on this project. Learn more about how you can use plants to dye fabric, and you can open the door to all kinds of possibilities if you’re ever thrust into a long-term survival or self-sufficiency situation.
If you have those basics covered, you are in good shape, and security is not listed first among them by accident. I remember to rank security first in the rule of threes by saying that you can live three seconds without thinking. Especially when you are doing something that cannot be undone and will be the very first line people read on your permanent record.
You can use a concealed carry waist pack, a belt, a satchel, an EDC bag or anything else you can strap on in a hurry that will hold what you will need to deal with a home intrusion or invasion. No need to drop a bunch of money on a smart phone for your tactical toolbox because you will only need voice and any old cell phone that will still power up should be able to dial emergency services. Begin by looking at your property from the outside and look at it through the eyes of your enemy.
Sometimes you need to go the other direction and make it look occupied by more people than it is. If things go downhill, I’ve seen homeowners in many countries apply mortar to the top of a wall and set glass bottles in the mortar. Once you are accustomed to the reactions of animals, they become an inexpensive alarm system that needs no electricity and is tough to fool. Anyone with the right tools can go right through even the walls or roof of most homes, so this is more about slowing them down and making a racket than preventing entry.
This is not an insignificant advantage and can be accomplished even without electrical light. A descendant of pioneers, Cache was raised in the tradition of self-reliance and grew up working archaeological digs in the desert Southwest, hiking the Swiss Alps and Scottish highlands and building the Boy Scout Program in Portugal. Most "alarms" that are biological in nature are far more accurate in terms of notifying potential for "breach" long before that potential reaches the outside perimeter of the residence. Remember to document everything but you should not have to live in fear and even more fear of the people who should be assisting.
By doing so, you could avoid having to stop the bleeding with a grimy towel and some duct tape like T-Dog did…not exactly sterile supplies.
When a King is drawn from the circle of cards, that player must pour whatever it is they are drinking into the center cup. Players cannot stop drinking until the person to their left stops, beginning with the person who drew the Ace.
Then the player to the left of them must think of a word that rhymes with the one spoken, within a reasonable amount of time (5 seconds is usually the max). Going clockwise, starting with the player who drew the card, players say things that they have never done.
This rule can be anything from "No Cussing" to "Taking the Little Man Off"(if you don't know, look it up) and must be followed or a drink must be taken. From the point in which this card is drawn onward, if the Questionnaire asks anyone a question and gets an answer, the player who answers the Questionnaire must drink. You can use the King as a "Category" card in which case the person who draws the card comes up with a category, like "Types of Guitars".

Local laws may prevent you from carrying concealed in your own home or they may protect your right to do so even without a permit, so learn your local laws. Since this is about prepping on the cheap, I will forego retreat defense and defending a large amount of real estate. It is not unattractive and is certainly more colorful than barbed wire but would might get you a nasty letter from your home owner’s association if you have one and the grid is still up.
The hole on the other side can be finished and concealed by another mirror of similar design or anything your like. One cheap way I have done this is to pour blocks of steel-reinforced Quikrete to match the spaces in between studs and cap the studs themselves with mild steel stock screwed into the studs. Cache was mentored in survival by a Delta Force Lt Col and a physician in the US Nuclear Program and in business by Stephen R.
Since they were already the right depth, I just laid the frame on gravel and poured qwik-crete into the molds. Remote garage doors trade security for convenience, and there is no end to line of people willing to do that. I've got an obsessed young but dangerous "man" who lives behind me & has been harassing me since I moved in, ranging from lighting spray paint cans on fire until they explode to sending me pictures of his genitals to even going at my fence with a hammer. What I really am wanting are some instructions on how to build the motion activated pepper spray setup that was mentioned in one of your recent articles.
If you remember to always keep your tank at least half full, you can avoid having the lingering taste of petrol linger in your mouth and have enough fuel to get outta Dodge before impending disaster strikes.
T-Dog’s luck improves when Daryl offers his brother’s stash of anti-biotics (not something the CDC recommends!) and the group stumbles upon a farm conveniently inhabited by folks versed in the medical arts. One of the most gruesome scenes of the season was when the group found a water-logged zombie in Herschel’s well, nasty right? This keeps going around until someone can no longer think of a rhyming word, in which case they have to drink. The only way of getting rid of a rule is if someone else pulls a Jack and uses it to declare the old rule is no longer in effect.
This continues until another Queen is drawn, in which case that player now becomes the new Questionnaire. Then, it goes around clockwise, until someone can no longer think of something pertaining to the category and must drink.
They may determine what this toolkit needs to look like in order to keep you out of prison. Move anything of value out of sight, under a tarp underground or inside and work your way in.
Then just sheetrock back over it and no one would know your cracker box home is a little less so than they might think. As you can just remove enough material from the carpet to see out without anyone being able to notice the viewport. He was taunting me through the door, told me he didn't believe I had a gun aimed and ready (from a covered position though).
Herschel’s wife is able to stitch up T-Dogs arm (now oozing puss) and prevent further infection. The game is over when the fourth King is drawn, in which case the person who draws the 4th King must then drink the middle "King's Cup" no matter what crazy concoction it may hold.
You can catch up with Cache teaching EMP survival at survival expos, teaching SERE to ex-pats and vagabonds in South America or getting in some dirt time with the primitive skills crowd in a wilderness near you. After an emergency, especially flooding, run-off containing livestock waste, human sewage, chemicals, and other contaminants can taint water used for drinking, cooking, or cleaning. It gives you a whole lot more hard cover than a sheetrock wall, which only only provides concealment.
If you’re ever concerned about the quality of your water after a flood or other emergency check with local authorities about water safety, you can also make water safe by boiling, adding disinfectants, or filtering.

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