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The power to amend any motion leads to a quick compromise which pleases most of the members.
In all of the motions listed in this section, the members either allow something to occur or they do not allow it.
Once you realize which motions you can make without the obstacle of an opposing debate or modification, you can then assure the victory of your plans. High Profile Senate Race Pits Taylor against Barnes - Democratic primary to be held on Aug. Attorney Cabrera Challenges Incumbent Zepnick in Democratic Primary - South Side Assembly district is on the Aug. Leon Young Draws Three Challengers in Democratic Primary - Voters will select their representative on Aug.

Setting the Record Straight: Is It Time for Journal Sentinel’s Politifact To Try To Be Fair?
Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele is making his stewardship of the Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS) a centerpiece of his re-election campaign.
Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele is trying to portray himself as the outsider who’s gotten rid of the insiders in county government. Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele’s rather expensive re-election campaign has one recurring theme: Abele got rid of the insiders in county government and is now working for you, the voters. If volunteerism is the practice of doing unpaid formal or informal volunteer work with the desire to better circumstances or create positive change, then we are all volunteers in one way or another.
When you have a well-funded campaign, you poll test to see how the candidate is viewed on every possible issue.

All too often progressive voters have been disappointed in their choice of candidates on the ballot. Members of the Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) Local 998 held a no confidence vote Monday and Tuesday on Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele’s leadership. Pope Francis and President Barack Obama are addressing climate change in serious ways, yet Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker unveiled his workforce development and entitlement reforms in 2013, saying that he wanted low-income Wisconsinites to reduce their dependence on government programs.

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