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If your idea of a tropical adventure is positioning your umbrella in your Mai Tai so it doesn’t get in the way as you drink or shopping for a new pair of black socks to wear with your sandals, this post might not be helpful to you. But if you’re the kind of person that loves a good dose of adrenaline with a beer chaser and likes to see how much crazy fits in one day, then you might find a tip that will make your first or next tropical adventure even more of a blast. I moved to Louisiana from Maui, Hawaii, where, in the past, I surfed, skim-boarded, professionally windsurfed, and co-owned a health-food store. Nice job , I would suggest looking up some shading tutorials so the skins don't look so flat. Well, I thought there would be something more than just trees to make it more interesting since this is on popreel.
For as long as there have been small places in strip malls with boxes of filthy Legos and even filthier dress-up clothes, there have been “Children’s Museums.” In recent decades, the Children’s Museum has expanded and proliferated and often become a freestanding building, and weary parents have dragged their gummy, cranky children across town to roll silver balls down wooden ramps, to lick the rubber dinosaur femurs that thousands of gummy children have licked before, and to come close to drowning in the arctic waters of the water table, in cities from Indianapolis to Houston to Philadelphia to Los Angeles to Boston. There are now more than three hundred self-proclaimed Children’s Museums in America, and most of them are basically the same.
But the precipitous rise in Children’s Museums has been accompanied by a corresponding uptick in a devastating new medical pathology, known as Daddy Dropsy. I have, over the course of our travels, watched him fall asleep in some of our nation’s very finest Children’s Museums, often only moments after entry.
In fact, my husband has made something of a study of falling asleep in Children’s Museums in ways that are unobtrusive, non-creepy, and not likely to end up in him being arrested or peed upon. Someone should probably produce the definitive field guide for fathers looking for places to sleep in Children’s Museums. Now, there’s a simple solution for this condition, and I am surprised that nobody has exploited it yet. Sunscreen up: If you haven’t been out in the sun lately, heaven help you if you try to spend a whole day in it with no protection.
Wear a rash guard: A rash guard is not only for guarding against rash but also for keeping your upper body protected from the sun while doing water sports.
Make a first aid kit: This could include an antiseptic, some antibiotic ointment, and band-aids in a Ziploc. Eat for maximum adventure: If you showed up to the adventure with a couple of extra pounds, it’s a perfect time to get rid of them.

READ BEFORE DOWNLOAD!This is a survival map!You start in your private house where you can hide at night. Anyway I suggest you could atleast make a more fancy picture with photoshop or something similar.
Even so, as the summer approaches, many of us look hopefully at listings of Children’s Museums in towns that we will visit, and in the towns along the way to the towns that we will visit, because, “Hey! For medical reasons as yet unidentified, something happens to normally robust fathers upon entry into one of these kids’ museums, something that instantaneously saps them of their ability to speak, ambulate, or even parent.
Something about the alchemical mix of screaming, utterly destroyed exhibits, and the possibility that someone will pee on you sends my husband into a state of such extreme torpor that he must either find a place to lie down, or fortify himself with a juice box of bourbon (which has not yet been exploited by the juice-box industry). I used to think this was a singular condition but, after years of observation, I have noticed many other dads curled snugly into the pillows in the reading nook of the sprawling kids’ museum in Toronto, tucked into the far side of the Mohican Teepee in Lynchburg, or dozing under the princess costumes at the Children’s Theatre in Richmond. And if you want to wear some sort of footwear without excruciating pain, then use it on the tops of your feet too, at least for the first few days. There are short and long term risks, and The American Optometric Association states that “The longer the eyes are exposed to solar radiation, the greater the risk of developing later in life such conditions as cataracts or macular degeneration.”  They recommend protection and have some handy guidelines for sunglasses that will properly protect your eyes. I go very easy on the carbs along with lots of water when traveling and noticed a difference with the swelling. Second life is Certified Personal Trainer, mom, wife, bassplayer and slightly obsessive health nut (I mean nut in the best sense of the word) helping people to create a healthy lifestyle by eating well and encouraging physical activity. All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site.
The darkest and most evil pirate known for centuries had defeated that captain, who was Campbell. The energy pours off the suffering daddy into an invisible pool at his feet, and is then—I suspect—magically repurposed for the tugboat-slash-urine exhibit on the third floor. I have even seen one or two hiding under the Clifford™ or Dora™ or Arthur™ or Ollie the Oil Slick video station (sponsored by B.P. Closed spaces might include things like the King Tut case at the Mummy Exhibit in Toronto, or the tiny grain silo in the ubiquitous farm exhibit. Sunshine in the tropics will fry your skin to a shocking shade of red that no one looks good in.

Bright colors are great if you’re stand-up paddle boarding or windsurfing so you can easily be seen if you get in trouble and start to drift in the ocean. I’m all for a beer at the end of the day of fun in a friend’s hot tub (that’s for my friends who shared their beer and hot tub ) but eating crappy food won’t help you keep energy high or help you recover from hours of fun.
Maybe that will be helpful next time since we’ll both be heading back *wink wink* ~ we’ll have to collaborate on more tips! The basic idea is to find the display with an enclosed area in which children cannot play: yurts, tents, trolley cars, backs of ambulances, holds of Viking ships, fake refrigerators, igloos, trunks of Wiggles™ cars, Little House on the Prairie bunk beds (upper berth), windmills, chicken coops, compost bins.
Call it “Daddy’s Just Resting His Eyes for a Minute, Sweetheart.” Find some sponsors for the blankets, and serve up some nice bourbon juice boxes. But remember if you’re a kook someone new to water sports don’t put it on before your surf lesson!
Take advantage of fresh seafood in the tropics and the abundance of fruits and vegetables available. So another surefire strategy for a napping spot is to pick the place koalas would dream of: The highest rung on the climbing structure, or nestled in the gravel-filled scoop of the skid-steer machine at the Skyline exhibit, in Chicago. I envision an interactive display, comprised entirely of beanbags or hammocks, full of depleted modern American fathers, doing what they do best, sleeping off the excesses of modern interactive American fatherhood, but only for a minute. Other Captains and crews of the sea were terrified because Captain Campbell was the strongest at sea, but knowing that Black Beard defeated Campbell that he was now the ruler of the sea.
But I have had some outstanding disco naps while pretending to read “Hop on Pop” to a youngster. I really can’t tell you if it’s got some scary ingredients, but from experience with staph infections that almost resulted in a lost limb, I’ll go with New-Skin. Getting staph is no joke and New-Skin has worked for me to keep infection away several times.

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