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So you want to play Minecraft, the gaming phenomenon that hypes school-aged children and haunts their parents.
Here's every platform you can buy Minecraft on and what you can expect to pay on that platform. It's worth noting that if you own the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 versions, you can upgrade to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 (Sony to Sony, Microsoft to Microsoft, of course) version for only $5.
These versions retain all of the Minecraft features and are considered to be the most complete versions of Minecraft. The Console Edition is intended for more mainstream players, so it includes a Tutorial Mode for those new to Minecraft and players begin new games with a map.
These versions are similar to their Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 counterparts, but with game worlds 36 times larger.
The first thing you're going to do with your brand-new, shiny copy of Minecraft is select Single Player and Create New World. There are four different game modes available in Minecraft: Survival, Creative, Hardcore, and Adventure.
There's also the More World Options button, which allows you to add a Seed for world generation, have the game make random villages and dungeons, and turn cheats on or off. The two things you're building with the Crafting Table are a Wooden Pick for mining and a Wooden Axe for logging. Once you've built an Axe and a Pick, you're ready to do some real farming, but your daylight is probably running out. If you still have time before nightfall, or you've survived your first night, your next step is getting food and building a more durable shelter.
By this point, you should have an Axe, a Pick, Planks, Sticks, Cobblestone, Wool, Meat, and Coal. Putting Wood Planks in the same pattern as the Furnace above will create a Chest you can store items in. Like I said before, when you're generating your world, you can use Seeds to have specific outcomes. 1838707335160404825: This Seed has a big forest to work with, a kick-ass mountain range, and desert to boot. 6033871866424853322: If you want to explore, this Seed up the challenge with a number of dungeons and all the available biomes. Newton: A solid starting Seed for the neophyte, inlcuding a number of biomes near the starting area. 5056807151542616608: This Seed will start you in a forest near lava, but exploring will take you to a number of other biomes to play around in.
1402580319: A decent starting Seed with a neat village a short distance from your spawn point.

Minecraft PE Survival Guide – Check out this video that I created while spying on Steve in a new world. Certain purists will tell you that the PC version is the only way to go, but the recently released PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions to a decent job replicating that experience.
A version of Minecraft is coming to PlayStation Vita eventually, but it doesn't have a firm release date yet. Saved worlds and skin packs will also transfer over, so you can start on the earlier version and transition over later when you buy a shiny new console. They also feature a split-screen mode, allowing up to 4 players to enjoy the game on a single screen. They also lack certain survival elements like hunger, leading to an overall simpler experience.
If you're playing any of the Console Editions, I recommend playing through the Tutorial because it'll tell you most of this without having to read silly words. My assumption here is you picked Survival Mode, so the clock is ticking as soon as you inhabit a new world.
The daytime and nighttime are each 10 minutes long, meaning you have 10 minutes from the start of your game to build a shelter before night falls.
Hitting pigs, chicken, or sheep with your fist or Axe will kill them, leaving behind Meat, Hide, and Wool. This will lower your hunger (the meat meter next to your inventory hotbar) and replace any hearts you may have lost. Seeds are text strings the the game uses in tandem with a special algorithm to creating your world.
Once you're at the Create New World screen, select a name for your brand-new place and the game mode you wish to play in.
You'll need to build structures to survive, fight monsters at night, keep yourself fed, and build new items to prosper. The patterns for both objects are below if you're playing on PC platforms and you can sub in Cobblestone for the Wood Planks to build more durable Stone tools. You'll also want to leave a 1 block window in one of your walls, so you can tell when daylight returns.
Use planks or the Cobblestone to build yourself a more permanent structure and place your Crafting Table inside. Put the raw Meat in the top box and the Coal in bottom box to create Cooked Meat which lowers your hunger and heals you to a greater level. Once you've built the Bed, place it in your shelter (Warning: it requires two blocks of space) and interact with it at night to sleep. Pick up the iOS or Android versions, which strip out some features, but provide the core Minecraft experience. These earlier versions of the Console Edition are limited in world size to 864x864 blocks and the world's edges are nothing but endless ocean.

Creative drops all the monsters and other things you need to worry about, giving you unlimited resources to build whatever you can think up.
Punching trees gives you Wood and wood is more useful for crafting than dirt at this point. This will differ depending on your system of choice, but you want to turn that Wood into Wooden Planks.
Also be on the lookout for black veins in the dirt or stone; this is Coal, which you'll need for building Torches.
Always have some meat on you while you're exploring Minecraft, because you'll never know when you need a boost. This will reset your spawn point to the bed, so if you die, you'll end up back in your shelter, not your original spawn point.
So if you're looking for a specific type of world or you want to start with certain resources at hand, use a Seed. If you've seen elaborate Minecraft creations like the starship Enterprise or King's Landing, you can be sure those were created in Creative Mode. When you die, if you haven't built a shelter with a bed, you'll return to your original starting point. You may also find some Sand or Cobblestone near your starting point; of those two, the latter is more important. On the Console Edition, crafting just requires going into the Structures menu in your inventory and hitting a button; if you have the needed resources, you'll build your object.
Stacking planks in a 2x3 pattern will let you build a Wooden Door that you can add to one side of your new shelter.
Go back to your Crafting Table and put the Cobblestone in every block of the Crafting Window but the center.
It's a bit easier to handle skins on the PC and console versions than it is on the iOS and Android releases.
Also, if you're big on skins, the only way to get them in the Console Edition is via purchasable skin packs on Xbox Live or PlayStation Network. Your next step is to create a Crafting Table by putting Planks in every slot of the Crafting Window. You can place that Table down anywhere and interact with it to open a larger 3x3 Crafting Window.
Take a single Stick and place a piece of Coal above it to create Torches, which provide heat and light. Finally, there's Adventure, which attempts to use Minecraft as a framework for an adventure game like The Legend of Zelda.

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