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Getting back to his roots, Jesse James focuses on his newest venture at the Austin Speed Shop. Host Don Wildman takes us on a CGI journey back in time to visit some of the dirtiest cities in our planet's history. SCAM SCHOOL host Brian Brushwood shows you how to perform simple and very cool looking tricks with just a few rubber bands. Did you read about that family in Nevada that survived for 2 days out in the cold after a car accident?
Michele, this sounds very much like the list my Dad taught me to put in the car in the fall. A I know it already mentioned it, but loose layers of clothing allow you to regulate temperature as well as potentially share layers with others. A Put everything into a metal coffee can {that way, you will have a dry place to build a fire, if you need to}.

A If you are headed out for a hike or driving to Aunt Margie’s house, make sure to let someone know. A In any extreme environment, you have 3 hours to find shelter, 3 days without water, and 3 weeks without food. The last couple of days, the mornings here in Iowa have been pretty nice (like 40 degrees), so I didn’t take my coat to work. The tins are large enough to store pretty much everything, and innocous enough that they can stay in the trunk and not be disturbed. Wallpaper and background images in the The Zombie Survival Guide club tagged: survival tip zombie.
A Their story is a really good reminder that you just never know what life is going to deliver and a little preparation A goes a long way.
A Include matches, paper, a small first aid kit, knife {or multi-tool}, snacks, and bottled water.

A I always keep a blanket in the back of my car {mostly to cover up with at kids sporting events, but it could really come in handy as a layer of insulation, in an emergency situation. A Plus, if you are going to be out there any length of time, dirty clothes will become a sanitation issue. We have an emergency bag we pack every Fall before bad weather and put it into the vehicles. It includes a couple of candles which can serve several purposes and flares, tarp or plastic, snacks, blankets, water etc.

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