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Amateur radio operators are some of the friendliest, and most helpful, folks you’ll ever meet.
Online enrollment is far outpacing traditional enrollment because of the affordability, convenience and flexibility it offers. While there are a growing number of online colleges, even traditional institutions are trending the same way be offering at least some online or blended courses.
In his article, “Report Discusses Top Trends in Student Enrollment,” Jamaal Abdul-Alim cites a Lawlor Group study as concluding that, “All types of online and hybrid courses are thriving as the marketplace seeks cost-effective access and convenient delivery.” While a college education is still considered critical to one’s success in the down economy, today’s students are looking for economical ways to reach that goal and online education is a standout option. The availability of online learning options are important factor for most students today in selecting a college or university. In its early years, online education was frowned upon by traditional college and universities, as well as employers.
Flexibility—much of online course content is on demand and can be accessed on any schedule. Affordablity—online courses and degrees offer a substantial financial savings over traditional higher education. Undoubtedly the internet revolution of higher education has been hugely beneficial for students looking for affordable and quality higher educations. As you may know, UAL will soon be replacing Blackboard, our current Learning Management System (LMS).
UAL students are invited to suggest a unique and memorable name for the new system that captures the essence of learning, sharing and collaborating online. The winning entrant will win a brand new Apple iPad 3 and see their suggested name immortalised when the new LMS is launched. For more information and the full terms and conditions, please visit the competition blog page. We’d love to have your contributions to this site as you’re the experts in being a student in London and UAL. You can add a film, drawing, story, poster or whatever you like to Commonplace directly with one of the templates below. Except where otherwise noted, content on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND License. So to stay ahead in the competition, what’s better than a prominent and premier online presence, enabling you to stand out among your competitors?! If you have a crew that is out scouting, or maybe you need to check up on family, Ham radio can be the answer. Your own budget will determine how much you spend on online courses, books & study aids.
According to Forbes, the growth rate of online enrollment is 21%.  Pew Research has found that 1 in 4 college students is taking at least one online course.

The rapid growth of the Internet along with the declining economy have created the perfect storm for higher education institutions. Some courses are 100% online while others are a hybrid, a blend of online and traditional face-to-face interactions. The common perception was that online courses did not provide the same value or rigor as traditional course. This has made higher education accessible to non-traditional students such as parents, those with full-time employment, or older adults. Not only is this savings found in the tuition, but because students can live at home or anywhere they need to often reducing room and board costs considerably. There are online courses and degree programs for every career interest: business, criminal justice, education, nursing, and information technology. Today’s smart, savvy students are eagerly taking advantage of all online education has to offer. Dropping your guard: After being familiar with a situation, risks can rise when we stop monitoring our surroundings.
Attribution Theory: We tend to blame our mistakes on external things (others, gear etc) and take the credit for good things. The new LMS will be available first for courses which start their academic year in January 2013 and for all other courses from September 2013. Before you say it, yes, they do require electricity, however you can get battery operated Ham radios that will work even in a grid down event, or you can get a small solar energy system that will be powerful enough to run your Ham radio. It shouldn’t be surprising that they are looking to the Internet for their college education as well. This stigma is quickly fading into the past as graduates of online education have stood shoulder-to-shoulder with graduates of traditional institutions. Students can choose from Ivy League schools, Christian online college, business administration schools and more. This leads to poor decision making and can extend weaker members of a group too far past their skill levels.
Many incidnets have occured when people do dangerous things just trying to get home for dinner. Whether you’ve just finished an amazing project, found the best cafe in London or struggled with the pressures of living away from home, we want to hear your story. Maintain the uniqueness Highlight the unique selling points of your property, mentioning exquisite and compelling details which will attract prospective guests.
If what you offer is not satisfying, people won’t return to your webpage the second time.2.
Is there any seasonal attraction or any special event or scenic wonder in Thailand that visitors are eager to find out about?

Make it more interactive Make your webpage more interactive with options for feedback and comments easily available to viewers. Remember general feedback of visitors matters a lot for new customers, so accept both the good and the bad humbly. Usage of graphics Upload images and videos that exhibit the beauty of your hotel as much as possible.
This is because search engines have lately started to value multimedia content and this surely helps in your visibility and ranking.5.
Never compromise the qualityThe quality and originality of your articles and other text or multimedia content matter a lot towards getting your site higher on the list. Consider what keyword searches the guests you hope to attract would use to direct them to your webpage. Also be sure to maintain the required density of those keywords throughout your web content. You should optimize your homepage data with maximum relevant info like location details and the type of property and facilities on offer.8. Reputation and Public relation These are two important factors to promote your business while helping you with SEO success as well. Make as many friends as you can and create back-links to route traffic to your page from other websites, especially from related websites like Thai tourism agencies, travel booking sites, and so on.9.
Don’t fall trap to unscrupulous agenciesGoogle and other search engines have become very particular about fake back-links and spam links.
Search engines penalize false back-links used to promote sites, and once detected it will result in a reverse outcome which you will totally dislike the taste of.10.
Be Socially active Social graphs have become significant in the SEO market and your Facebook or Twitter popularity affects the traffic on your webpage.
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