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In last week’s Emergency Preparedness News column, I covered the health risks New Orleans residents have been facing since flood waters inundated their city. Maintain proper hygiene, such as frequent handwashing and showering, as the situation allows.
Use the utility wrench in American Family Safety’s Ready-Kit™ to turn off the water in your home to prevent additional flooding and pipe problems. Sign up to receive news, disaster safety tips, emergency preparedness updates, and special store discounts from American Family Safety. Around 1,000 people have been killed in flash floods and landslides in northern India, as heavy rains halted the search on Monday for thousands of tourists still stranded in the devastated Himalayan regions, officials said.
Indian priests were preparing to cremate hundreds of victims of the disaster even as 8,000 mainly pilgrims and tourists were still awaiting rescue nine days after flash floods and landslides hit the state of Uttarakhand. Senior officials warned that the death toll could rise as floodwaters recede and debris is cleared by emergency workers, showing the full extent of the disaster in the mountainous region, known as the "Land of the Gods" for its revered Hindu shrines.
Army officials suspended rescue operations after bad weather early on Monday reduced visibility in the mountainous area. Two landslides early on Monday blocked roads that had been cleared by soldiers only a few days earlier. Soldiers along with police have been using harnesses and erecting rope bridges across flooded rivers as part of efforts to move people to safety.
Raging rivers have swept away houses, buildings and even entire villages in the state, which was packed with travelers in what is a peak tourist season. A doctor recounted a harrowing ordeal of walking with his family for 20 kilometers at night on a road strewn with bodies trapped under rocks from landslides to try to escape the devastation. Preparations were under way for a mass cremation in the holy town of Kedarnath and elsewhere, with rescue workers ordered to collect tons of firewood, amid concerns of an outbreak of disease from rotting bodies, officials said. A group of 14 Spanish mountaineers stuck for four nights in heavy snow at Kalindi Pass high in the Himalayas were reported to be among those rescued and airlifted to the state capital Dehradun. The climbers were just below the pass at 5,946 meters when they were pinned down by snow, the Times of India said. International Shipping: This item is not eligible for international shipping.
The product case is cheap, Zippo makes a different version that looks to be made a little better.

I bought this as a backup for the blastmatch that I bought a couple years ago as my main firesteel, this thing works like a champ though, the waxed cotton is pretty easy to ignite and manages to stay dry in this sealed case, the one downside that I saw was the fact that it’s plastic, so it feels like it could bust if cold and strained. This is a great little product, It provides a great spark, we will be taking this anytime we are out and about camping, hiking, or driving in the mountains. The product is for the most part exactly as expected aside from the one feature that deducts a star from my review.
But drinking polluted water is only one of the ways you may become ill if your town floods during a disaster.
These include airborne viruses, evaporated oil products, mold spores, mosquito-borne infections and smoke from fires. Any food items that have touched floodwaters —including unopened cans or sealed packages—also put you at risk, as containers have been exposed to bacteria.
In addition, you run the risk of cutting yourself on sharp debris or getting your feet caught in unstable pockets or holes. Wash all surfaces well, including wrists, palms, backs of hands, fingers and under the fingernails.
Troops are attempting to rescue more than 10,000 stranded people, many in the temple town of Badrinath. More than 1,000 bridges have been damaged along with roads, cutting off hard-hit villages and towns. Semwal and his wife and two children trekked from the town of Kedarnath to another town from where they were airlifted to Dehradun.
The tricky factor is that you have to hold either your tinder at an awkward angle or the fire starter so that the sparks can connect.
The hinge is of the bendy-plastic kind and I don’t expect it to last through extensive use being in cold, fluctuating temperatures. It’s about the same size as a normal Zippo lighter, but the waxed firestarters burn longer and are more wind resistant than lighting a match or small twig. You can develop dermatitis (an inflammation of the skin), and if your feet have been submerged in contaminated waters and remain wet for an extended period, you’re at risk for immersion foot (also called “trench foot”).
In some areas, drop-offs may be surprisingly deep, and you can become submerged in a matter of seconds. The content (including but not limited to text, photo, multimedia information, etc) published in this site belongs to China Daily Information Co (CDIC).

Unlike stick style strikers, it may take many lighter-style strikes to get enough sparks on your tinder. With that being said these are really pretty easy to use for starting a fire, just read and follow the directions. The thing sparks sideways so it doesn’t ignite the little wicks or whatever they are called by mistake. Other than that I’m not disappointed at all, but I would recommend one to buy an extra pack or two of the tinders as it only comes with four.
Plus, with no fluid to spill there’s no risk of contaminating food or making a mess in your bag. Downed electric lines from high winds may also be hidden in waters—and they may still carry an electrical charge. And my goal is to convey my wisdom and knowledge in a way that is doable for the average person. We are your resource for survival news, expert tips and advice, product reviews, events, survival products, and more.
Without written authorization from CDIC, such content shall not be republished or used in any form.
Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product. I suspect some smokers who are used to using cigarette lighters will have an easier time with this. Just scrounge up a healthy pile of tinder, slip one or two of the starters under it, and spark it up until the cotton catches, and you’re off to the races! It takes a few strikes usually but it does ignite and should have no problem starting a properly assembled fire. The starter sticks are just cotton dipped in a hot wax which is an old trick for a portable semi waterproof fire starter.

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