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A truly innovative tent design that uses three-dimensional tensile forces to produce a unique, multi-functional, multi-climate habitation.
The Scout Tent is a great lightweight shelter system for sport backpackers who want something simple and minimal.
Door screen is made from insect preventative mesh which allows an open view while screening bugs.
Assemble poles by connecting ends accordingly as shown in the manual.Lay tent out on a flat surface.
The Scout Backpack Tent by Stansport is made from waterproofed fabric, however, the sewing process perforates the seams which may produce leaks if not sealed or waterproofed before use. Cleaning and drying after every use is highly recommended to prevent mildew growth which can deteriorate the materials of this tent.

Extremely light weight, and versatile these tents can be useful even in challenging environments where traditional tents would be impossible to set up.
The A-Frame structure is a basic free-standing design that requires nothing more than a few stakes, poles and rope (all included). A Scout is a generic term for a soldier who may be performing reconnaissance duties and other tasks whether issued by military or other organizations.
For over 30 years he took Thoreau’s philosophies and lived them, inspiring a countless number of people through his practical application of those writings.Proenneke built his cabin utilizing, almost exclusively, local materials that he found on or near his land and his own ingenuity and grit.
This product is named due to the versatility and reliability needed by Scouts of the highest level. Be aware of the location warnings provided on tent, such as flood zones, near fires, or exposed to dangerous wild animals.

Determine location of stake and pound securely into ground surface, then tie line to stake. He truly was a shining example of the independent wilderness man, living a lifestyle of self-reliance and independence.By himself, he built the entire log cabin. It is best used for mild weather conditions as it requires further waterproofing for extreme downpours, may lack stability in high winds and is not particularly insulated for very low temperatures. Those recordings were eventually used in his documentary, Alone in the Wilderness, which has aired on PBS numerous times over the years.The video documentary highlights his adventure, and shows him living and surviving in the harsh Alaskan Wilderness.

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