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Sepsis is an infectious disease that is not well known, yet it is one of the primary causes of death throughout the world.
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Sepsis, also referred to by the better-known name of septicemia, is an acute response (fever, drop in blood pressure, etc.) by the body in defense against a severe infection.
The number of deaths caused by sepsis is constantly increasing, due to the aging of the population, invasive diagnostic techniques, and increased resistance to antibiotics. Sepsis is often diagnosed too late, because the clinical symptoms and laboratory signs that are currently used for the diagnosis of sepsis, like raised temperature, increased pulse or breathing rate, or white blood cell count are unspecific. Diagnostics have been clearly identified as a major weapon in the fight to eliminate the disease, according to the Global Sepsis Alliance, a charitable organization working to increase awareness and understanding of sepsis worldwide.
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Sometime over the weekend, IndieGameMagazine caught wind of the first inklings of a new game from the developers of Terraria. Scheduled for release on Windows, Mac and Linux, the upcoming title has been described as 'a mix of Diablo, Metroid, Castlevania, Pokemon, Borderlands, Terraria and some new stuff that no one has added before'. It must be identified and treated in the earliest stage: if sepsis is diagnosed and the first dose of medication is administered within an hour, the patient survival rate is approximately 80%. The Global Sepsis Alliance hopes that by 2020 at least 60% of general and community medical centers will systematically screen for sepsis in patients presenting an acute infectious pathology.
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Ducklings, like many avian species, have evolved to consider the first creature they see to be their mother, and thus follow the creature around learning life and survival skills from the creature’s every move.
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