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TIE KNOTS THE FUN AND EASY WAYBetter to know a knot and not need it, than need a knot and not know it. These animated knots are primarily used for fishing, but some are useful in other applications.
The selection of knots is based on feedback and advice from many expert fishing contributors to this website.
Fishing knots are designed to be tied in monofilament or braided fishing line and to run through the eyes and rings of a fishing rod or rig.
Therefore, in any knot where the line passes round itself, performance figures in excess of the 50 - 70 % range are best treated with critical skepticism. The only well-documented method of tying knots in monofilament and maintaining its strength involves threading the monofilament inside a dacron braid. I have been interested for some time in building a Water Distiller, as it can be used to purify water and to desalinate water. I have seen various types of home-brew distillers in various articles and videos, but I had a few prerequisites for the distiller I wanted to build. After some planning, it was determined that we would need a Pressure Cooker, Cooper Tubing, some brass fittings, Silicone High Temperature Tubing, and a Two Gallon Bucket with Lid.
When we finally had all the parts in hand, I headed for the shop to start making the Condenser Coil for the Cooler Tank. Back at the drawing board, I determined that if I made some type of frame where each coil could be attached at a specified distance, and somehow attach this frame to the bottom center of the bucket, it would be permanent and solid. I needed to mount the condenser coil in the two gallon bucket in a manner where the outlet tube at the bottom would protrude from the side of the bottom of the bucket, and the inlet tube at the top protruded from the top side of the bucket. It was a little work, with some twisting and spinning, but I was able to get the outlet tube through an angled hole I made in the bottom side of the bucket. Once the Cooling Tank was complete, we ran a solution of warm water and vinegar through it just to make sure the inside of the copper tubing was clean. Next, I had to remove the original pressure valve from the top center of the pressure cooker lid, as it was too small. The pressure cooker was set on the left burner on the stove and filled, two-thirds, with water.
I now cut a piece of the silicone high temperature tubing that would fit from the top of the pressure cooker to the inlet of the cooler tank. The pressure cooker was heated and as the water began to boil you could see steam starting to enter the tubing above the lid. To store the system, we simply place the inlet and outlet hose in zip-closure freezer bags and store them inside the pressure cooker. In an emergency you would have a viable means to purify contaminated water and desalinate salt water.
Because of the need for fuel and cooling water, I am now looking into building a Solar Distiller, which will utilize the sun for the heat, instead of fuel.
That's it for us tonight - Thanks for joining us, and head over to the Mexico-Germany live blog on our website. 90+3' An excellent dummy from Neymar allows Zeca to collect the ball unmarked at the far post, but a poor first touch sees the move break down. 90+2' The crowd are heavily booing as Khune is down and claiming to have an injury, but the referee does not buy it. 90' 4 minutes of injury time - Neymar and Mobara with some words between them as South Africa face up to a free-kick. 89' Neymar and Luan attempt a 1-2 on the edge of the box, but Mathoho clears for South Africa. 87' South Africa almost fashion a couple of chances on the counter - with Dolly heavily involved. 81' A quick throw catches out the South African defence, with Gabriel Jesus's poor touch allowing Coatzee to clear for a corner. 75' Neymar with a lovely dummied reverse pass to Gabigol, and his low shot is saved by Khune, with Gabriel Jesus heading the rebound over.
If #RSA can get a least a draw here then that’ll be a brilliant first step in this competition, especially with 10 men.
62' This is quite a dilemma for South Africa coach Owen de Game, as just moments before Mvala was sent off, he had substituted in a centre-forward, Morris.
58' Masuku with some quick feet gets clear of his marker on the wing, before he is clipped, earning his side a foul. 56' Neymar is down and in pain, after a physical challenge from Mvala on the centre circle earns him the first booking of the game.
52' This is a fairly end-to-end encounter as South Africa play the ball in midfield with ease, with Masuku almost fashioning a chance.
46' A misplaced pass in midfield allows Brazil to profit, with Neymar trying to get past his marker on the left, but his foot got caught in the turf as he shot.
44' Anderson releases Zeca on the right wing, and the right-back sends in a peach of a cross that narrowly evades Neymar's head. 42' Motupa lunges in with both feet to tackle Gabigol, and is pulled up for a foul despite getting the ball. 39' South Africa look increasingly ragged at the back, as Brazil turn up the pressure though Gabigol and Neymar.

23' Midway through the first half, and it is clear that Brazil have a fight on their hands tonight. 21' Felipe Anderson goes past Mobara with ease, but Mathoho helps him out with a clearance that goes out for a corner. 20' Brazil's lack of communication is on display as Zeca plays in a cross to the far post, but Neymar had held his run hoping for a ball to his feet.
19' There is an impatient murmur amongst the Brazilian fans in the stadium, who seem downright stunned that their national side is struggling to overwhelm the South African side. 18' Gabriel Jesus does well to collect the ball on the counter, and sends in a cross to the far post - aiming for Neymar, but South Africa manage to clear their lines.
15' Rivaldo Coatzee, South Africa's right back weaves his way through a couple of challenges, much like his Brazilian namesake of old. 13' Well, that's many of the pre-match predictions well and truly busted - South Africa are playing the ball comfortably in midfield before a raking diagonal almosts sends Dolly clear, but he is offside. 5' Keegan Dolly with a couple of dummies as he dribbles past the Brazil challenges in midfield. Owen da Gama will stand on the touchline as South Africa's manager and has experience at the back with Khune and Mathaho, both players who regularly play for the senior side. With Dunga sacked and new manager Tite opting to focus on the 2018 FIFA World Cup qualification campaign, Rodrigo Micale will be in the dugout for Brazil.
The Bluestone Center for Clinical Research is seeking volunteers to take part in a clinical research study. It removes the broadest range of contaminates of any water purifier, to include viruses, bacteria, cysts, and heavy metals. I wanted it to be built as cheaply as possible using available materials and a little shop skill. Copper Coil for refrigeration because it was in a coil, which would make it easier for me to reconfigure the coils into a smaller coil when the time came.
When you set the coil up on end on the bench, gravity came into play and the coils would slowly start collapsing down on themselves. Looking around I found some Punched Flat Bar made from zinc coated steel (available at Home Depot) and I thought this might just be what I was looking for. I didn't want the inlet tube to stick up above the top of the bucket because for storage, I wanted to be able to put the lid on the bucket and store the pressure cooker on top.
I then made a slot in the top side of the bucket so the inlet pipe could slide down into it.
It should be noted, that prior to completing the project, we had filled two, two quart juice bottles, with water and placed them in the freezer.
The cooler tank was placed on the counter to the right of the stove, which left an unused burner between the pressure cooker and the cooling tank.
Another piece of tubing was cut to fit from the outlet of the cooler tank to a two quart bottle we placed on the floor below the cooler tank.
At this point we placed one of the frozen bottles in the cooling tank and filled it with cold water. The water in the cooler tank started to heat up and we had to replace the frozen bottle with another one.
We have rubber caps to place over the inlet and outlet of the cooler tank, as well as the outlet on the lid of the pressure cooker. Boos ring out in the stadium at full time, as a disappointing Brazil are unable to break down 10 man South Africa in their opening game of the 2016 Rio Olympics.
Neymar with a lovely inswinging cross to the far post almost finds Jesus, only for Coatzee to clear. Khune collects the ball from the subsequent set-piece but goes down injured after his head clatters against Maia's.
Mobara with a last ditch tackle denies Luan from scoring after a brilliant backheel from Neymar sent him clear in the box. South Africa are unable to make anything of their set-piece, with Brazil wasting their counter-attack as well.
Just as I was denigrating his motivation, Neymar cuts inside on his right foot and unleashes a swerving effort from range that narrowly evades the top corner. Neymar starts of the play with the ball from Luan rolled across the box to Gabriel Jesus with Khune stranded.
After a spell of unrelenting Brazilian pressure, Zeca lets fly from about 25 yards out, but Khune makes the save. Dolly plays in an early cross from the left and he finds Mothiba in the box, but as he is backpedalling he is unable to put any power on his header. As Brazil counter, Santos sends in a tempting cross from the left to the far post, before Coatzee makes an acrobatic clearance to deny what would have been a sure goal.
Gabigol cuts inside from the right wing on his left foot and curls the ball to the top corner, only to find Khune is well-positioned and he collects with ease. Keegan Dolly plays a 1-2 on the edge of the box before shooting at goal from a narrow angle. Neymar had a couple of efforts saved, but it's been a fairly entertaining and even first half in the Group A encounter of the 2016 Rio Olympics. As South Africa clear, the move eventually ends with Anderson's long range effort that goes well over.

Douglas with a lovely cross from the left finds Neymar in the box, and he hammers a shot that looks destined to ripple the net, only for Khune to stretch out a powerful hand and make a save!
Felipe Anderson with a low drive from range that nearly curls into the South African net, but bounces inches away from the post.
Keegan Dolly has the goalkeeper scrambling across goal with a low, left-footed drive that looked set for the bottom corner. Weverton comes off his line but Mothiba is first to the ball, but watches in agony as his headed effort goes over. Neymar with a free-kick delivery from the left wing finds Marquinhos in the box, but the flag is up for offside. Neymar with a wonderful dipping, swerving effort from range after cutting inside from the left wing on his right foot - it looks set for the top corner, before Khune makes the save. It wouldn't have counted due to the flag being raised for offside, but some great play in midfield for South Africa results in a snapshot from Masuku on the edge of the box that goes wide. A chipped ball over the top of the South African backline almost finds Gabriel Jesus in the box, but even as he stretches out a leg, he is unable to collect. Modiba cuts in from the right wing and powers a low drive with his left foot, with his low effort flying narrowly wide. Modiba with a tempting cross from the right as the ball flashes across goal, but there isn't a green-and-gold jersey that could profit in the box.
Thiago Maia gets on the ball and takes aim from range with his left foot, but his effort goes well over. South Africa break forward and Mothiba is clear through on goal, but Weverton charges out from his goalline to clear the ball. Captain Khune will have to be at his best in goal tonight, especially when faced with Brazil's firepowe.Da Gama will be hoping that history repeats itself, as South Africa stunned Brazil in the 2000 Sydney Olympics, a result that looks very unlikely tonight.
He's named a strong lineup that is sure to have his opposite number quivering in his boots.A stunning forward line of Gabriel Jesus, Gabigol and Neymar are backed up by Renato Augusto, Felipe Anderson and Thiago Maia in midfield. Keep in mind that distilled water can also be used in soap making, for use in steam irons, and to refill lead-acid batteries.
I wanted it to be sturdy so it could be moved around and stored and not have it break apart. Although we have a couple of pressure cookers, we didn't want to use one of our good Swiss ones, and wanted one that we could dedicate to the project.
The coil provided me with twenty feet in length, which I felt should be more than adequate. I wanted the coils to stay a predetermined space from each other and do so in a permanent manner. I knew the cooling tank would get hot once we started, so I didn't want to add any heat by setting it next to a hot burner. We watched the process and it continued with steam being sent to the cooler tank inlet, the steam was then condensed back to water which exited the outlet pipe, and ran down the tubing to the bottle on the floor.
That's two of Brazil's best prospects missing gilt-edged chances, while their talisman looks well off the pace. Moments later, Weverton nearly gifts a goal by dropping a cross but he collects it eventually. I also didn't want to suspend the coil from the top of the bucket, as it was my feeling that they would still wiggle around, and I wanted this thing rock solid.
I made sure that when I bent it, the holes on one side were slightly higher that the holes on the other. Note that the brass fitting is not a pressure valve, just a straight through tube for the steam to escape. Keep in mind that the cooler tank does get hot as well as the inlet and outlet pipes, so be careful that you don't touch them. Again, keep in mind that distilled water can also be used in soap making, for use in steam irons, and to refill lead-acid batteries.
As the steam enters the coils, it condenses back to water that is now pure distilled water.
Once everything was in place, I used a quick-set two-part Epoxy to both secure, and waterproof, the inlet and outlet pipe to the bucket. Pressure cookers can be dangerous, so you don't want pressure to build up in the cooker, so make sure that the straight through tube remains open and not clogged. With the holes offset, this would ensure the coils continued in an upward spiral, which is necessary when the steam is condensed back to water and needs to flow down the coils. If one coil faces in an upward angle, or is higher that the one across from it, the water will not flow down, and this could also cause pressure to build up back to the pressure cooker.
I tested the Cooler Tank to ensure that it was watertight and it did not leak around the inlet or outlet tubing.

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