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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. An excerpt from Woman, Wife and Mother…In this modern world, the knowledge of nature, hunting and guns is just as essential for our survival as it ever was in history.
The Upland Fire Department, as with other fire service organizations, was created by concerned citizens to protect the community from fires.
The economic downturn of 2008-09 became the springboard for creative thinking in many areas of city government.
Specific to Upland Fire, an example of a shared service relationship is the air ambulance program between the Upland Fire Department and REACH Air Medical Services.
For people who want to start prepping but dont know how much money theyre willing to sink into it, the best option for attaining a decent supply of long term food storage is to make your own with Mylar bags, food grade buckets, and oxygen absorbers.

Technology provides us with great conveniences and the ability to accomplish wonderful things, but growing dependence on it leaves us vulnerable in our most basic human needs.
The original intent was to keep fires localized or stop the fire from spreading to other buildings and destroying the entire community.
In January of 2014, the Upland Fire Department merged their fire administration with the Montclair Fire Department. In 2010, REACH Air Medical Services collaborated with Upland Fire Department to open a new base in Upland, California. Meats and some other foods can be frozen, however, this only extends the shelf life to six months or a year. We installed a Window Graphic or known in the industry as Clear View Graphics on their red blazer.

We sometimes discover that vulnerability only when the convenience of technology is suddenly taken away, as in some disaster or through an act of government. The Upland Fire Department has responded to the economic challenges by developing a course of action that continues to offer an “All Risk” level of emergency service by using the economy of scale to our advantage thus reducing duplications in effort.
Most canned goods while easy to prepare and labeled nonperishable, have a shelf life of under three years.
A disaster could strike within that time frame, or it could happen many years, potentially decades from now.

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