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I have bulk rice that I did not get in my containers before they got weevils, I have put it in the freezer and now want to get them out and store the rice in my buckets, do I take rice out of freezer, soak it and get the bugs out dry it and then put in buckets?RESPONSE:Hi Roberta, I think most of us have at one time or another found weevils in our food products. Posts may contain affiliate links, which allow me to earn a commission to support this site at no extra cost to you.
With another summer camping season kicking off, the internet is filling up with lists of camping hacks for all of the neophyte (as well as old time) campers heading out for the weekend. I have tried to glean some of the more practical tips along with sharing some that might not make it on other lists. Citronella Tiki torches do an okay job of keeping bugs at bay, but they kind of put a cramp in the camping mood unless you are camping in the South Pacific.
If you find a tick attached to you, take a cotton ball and put some liquid soap on it, then place it over the tick. Cooking over evergreen flames will coat your food with a black tar that tastes like turpentine.
If you must use evergreen for your camp fire, you will want to cook using the radiant heat from beside it. Jewel weed grows in the same areas as poison ivy; it is a good idea to learn to recognize this plant. This entry was posted in Camping, Outdoor Survival, Survival Hacks and tagged camping hacks, camping hacks 2015 on May 26, 2015 by Damian Campbell. December 26, 2015 by Guest Author 5 Comments It’s hard to read the news without seeing reports of the latest shooting by terrorists or the deranged and disgruntled, most often called an active shooter incident until it ends. Another thing most citizens believe is that law enforcement and homeland security are on the case. With an active shooter, what you do in the first few seconds may determine your final outcome. Here’s an example: Have you ever seen a patron enter a restaurant through the door marked “employees only”, or a movie theatre through the fire exit?
By the way, those same little-used exits might save your life: Most people will be trying to leave by the front door, just where the gunman expects them to go. If you find yourself in the middle of a terrorist event, you should remember these three words: Run, Hide, Fight. If you’re in the line of sight of the shooter, run away at an angle or zig zag to make yourself a more difficult target.
A good citizen would yell for others to follow and prevent others from entering the kill zone.
If there’s only one exit and the shooter is standing in front of it, running might not be an option.
By accomplishing the above, you’ve just made yourself a harder target to acquire for the shooter, and he wants to do his damage as fast as possible. Of course, it would be great if you knew martial arts, but any type of aggression against the gunman would disrupt their “flow” and possibly put you at an advantage. If you’ve disrupted the shooter or, better, gotten the weapon out of his hands, inflict damage on him until he is dead or has stopped moving. Luckily, few people will find themselves in the midst of a terrorist attack like the one at San Bernardino, but I honestly believe that more are coming.
There may be links in the post above that are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission, which does not affect the price you pay for the product. The Survival Mom has regular posters, but sometimes people only have one or two really great ideas, so what to do? While on the whole I agree with your comments, I have to respectfully disagree with your assertion about insisting that anyone (male?) running to the sound of gunfire if you are carrying a firearm.
Whether at the hand of the original Shooter or other lawful gun owners, outside of the immediate participants, you CANNOT possibly KNOW who is the instigator of the carnage in progress. Criminals won’t always be wearing a trench coat or carrying a backpack with ammo supplies. No, the best option IS to get out of Dodge and, MAYBE, set up in an area that affords good cover AND ability to return fire IF the Bad Guy comes out and you can, WITHOUT A SHADOW OF A DOUBT, identify him as a BAD GUY, and not an untrained Citizen doing a good thing (in his or her mind) by securing the weapon from the Bad Guy Shooter.

Not meaning to pick nits but as a former LEO, there are aspects to consider which, without training and experience, you may not be aware of. I respectfully disagree that running towards gunfire makes me more likely to be a victim or a statistic. These are all good ideas and suggestions and in this day and age, no one is immune to the possibility of becoming a victim or unwilling participant to an active Shooter event. You can only do what you can do and as the article mentions, help is not going to be forthcoming quickly.
So if you don’t care about yourself, think about it from the perspective of your loved ones. Unfortunately, the larvae from weevils are usually already in rice, flour, wheat, popcorn, other grains, and sometimes beans. The cool thing is you can burn the citronella oil in any kerosene lamp or lantern with the same effect as the torches.
As many times as I have seen this advice given, it amazes me how many people I still see cooking over evergreen fires.
Just crush some of the leaves and rub them on exposed skin to lessen the poison ivy’s effect. Few believe that they could possibly wind up in the crosshairs of a gunman’s sight, but it can happen anytime, anywhere. While these agencies do the best they can to counter situations like this, most mass shooting events end in a few minutes. But in this era of people immersed in their smartphones, few are situationally aware and are easy targets for the active shooter.
Just as “Stop, Drop, and Roll” can save the life of someone on fire, “Run, Hide, Fight” might save the life of someone under fire. You, however, should run away from the direction of gunfire as soon as you hear it, leaving through those exits you’ve been mentally marking. I know it’s not a natural action you’d think of doing, but most shooters aren’t marksmen and will miss a moving target. Don’t try to move or otherwise help the wounded, however, despite your natural tendency to want to do so.
Needing a plan for active shooter situations is galling to some, but it’s part of life in the New Normal.
Our writers and contributors have families, homes, and jobs they want to protect, just like everyone else. If you’re a man carrying a weapon you better be running towards the gunfire not away.
They are great for cooking on because you only need to gather some twigs to get things hot and don’t burn your hands as easy as cooking on an open fire. Please contact me for permission to reproduce this content in full or in other media formats.
Buy the cheap stuff from the spice rack, and save the expensive organic spice for your cooking. As long as it doesn’t drive you crazy, the constant wind will keep the bugs away from your camp site. If you can’t find leaves you know are safe to use on your sensitive skin, you will need to test it before using it where you might regret it. That’s the tendency for people to believe that everything follows a pattern and that each day will proceed normally; they’re usually right. There is little or no chance that help will be there at the moment you need it, so you should have a plan of action. Cowering in fear under a table in plain view of the shooter isn’t a recipe for a good outcome.
If you have help, all should attack at the same time from different directions while hurling objects that he has to dodge.
Those with a plan will have a better chance to survive this event and many other disasters in the uncertain future.

Sometimes they want to write a post that contains information that could endanger one of those three, or upset someone they know in real life, so they post as Anonymous. Otherwise stop carrying a weapon–you have no business handling the tools of a warrior. Just sprinkle some on the fire every once in a while to keep the camp smelling nice and the skeeters at bay. The pioneers heated and cooked away the long prairie winters with nothing but buffalo chips as a fuel source. It should be cleaned, crushed (or chopped fine) and then roasted until black (even burnt), then brewed.
When a terrorist event breaks that pattern, however,  the unprepared brain takes time to process the new situation. Forget about collecting your stuff, it will only slow you down and, face it, it’s just stuff. If you have found cover, it means that you are both hidden and protected from projectiles hurled your way.
Turn off the lights, silence your cell phone, and stay quiet behind an additional barrier like a table or in a closet. This guy is probably not James Bond: he’ll be disconcerted and not be able to handle multiple threats at once. Oh and there’s a bunch of missionaries that perfected them for cooking in third world countries.
People will think that the sound of gunfire is fireworks, or anything less threatening than an assassin out to kill them.
The mesh he adds looks like a great little addition but if you can’t afford the extra $4, just buy the cement bricks for $6!
Leave it there for about 2 weeks, then repackage in glass containers or Mylar bags and plastic buckets with oxygen absorbers. These are things you should be thinking about, calmly and rationally, whenever you’re in an area where there are a lot of people. Don’t respond to voice commands unless you’re sure the danger is over; sometimes the gunman will try to lure you out of a safe place. The freezing kills the larvae and, if there are any weevils that survived that, they cannot live in an oxygen-free environment. It may seem extreme to have to think of these things, but that’s what I call the “New Normal”. Also, a good practice is to sprinkle some food grade diatomaceous earth in with the food before sealing the Mylar bag. Diatomaceous earth will not harm humans or pets but when bugs eat it, it cuts their insides and they die. However, they dona€™t live long anyway a€“ they just begin as eggs, then larvae, grow into adult weevils, go lay eggs and die. So if you still want to store it (and you may not a€“ your choice), use the method described above using Mylar bags, O2 absorbers, diatomaceous earth, and plastic buckets. If you have less than a full bucket, store in glass bottles, or IKEA and Walmart have those hard plastic airtight containers for not too much money.
Rinse the rice several times before cooking a€“ the bugs (or their skins) will float to the top and just skim them off. Ia€™ll tell you a funny story: I cooked rice for my family one evening that had weevils and larvae in it. I didna€™t even notice the little critters a€“ I just dumped the cooked rice into a bowl and put it on the table. When asked what he was staring at, he said, a€?Mom, you killed Burt, and Joe, and Henry, and .

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