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Some posts include links to sponsors or affiliates, which give me a small percentage of the sale. Enter your email to get the best whitetail deer hunting tips, big buck stories, gear reviews, and venison recipes in your inbox - plus store discounts and special offers from our partners. Natural disasters dominate news stories these days, effectively heightening public awareness of the need to prepare for potential emergency situations. Written by a medical doctor with disaster and survival experience, this quick reference first aid book is essential for any hiking backpack, vehicle kit, bug out bag or first aid kit. Living Ready Pocket Manual: First Aid avoids apocalyptic scenarios, opting instead to focus on common health threats and injuries faced during outdoor activities such as backpacking and hunting and in the wake of a natural disaster.
After opening with a briefing on changing one’s approach to a medical emergency and learning to think like a first responder, Hubbard shares his suggestions for obtaining important medical supplies to create a practical, versatile first aid kit in the guide’s first chapter. Hubbard’s pocket manual addresses resuscitation, hydration, skin wounds, hyperthermia and hypothermia, reactions, and bones and joints. Backpackers, families, hikers, preppers, individuals and survivalists will find something to learn in Living Ready Pocket Manual: First Aid. Binge Watch Deer Hunting Videos HereDeer & Deer Hunting is your home to watch hours and hours of free deer hunting videos.
The KA-BAR US Marine Corps Fighting Knife has always been made in the USA and still is to this day.

The knife was developed and made during WWII, and was then introduced to the US Forces around 1942. It was a firm favourite with the military, however, it was no longer issued to the military after the end of WWII.
In this review I want to cover why this knife is always ranked up with all the top knives and what makes it so good. The handle has the distinctive rings machined onto it before its coated in a waterproof resin lacquer that hardens to give the handle its solid feel. The blade is a full grind 7″ straight edge that will hold its edge for a very long time before needing any attention which makes this knife so perfect for any wilderness survival situation. The actual blade shape of the KA-BAR  is extremely well finished – a good sharp point, with a nice curve, or belly, that means you can slice, skin and dress just about any kill with ease. The KA-BAR is definitely not new technology, but it’s one hell of a well made tool using traditional hand crafted methods and, of course, 1095 cro-van steel. My KA-BARhas served me well for many years and is always with me as part of my survival pack whenever I am out in the wilderness. Training in outdoor survival skills including shelter building, fire lighting and cooking outdoors. Join us for a couple of days in the woods and learn to not only survive – but be comfortable with the minimum of kit. You are not obligated to use these links when you make a purchase, but when you do so it helps to support this site, so thank you!

James Hubbard’s Living Ready Pocket Manual: First Aid is a complete guide to preparing for common medical disasters that aims to educate readers to react in ways that can save their life or the lives of others. Living Ready Pocket Manual: First Aid will help readers equip themselves with the basic first aid skills and knowledge that could mean the difference between life and death in a survival situation. Topics include dehydration, exposure, foot injuries, fractures and sprains, and flesh wounds. Subsequent chapters include step-by-step instructions, quick tips and diagrams designed to get an injured person from the site of an emergency to safety as cautiously as possible. It’s a one-stop shop for emergency medical attention, and the small size makes it a perfect, lightweight companion for any excursion, guaranteed to come in handy should unexpected disaster strike.
But was definitely still used in combat in the Korean, Vietnam, and the Gulf War, and remains a favourite amongst hunters and survivalists today.
The leather handle rings are compressed down through the tang, then fixed in position using the pommel end cap. Making this knife function beautifully as a full on survival knife that’s built to stand up to any amount of abuse you can throw at it.!

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